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Despite certain fallacious assumptions, particularly regarding the veracity of the official “Holocaust” narrative of WWII and the purported diabolical nature of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, George Michael’s detailed biography of Willis Carto’s life, political activities, and publishing endeavors is commendably balanced and written in an extremely scholarly fashion, with literally hundreds of end notes coupled with an extensive bibliography. The details and facts provided throughout the book are painstakingly documented, providing a thorough and all encompassing overview of one of America’s greatest patriots along with a general history of the American far right.

Michael, a political science professor who has studied and written extensively about the political right, was granted exclusive access to Willis Carto in preparation for his must-read book Willis Carto and the American Far Right, conducting numerous personal interviews which allowed him to obtain a deeper insight into Carto’s views and activities since he became active in the right wing struggle shortly after WWII. Describing Carto as “undoubtedly the central figure in the post-World War II American far right,” Michael outlines Carto’s efforts to promote the various causes associated with the right wing in America.

Carto has been instrumental in publishing and promoting a wide variety of marginalized, demonized ideas and political perspectives over the course of his long publishing career. The Spotlight, perhaps Carto’s most influential and well-known publication that was later reorganized as American Free Press, championed traditional right wing and conservative causes including nationalism, populism, patriotism, and racialism. Carto’s publications have also been and remain uncompromising opponents of multiculturalism, unnecessary wars and foreign interventions, and the push for internationalism, free trade, and open borders, among other important issues. The views and opinions found in Carto’s former and current publications epitomize American political and economic traditions formulated and implemented by the Founding Fathers.

Perhaps his most controversial endeavor (yet arguably the most important), Carto also sought to institutionalize historical revisionism, which is simply an attempt to bring history into accord with the facts as we know them, especially as it relates to WWII and the alleged Jewish “Holocaust”. This vital and courageous undertaking lives on with The Barnes Review, the sister publication of American Free Press. Additionally, Carto attempted to institutionalize a populist, America-first political lobby and political party, founding the Liberty Lobby and the Populist Party respectively.

As the founder of the Liberty Lobby, which Michael characterizes as “one of the most enduring institutions in the history of the movement” that “provided a base where virtually all segments of the far right came together,” Carto sought to institutionalize and unify the various, and often diverging, actors and organizations comprising the right wing in an effort to gain credibility amongst the American populace as well as advance the interests of the right wing more effectively.

Given the nature of the Liberty Lobby’s political persuasion, along with its hard-hitting, resolute, and popular publication, The Spotlight, it of course attracted powerful and ruthless enemies who were determined to undermine and destroy it, which was eventually accomplished.

Michael details the origins and platform of The Spotlight newspaper, which was “an important bridge between various segments of the far right,” a role now fulfilled quite effectively and successfully by American Free Press. Indeed, American Free Press and The Spotlight before it are arguably “the organ of the American far right” as Michael notes, which appeal to many segments of the right wing in addition to other populists, environmentalists, and critical thinkers, including opponents of globalism, massive immigration, and the Israel lobby as well as traditional America-first conservatives and racialist thinkers. Early in his career, Carto eloquently argued that “each cultural unit has a moral imperative to be true to itself and pursue its own destiny,” a theme that is righteously emphasized in both his current and past publications.

Willis Carto is a man who has done more to advance the agenda and causes of the right wing in post-WWII America than any other single individual. Over the years, he has published a variety of newsletters, newspapers, and journals, covering some of the most important and controversial issues facing not only America, but the entire world. Carto has never backed down from or avoided the uncomfortable realities that so many in the media and political establishment cowardly acquiesce to or traitorously facilitate.

Confronting the organized Jewish community, the Israel lobby, race hustlers, cultural Marxism, the war on White America, and false narratives of history – particularly as they relate to WWII – Carto has been, and remains, in the vanguard of authentic American nationalism, populism, and truth-telling. He has been persecuted, stabbed in the back, and slandered – yet he has persevered and today he stands as the most iconic and influential figure in the American right wing.

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Michael’s book is simply a must read for anyone truly interested in the history of the American far right and the courageous, heroic efforts of one of its key players in the post-WWII era – Willis Carto.

To obtain a thorough understanding of Carto’s worldview and opinions on a variety of controversial and complex geopolitical and historical matters, pick up a copy of An Appeal to Reason: A Compendium of the Writings of Willis A. Carto. Discover what Carto really thinks about these important subjects, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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NB: This article was originally published on May 28, 2015.


  • George Michael would make for a good interview. Either you’re demonstrably wrong and unsupported in all your underlying assumptions or he is, JF. And if you’re wrong, so am I and I would like to know that.

  • I’d like to know why, after so many years (over 30) writing for the Spotlight, the AFP, The Barnes Review and publishing best selling books under various impramaturs in the Carto publishing “empire,” Michael Collins Piper was eased out of his long association with The Carto’s and left so so destitute by them that he only got sicker and finally died alone a motel in Idaho where he’d been taken in by his friend Mark Glenn. It’s the damndest story about Willis Carto’s legendary shennanigans yet!

    • Hi Charles, I don’t know all the details about Piper’s relationship with the Carto’s, but I certainly don’t think it’s fair to blame them for his health problems and his ultimate death, which you seem to imply in your comment. Piper’s health problems were the direct result of choices he himself made, not the Carto’s. He may have been destitute, but he was in the position he was in because of his own words and actions, and no one else’s.

      As much as I respect Piper for the work he has done (he was a very influential figure in my intellectual and philosophical development over the past couple years), he totally tarnished his legacy with his bizarre behavior, statements, and actions following the alleged Sandy Hook “shooting”.

  • Charles, you might just as reasonably ask how Piper, after a thirty year association with Carto’s publications, could not find a way to come down on the side of holo-bullshit or pro-Whiteness. These are easy positions to adopt when faced with the evidence Carto published and with which Piper was familiar. It is hard to understand how any honest man looking at that evidence would fail to support our positions.

    (I don’t mention Piper’s last book where he was actively trying to discredit more rigorous researchers into the Boston Marathon (hoax) bombing because you and I focus on the important stuff: Whiteness and the holo.)

    Carto screwed up early on by mirroring the Jew-controlled Birch Society and taking on so many of their trivial and distracting talking points. But we have much to be thankful for in the archives of the IHR, TBR, and AFP.

  • Carto is certainly a hero with a record of smart, successful activism for many decades. That said, the forcing out of Piper was truly disgraceful.

  • I always feel like a party-poop intervening to call for truth over sentiment and all, but that’s not quite true, aj. Carto did un-smart, un-successful activism for decades.

    The very moment he identified his cause as ‘rightist’ rather than White he committed political suicide; when he modeled his primary businesses (the Spotlight and later AFP) on the JBS he neutered their reduced political value; when he somehow managed to lose control of IHR to hostile forces led by Weber, he gave away the best asset we had at the time.

    It was all badly done. But like I say, he definitely did the most and best for decades. So many interventions and subversions there already must have been to make the Carto output the best the White race could say for itself.

    • If memory serves, in about 1998, Willis Carto sponsored a seminar on starting a newspaper. And who better to do so after his success with The SPOTLIGHT. I attended and the internet wasn’t, at that time, what is is today and considered starting a newspaper by mail. But one of the most important experiences of a lifetime soon followed that class: Willis Carto and his wife invited my wife and me to their home for a remarkable evening that neither of us will ever forget. And, on a table in the living room, he had Kevin MacDonald’s books and commented that they were the most important contributions in our time and that we should read them, which we did. And we’ve had no contact subsequently but I love the man regardless of any mistakes he may have made. -Jim

  • What was done to Michael Collins Piper by his “friends” was evil. Piper’s books stand as testimony to his heart and mind being in the right place. Insinuations that Piper brought his fate on himself are disgusting. He was abandoned in need; betrayed; isolated; and his unpublished manuscripts and irreplaceable documents deliberately burned.

    • Oona, MCP did good, honest journalism on the Jewish lobby – almost uniquely – and uniquely provided the foundation for further study into the JFK assassination that focuses on the ultimate controlling interest of that event, Jews. These deeds alone put him among the most socially valuable men of our lifetimes.

      But he wasn’t perfect. In certain other respects he was seriously flawed. He abused and destroyed his own body and blamed others for the sequelae. He would not ‘go there’ with respect to the holo and White interests, when the philosophical justification and moral necessity to do so must have been plain to him. He totally got wrong the question of recent media hoaxes, purely out of self-interested professional rivalry: Duff was bullshitting about Mossad hit squads being behind Sandy Hook to make the entire antisemitic conspindustry look bad; so better just dismiss out of hand all that stuff about hoax events (including Boston, the only one I studied in any depth, and which was clearly a buncha nonsense). These were very serious professional missteps stemming from Piper’s own personal weaknesses. We all have em, but we all includes Piper.

  • I graduated from HSchool in college I majored in US/American History and govt. Unfourtunately I dropped out BUT even after so many courses and seminars I never heard of Willis Carto, George Rockwell, William Piper, Kominsky,etc. They were never mentioned in my college classes, why???