Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil

Here is an appropriate video to post today, the 127th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Be sure to check out all of Evalion’s videos – she has a great channel. She will also be appearing as a guest on The Realist Report in the near future.

Just yesterday, I posted a two-part podcast I did with John Kaminski (see here for the Subscribers Only segment), where we discussed Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and the official Program of the NSDAP. Be sure to tune in if you haven’t already.

The simple fact of the matter is that Adolf Hitler is the most slandered and irrationally vilified individual in modern history. Almost nothing – and I do mean nothing – that the vast majority of people supposedly “know” about Hitler is true or accurate. He was not an evil monster who wanted to murder all the Jews. He was a responsible, courageous statesmen who wanted the best for his nation, and more and more people are starting to realize this obvious fact.

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  • After telling the viewer that the term ‘nazi’ is a slur she uses the term throughout. That’s a bit messed, understandable, but messed.

  • Probably one of the Greatest Leaders of all Time:
    Hitler figured out the Jewry and stopped it from destroying Germany then Saved Germany with the most amazing economic recovery in history.
    This started WWII because as the NY Times posted “all of Judea declares War on Germany.”
    So they started Torturing Germans in Poland.

    He was a vegetarian, Loved Animals, Was an Amazing Artist, Loved Children.
    He had many women after him and refused to be married. He cared deeply for the people of Germany, and Germany as a Country.
    He knew about the Scam called Cancer even then.
    He was an amazing Soldier.
    He tried to stop WWII from even happening. He was completely against the Jewry Rothschilds Banks.
    He knew with in his Ranks that the highest officers were turning against him and were spies.
    He designed the Beetle (car for everyone)
    He knew that Churchill was a blood thirsty psychopath.
    He saved Rome, all the art and Saved tons of Art in Europe.
    He loved the arts and Classical Music.
    He Looked for and knew of Atlantis.(Thule Society)
    Oh and so so many other things.

  • Plucky broad, good vid.

  • The “winners” of a war write the history. As the WW1 drug on the people of U.S.A were much better educated than American people now.They wanted no part of the war in Europe. Until a rumor that German soldiers were raping Red Cross Nurses. This was lie. In a frenzy to make things right, thousands of Americans enlisted in the Armed Services. When they reached Europe They found no such treatment concerning these nurses.They wrote letters to their friends&family about the deception. You would think that this would be in the history books Not so. That Hebrew bastard Rockefeller owned the company that printed the text books for country. The rape stores were never printed.

    • You must mean Rockefeller was a (Sephardic) jew. The jews are not, nor were they ever, Hebrews. As a con they speak the “Hebrew” language, but even that (it is not the ancient Hebrew/Phoenician) is a re-lexified version of Slavic/Khazarian Yiddish–according to the Jewish scholar Paul Wexler.
      If you want to know where the “Hebrews” are you can find clues here and there such as the Isles of the Hebrides (Scotland). Or “eudiskaz” a
      portmanteau of Iuda/Yiskak (Judah/Isaak) the proto-Germanic name for Germany.
      Three places in the Bible state that Israel would be called by a derivative name of Isaac ie saac’s sons.
      There are many, many more clues for the willing researcher.

      • It’s easy to see how this could happen. If tomorrow the Zulus wake up thinking they’re Greek and the Greeks forget they’re Greek – which could easily happen – who would notice?

      • Iberia, Spain may have once been settled by the early Hebrew as well.

  • He has and always will be one of my personal heroes. The good he did far out weighed the bad. Heil Hitler!!!!!!!

  • I’ve just recently finished reading a book entitled “The Bad War”, which was mailed to me by Mike S. King, who runs the website TomatoBubble.com. This book covers the founding of Germany with its first Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck all the way through the two World Wars. Even in the late 19th Century, the mystical “6 Million Jews” in danger of starvation and/or disease bringing them death were being printed in newspapers around the world. This has been an obsession with Jewry for over a century. “The Bad War” also had passages on the life of Adolf Hitler, his paintings, and his acts of pure heroism in WWI, and his utter dismay when his beloved nation was stabbed in the back following the Armistice, while he, himself was still recovering from blindness from a mustard gas attack. Hitler’s calls and pleas for peaceful solutions to various crises leading up to WWII are also detailed in this book. I say, it’s well worth reading .. It debunks the Holocaust as a hoax concocted by the Bolsheviks and Zionists to establish the illegitimate State of Israel on Palestinian soil; and it also debunks the myth/lie that Hitler was a monster after world domination and the destruction of Jewry.

  • The only reason for war against Germany was that its economy was growing. The USA and the rest world relied on German products. The industrial growth of Germany could not be matched by any European country. Factories were closing in most of Europe because their orders were being cancelled. German businessmen were thriving. The only and insane option was to destroy Germany by any means, to prevent the further decline of the economy of France and Britain. The war destroyed France and bankrupted Britain. The war was a lost cause. Germany surrendered and history is written by those who won the war. The 1933 Almanac of Europe – the census revealed there were only 3 million Jews. Where did the additional 3 million come from?

  • O. K. You have it all figured out. Jews are predators, Germans are innocent victims. When are you going to start talking about perjury and slander suits against the jews for their lies about the holohoax?

    • Lead the way … why haven’t you already?

    • Okay, where did all the pictures and film footage of emaciated or dead people in piles come from; ones that the Americans freed from those camps you want to pretend weren’t there? We didn’t have photoshop back then, and these are historical film footage clips. How would you explain that? Just admit that you hate a group of people based solely on their race, and stop pretending the holocaust wasn’t real to try to support your hatred. Since I don’t support your viewpoint, I’m sure this won’t go past you, but that’s fine with me. I’m not writing this to insinuate myself with people who are purposely being delusional.

      • Hi Stacey, much of the footage and photos showing piles of dead bodies, emaciated people, etc. are authentic. There are however numerous iconic photographs associated with the “Holocaust” that are either fraudulent or entirely misrepresented.

        In fact, the photos and footage you refer to are misrepresented to the masses. Many people in the concentration camps did in fact die towards the end of the war, but not as a deliberate policy on the part of the Germans. They died as a result of the systematic firebombing campaign the Allies, namely the U.S. and Britain, carried out against Germany, destroying much of her infrastructure and thus her ability to supply the camps. Ironically, the war crimes committed by the Allies during WWII against Germany resulted in the death of countless inmates at the camps. When the U.S. Army and other Allied forces liberated the camps, they were told these people died because of German mistreatment, which was entirely false.

        There is a lot to this, and what I just wrote is a general answer to your comment. You would really have to do your own research into the official “Holocaust” narrative to get to the bottom of it all. There are many good sources available online and in book format that debunk and clarify virtually every single aspect of the official “Holocaust” narrative, which, make no mistake, is totally false.

      • You see Stacey what you said was kept up because we , the people who seriously doubt the story about death camps , are not afraid of debate , which is something the ” other ” side never allows. Ask yourself why in 14 European countries many people go to prison just for asking for a debate on the subject .

  • Marlin Strasbourg

    Read the “Myth Of German Villainy”. Simply an eye opener to what really happened pre /post world war 2. Sickening to see the lies continued we need to stand up against the tyranny as we free thinkers are now the new enemy of the state.

    • Free thinkers are the enemy of every state in every country. My eyes were opened not too long ago. Our entire existence is a lie no matter what country you reside in this world.

      The Creator of the Universe has completely opened my eyes to the madness people call parenting, governing, business, free trade, or freedom. It’s sickening.

      I’m looking for the best way out of this hell hole. Sooner rather than later. I’m in the USA. I have absolutely no security.

      Awaiting my knight in shining armor … as I become my own.

  • This is the transcript of the 7 minute video by Evalion giving, in her endearing teenage anime style voice, a short summary of why Hitler wasn’t evil, but was in fact, the opposite of that — KATANA.

    Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil — TRANSCRIPT

  • I graduated college with a major in History and History ed. Plus I have another similar degree. We had excellent professors who taught real history and let the chips fall where they may. The true history of World War II has not been told. I am not going to bore people with all the unknown details but I will list a few. Hitler did feel that the Jews were destroying his nation bit by bit and when the World Jewish Council declared war on Germany he, in turn, started his anti-Jewish attacks in earnest. Poland was once part of Germany for 150 years. For 150 years Germany and Russia shared a border because Poland was off the map. A lot of Germans lived in the Gdansk (Danzig) region of Poland. After Germany basically lost WWI she lost Poland and Poland became a nation again. Germans in Danzig (Gdansk) were treated badly by the surrounding population and Hitler wanted Danzig and the surrounding area given back to Germany with a corridor between Danzig and Germany to protect the Germans. The Poles denied him and some Polish troops DID attack a German radio station right on the border between the two nations. That gave Hitler an excuse to attack Poland back. When the Soviets attacked Poland from the east Germany saw that they could not settle only for Danzig but had to take all of western Poland to meet the Russians half-way and stop them before they got to their border. Another fact people in the west are not taught is that on the French and German border the French made the first move. They sent in troops across the border into Germany first and went several miles into Germany before Germany invaded France. Hitler did attempt to call off the war several times. He wanted peace and he especially tried to negotiate with Churchill but Churchill would not speak with him. The allies excuse was that Hitler wanted all of Europe. THat was a lie. Hitler wanted some of what was illegally taken from Germany after WWI. That was all.
    There is more. What you hear and believe about WWII and Hitler is mostly a lie. One day the whole truth will come out.

  • Heil Hitler my friends
    He wasnt a monster and he was probably one of The Greatest men in history
    What i really hate is the persons who dont now anything about this hero and say things like :Hitler killed people just because they didnt had blond hair and blue eyes. But thats just stupid.
    For any more information search for nunodiogo02 on instagram and ask me 👍😀
    Also Sieg Heil means victory and safety.
    Search for nunodiogo02 on instagram for more information and ask me 😀

  • The true lessons of History are not being tought in our schools, that is for sure. There did end up being a ‘holocaust’ but not in the way and manner most people think. A good book to read about the situation in Germany is ‘A thousand Shall Fall’, which gives the story of a Christian German Military Soldier that was part of a forward advancement team. (and I need to reread it my self).

    The real lesson is this… a leader set out to improve his country, and was by various events and world influences, corrupted by them. Like Anakin Skywalker being converted into Darth Vader. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The government was totalarian and executed any that disagreed with their authority, like the ‘White Rose’. He became an admirer of Margaret Sanger and her philosophy, and adopted the same. It was he that the Bible prophesy called the leader who worships a strange god, the God of forces or might. Darwinism. He became involved in the Occult, and corrupted by it, even to the point he apparently had a demonic companion.

    Yes, there was a ‘holicaust’ , but not by the fire of the crematoriums, but by the officers of the SS as they went about rounding up Jewish villagers and took them out to the forests and shot them. But the real holocaust…with how many Jews and others hiding out in attics that were toasted? Occurred with the firebombing of Dresdon, the DESIGNATED refugee , and art city…
    It was not Hitler that started the bombing of cities by policy but Churchhill.

    Hitler did not deliberately starve the camps, but Eisnehower did of the Pows! Between that and the forcefull return of the refugees that had fled Russia, the post war casualites has been estimated as 11 million. The figure of Jews, Gypsies, Handicapped and otherwise disabled that perished in the camps, Germany and surrounding areas as they came under German control was originally given as Three million when I was growing up. Today it somehow ballooned to 6 million and of just the Jews? Don’t think so.

    But back to what the lesson of the Holocaust should have been. Government power must always remain with the people as in a republic…not a totally authoritarian centralized government. AND the people must always be vigilant, questioning the government and its programs. If you let the government become a socialist nanney state, having it take care of your every need, you will loose your freedom and right to choose for yourself how you will live. Second..never belive government propaganda, especially if it is pushing for a war, demonizing another country or people.

    Think… propaganda today is to add a negative descriptive name to a nation or person. Does ‘regime’ added to Syria or Assad ring a bell? Or how everything imagined as negative is supposedly Russia or Putin caused? The powers that be are very busy trying to deflect attention from their corruption and pedophilia, blaming someone else…and to keep themselves in power, willing to start a war that would surely end up going Nuclear. Will they create a situation where they twist Trump into having to declare martial law… or even crash the economy so that he ends up having to create the ‘mark of the Beast’ as he institutes the all computer money system? Or will it be Trumps successor?

    How many will awake to the Historical lessons, how many will remain asleep and allow government in the form of the NWO / Deep State, to do as it pleases?

  • P.S. You guys might want to include the title of the videos you link to , as if they get removed by Utube, there may be copies by others of the same you can still find with a search.