Why does CA data show racial disparity in arrests?

Given the reality of the criminality and violence plaguing the Black community (follow this website for daily updates demonstrating just how violent and criminal Black neighborhoods are in America), you would think this would be a no-brainer:

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Just 6 percent of Californians are African American, yet they are involved in 17 percent of all arrests in the state and a quarter of in-custody deaths, according to what officials called a nationally unprecedented release of data.

The data paints a clearer picture of the racial disparity in arrests and deaths across California and comes as a number of high-profile, police-involved deaths of young black men has ignited a national debate on police practices.

In addition to being arrested and dying in disproportionate numbers, black juvenile males who are arrested are booked into jail at a 25 percent higher rate than whites, according to the data, released Wednesday by the California Department of Justice on a searchable, state-run website. […]

Has it occurred to the people running the government and media that the “racial disparity” (i.e., Blacks being arrested, punished, and killed as a result of their violent, criminal behavior more than Whites and other racial groups) displayed in criminal justice statistics is a direct result of Black behavior? What else could possibly explain the stats? Oh yeah – “racism,” which in this particular case means law enforcement officials holding Black criminals accountable for their destructive, degenerate, and criminal actions and behaviors.

The question becomes: what do we do, from a public policy standpoint, about the situation? The article continues:

“It’s very stark and we really have to have a dialogue about why so many African Americans are dying compared to the state population,” said Justin Erlich, a special assistant attorney general who’s overseeing the data collection and analysis.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris cited the deaths of young black men at the hands of police in California, Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, Texas and South Carolina.

Part of the conversation surrounding those deaths needs to be data, Harris said.

“What are the numbers?” she said. “What are the facts that we know that we can actually quantify, that can help influence public policy around how we can improve these numbers and improve the situation?” […]

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and her staff appear to be asking: how do we create public policies that reduce justice meted out to Black criminals? How can we develop policies that increase punishments for White criminals? How can we accommodate the anti-White, Jewish-funded and promoted destabilization campaign known as the #BlackLivesMatter movement even more than we already have?

This is the politically correct, anti-White, anti-racist environment public policy is analyzed, discussed, and ultimately formulated in in the United States today.

Rather than looking at the reality of the situation – Blacks are arrested and killed by law enforcement officers in proportionately greater numbers than other racial groups because of their criminal, violent behavior – the disgraceful, weak people running the justice system in the state of California would rather make even more excuses for the Black community.