Why Don’t Feminists Talk About the Abuse of White Women?


  • It’s important to post evidence and links under each exposure – possible even from liberal books, research and magazines. Human rights should touch all people – whites included. Donna Huges, a Professor from Rhode Island could be contacted for some interview. She has been exposing trafficking on the Internet forever. She might be a feminist but her sense of sincere care and justice for women is unique and authentic- she really means well. Racism, reversed racism against whites, it all matters as we all have a right to live in safety.
    I guess, after the whites are gone every body jumps on the bandwagon to see Hispanics as white. It’s amazing how unevolved primitive people jump on the bandwagon of violence against “anybody” und reacts to whatever the media tells them do away with next, while the real contributors of a men essay suffering for humanity are laughing in secret about how stupid humanity is – and they are right. We are foolish to not protect ourselves and our own people thinking that we are to blame for the dark things on earth all alone.
    You know what, after the whites are gone, and I hope this won’t happen, the system for eternal exploitation will be established in place. They, the left over people, will yearn to have us back for we invented social welfare. I expect a huge die off after we are gone. Nobody will rescue downtrodden humanity any longer and the world will be ruled by merciless gangsters. The struggle for freedom will cost ever more blood. The future of humanity is exceedingly dark without the goodness and compassion of all of us and that includes whites. Whites are less racist than the ones who want to kill and rape all whites. This world is hopelessly sick.

    Peace and calm minds I wish to all.

  • “Real contributors of humanities suffering” — I wanted to say. The phone autocorrected me wrong.

    Sorry for my poor English.

  • This is insane. All of the power that oppresses women is derived from white and Jewish males. White women are oppressed in a different way from women of color but oppression is oppression. The system does the bulk of the oppression and we cannot fix the system. It must be destroyed. Once we have removed Jewish elites from power the races should permanently separate to maintain our genetic uniqueness and culture. This is what Jews fear the most. They have no culture other than parasiting the culture of others.