White Women Are Getting Fed Up


  • Ouch. That hurts.

    • U Go Girl. they are one hundred percent on target. The jew have been persecuting the white population case in point the sixty six million white Russians killed by the Jew Communist after the communist revolution which was financed by Jewish Bankers. Once the Jews bankster cement the NWO, the white genocide will begin. They have destroyed the institution of marriage, education system, the health of the American people, the economy and most whites are afraid to be called antisemitic. wake up

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Bravo!

        • Mass immigration is a scurge created by globalists for cheap labour and to brown out the white race. Also monarchies bankers and plutocrats don’t interracialy breed so why is that?

      • I ask everyone…Who where the majority of Slave ship owners, and Majority slave owners back in the day? Jews! You can STOP all your white guilt about that one! Ashkenazi Zionist Jews control, the media; Hollywood, Radio, TV, Music, etc. ALSO, Congress, the White House, the Senate, the Defence Dept., the Treasury, etc. ALSO the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc. They feed the Sheeple propaganda and the Sheeple lap it up! We are ALL Palestine/ Iraq/Syria/Lebanon/Libya/Somalia/Sudan!

        #1 resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tfDcyODfUw
        #2 resource: http://TheZog.Wordpress.com
        #3 resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw

      • Zipper Head: Thank you for the truth. People must WAKE UP.

        • We tried in 2002 with the BNP. The establishment put a cap on it. But nationalist parties won’t give up the fight, trouble is too many splinter groups fighting the same cause. Not saying all whites are angels because they’re not. But we must unite more or flounder.

      • as far as the video is concerned, we have been witnessing false histories with Hercules series in the 1990 with Sorbo and constant failed sitcoms featuring white women married to black men who have black kids from a previous relationship. It’s not just Jews that propagandize against the traditional norms of European American society. The English and the Irish in Europe, America and Australia are pushing this agenda since they are the power elite after WWII. time to end the British ideology of Zionism and Anglo-Saxon power once and for all at all costs. I will promise you on my life that things will return back to normal if this is done, but it must take the discipline of Romans to bring back this change, after all, all of Europe was Roman, with one law, one God and one race but unlike the Illuminati, the Romans didnt believe in race-mixing or marrying outside their particular class in order to lord over a totally enslaved mass and just have their families be the only Whites in the world

        • There are times I’ve met attractive white women. I only stick to my own, I am hetero racial. As soon as I found out they’ve got an half caste kid. That killed it …sorry. You even get white gays playing bottom to black guys. It’s shameful. White men need to reassert our masculinity.

        • At least Golden Dawn are not taking any nonsense and to a lesser extent the Forza nuova. I admitting go to swingers clubs and the amount of time I see handsome white men left aside or rejected by white women who look nothing special, only to have sex with the nearest blackman they see. Steer clear of these white women fellow white men. These traitors are looking for conflict as well as sexual deviation, “Oh look at me, I’m with a black man”. There’s also a higher chance these horrible nasty mudsharks will catch some form of STD

  • Let’s be honest. There is white privilege. Non-whites are jealous of and (most) as hostile toward white people. We are by far, much more creative, we are inventors, discoverers and with the exception of Asians, the sole civilization builders. Last, but not least, white people are better looking than most all non-whites and white men and women produce the most beautiful babies. Mother nature made things this way. Anyone who doesn’t like it can FO

    • Tim, that’s not “privilege.” That’s heredity. Privilege is a set of rules that apply to one group but not everyone else, in such a way that it gives that group an advantage.

    • I agree with you one hundred percent Tim. I’ve tried not to be racist over the course of my life time, but with the advent of Obama in the presidency along with his other buddy race baiters; i.e., Sharpton, Holder, et al; I have become mistrustful of the negroid race and their white libtard sympathizers. Yes, they can all FO.

    • And your silly comment about how white people produce the beautiful babies, get real. Do you know how many white men are into non-white women?….lots and never admit it. look at Robert De Nero, Clint Eastwood and even George Lucas.

      Only an uneducated person with no history sense will talk like that.

      • Very few white men prefer Negro women.. get real …see it in mainstream films? No…that’s because they know it’s a turnoff

      • those men can be into non white women but those men are white and their mothers were white. and non whites mention them .
        does it make non whites feel injected by an upgrade?
        when they mention a white man (that a white mother made?)
        in other words the white man that is into a non white woman is the end of the line. he is the last white mentioned. for the “case in point”
        among black men.. they go for the lighter skinned white women.. thinking maybe she has some white in her
        its NATURE
        to up breed or upgrade
        those who are “into” dark women are not marrying them.thats sexual deviancy stuff.. not marriage and children. not natural selection.. just hey youre a dark berry can you suck my toes , cuz I have a fetish
        that’s all!
        birth control is whipped out at those times
        and money is thought of too
        you named white men with money for a reason
        its your survival instinct,

    • First of all, there is no white privilege, that’s total BS. My family is proof positive of that. However, the other statements you make are purely opinion and not fact (especially better looking; there are plenty of beautiful non-white people; the Arabs, who are generally considered a non-white people, created the number system we know and were the most advanced at “sacred” geometry since their artwork disallowed creating anything that resembled a creature of thing in nature, just to name a couple of examples). The EOE act especially destroyed so-called white privilege. The women in the video are perfectly correct, but this racial division is purposefully done to keep the human races from coming together and doing great things…divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book, and it obviously works because it’s been used against us for thousands of years.


    • You truly have a distorted view of history. Truth is without whites the blacks would still be living in mud huts and picking fleas off each other to eat,

    • Yes, there is white privilege, Tim, but it’s unevenly distributed … there are poor, rural, ill-educated whites who would disagree on this issue. They don’t feel privileged … so, you must mean the upper middle class and vastly wealthy whites … the Warren Buffetts, Donald Trumps, et al, who through clever investments and/or inheritance, built their nest eggs.
      I salute all who gained their wealth and privilege honestly … but harshly condemn all who gained wealth/privilege through deceit, fraud, grand theft, etc. … the Bernie Madoffs, Igor Kolomoiskys, George Soros, et al. These are the criminals who belong behind bars for the rest of their lives … for bringing misery and death to so many millions worldwide.

      • Re: Bernie Madoffs, Igor Kolomoiskys, George Soros

        Eileen, I would like to recommend the following to you. “Ashkenazi Jews Are Not White by Kevin Macdonald”. These are the people orchestrating the destruction of WHITE EUROPEAN PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. They are our mortal enemies.

      • not a privilege if you gave it to yourself. (or who gave to whites? no one)
        we only give to others out of kindness and charity and that’s now wearing thin and the races are now panicking

  • And feral Blacks can’t create or invent and kill cops instead….

    • I think they carry the spirit of abortion with them
      nephilim means abortion
      and they seem to have many and then the spirits come and attach as “worthless”
      belial also is called a black man and belial MEANS “worthless”

      your word feral made me think of the spiritual warfare of abortions they carry with them
      whites have abortions due to society..even due to being around blacks! and not seeing the “point of life”
      but whites have souls and deeply repent of abortions
      blacks do not
      they continue the behaviour of BEING the abortion itself,as a full grown adult.
      the voice of justice that says hey why did you abort me?
      when we can give a long list on the spot that it cant argue with
      its feral for a reason.
      no manipulation of any white female/mother hearts will be tolerated
      it lost

  • I live in rural America. There is no white privilege in my neck of the woods. The projects as we called them in the northeast were far better equipped than a lot of the trailers out here.

    • The term white privilege is a term created by the white progressive, libtards in academia, media and the entertainment industry using the negroid race as their trump card inciting racial tension.

      • yep! im just glad its coinciding with the arab/muslim uprising. so we can see them both tire out and die down together. I know blacks are angry that arabs/muslims are getting attention. during THEIR little chimp out session. but both will be a memory soon enough
        some of them even join together (arabs and blacks) ANYTHING to incite whitey. even though arabs sold them into slavery.
        and will/do again even now.
        some are even saying “arabs are the new blacks” they rant n rave at the same time,both taking from each other the ‘spotlight’ they each so desperately NEED from non blacks/non muslims
        strange days indeed
        whats next after arabs/muslims and blacks simmer down and didn’t get what they wanted?

        we all feel we locked them in a room like children with a temper tantrum and just say scream and yell til its all out honey. this door aint opening til youre done
        its behave or go home
        no ear space
        no head space
        no thought space
        for them

    • The phony baloney blacks don’t even know the origin of the word slave.

      If they blow this big chance (and they are), it will be back to the fields..

      It’s not nice to fool (and insult) Mother Nature.

  • Let me tell you about the “White Privilege” of a heterosexual male, my son. In high school he got a weekend job at a nursery because he wanted more spending money than he was given for an allowance. He kept this job all though high school while simultaneously earning an academic scholarship and being a star athlete. His later success in the business world is based on integrity, intelligence, effort.

    White privilege means working hard to be successful and maintaining a high standard of ethics and morality.

    • Your son made it on his own. He was the exception.
      Likewise: An Exception to the rule – does not make it the rule.
      (the general ave. masses = rule)(he was the exception)
      His success depended upon having good genetics for the
      particular tasks at hand. Congratulations!

  • Excellent commentary, and right on the mark bloody accurate. White girl bleed a lot. Lana of Red Ice and the other commentators, we need more courageous, beautiful and intelligent women like them to tell the truth. Brava!

    Cultural Marxism is an advanced form of brain disease:

  • Look, we have to snap out of this white guilt trip. PC is a tool of Cultural Marxism to eliminate the White race. Stop feeling guilty about your race, your heritage, and the fact that European Americans are in many ways superior to the mud races. You’ve been trained to feel guilty about being unique and its time to stop it. Look at Europe…they have willingly placed their own heads inside a noose just to avoid a guilt trip….and now they have lost the lands their ancestors fought and died for.

    • im afraid ive started to realize this as well. I have begun to see the correlation between the word gentiles and “gentle”
      what “they” think of us
      they are “gentle”
      (can be walked on)
      look what it says of daughter zion in the bible (and she is mentioned more than once as light colored..”no longer will you be called “gentle” and “delicate” they said “get you down! that we may walk on you!” and you did! you made yourself flat as the ground, never again”
      apostle paul “gentiles do by NATURE what is contained in the law (naturally good) therefore they are a law unto themselves”
      jews if they don’t follow this law (which for gentiles its NATURAL to follow) jews fall into all sorts of demonic UNNATURAL behaviours such as boiling and eating their own children killing and raping it says! their own god in their own bible calls them UNNATURAL and gentiles “gentle” and “naturally good” and a “law unto themselves naturally following it”

      time to wake up

  • ….whilst one can have a degree of sympathy and compassion. Many parents are alienated from their children by imbalanced individuals that take advantage of the feral Khazarian satanist dominated Justice system and Institutions. This just exasperates the situation. Can you highlight these issues too, it would serve your cause and promote dialog.

    The current situation in which many parent and children are unwillingly trapped, is not constructive, promoting division and the dissolution of civil society. Is racism really an Issue, we are all human beings ??

    Could you consider, that although to a degree commendable, the video may indeed promote racism.

    Aren’t these societal issues, fueled by ignorance and manipulation ??

  • I was wondering how long it would take for white women to wake up. Coming to grips finally that you’re not as independent as you thought? Support your men ladies. When you turn them loose on your behalf—–watch out!

    • partly agree but women don’t fall for that trap either, white men bear a brunt of guilt for suppression of the naturally superior advancing evolving white woman.
      what I mean is… white men need you more than you need them
      do not fall for “animal planet 101” race and survival as if youre an avatar in a sick male dominated race game
      you may just be DIVINE
      please never fall for animal planet 101 white chimp behavior.
      grace and divinity and a higher calling are with the white woman
      men can follow
      she is free
      by GOD
      GOD does not want a white woman in a race war with white men
      even on their “side”
      to God the whole thing is stupid. white men have had a huge failure
      they can apologize
      and white women can come back graciously as they always do but not be walked on . read my post above
      even the bible says the woman..gentle/gentile.. was walked on and never again
      the white men have pathetically felt intimidated by men of other races and backed down and became effeminate and the white women had no choice but to stray or stay single and work alone.her intelligence also evolved to levels past his in math and science. as a needed result?
      if her man can ever make it up to her he may try
      but she has GOD to hang out with and not needing to breed. do not lower yourselves
      what do they offer?
      youre going to heaven

  • There can be no denying that the conditioning/brain washing of Western society is complete. I’m appalled that when in the midst of discussions with associates/friends/relatives concerning the now ignominious “Black Lives Matter” movement, when it is indeed agreed upon that this entire matter is horrifying, if I even BEGIN to touch upon the ramifications of these events I’m met with stark gazes, mouths agape, as if I had just informed them that I was a child molester. They simply can not, or will not, connect the dots. Facts are no longer considered facts. But rather, HATE FACTS.

    • I saw this quote on Christopher Bollyn’s web site and liked it.

      “Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people.”

      This is true!

    • It’s bad enough when we try to inform our fellow Whites that jews, who look like us and pretend to be us, are the problem, but when you have to explain to them that blacks, they and their crimes easily seen, are increasingly vile and dangerous, and not at all like us, proves how wildly successful the constant jew indoctrination in dimming minds has become. Here’s how it works …

      When you try to awaken a family member, friend, or acquaintance to the jewish question or racial problems and who is responsible for them, have you ever wondered why you almost always encounter blank stares, silence, they don’t engage on the topic in one way or another, or even exhibit anger towards you? Or, if you persist, they “gotta go”, and may even avoid contact with you in the future? And practically everyone we’ve tried to wake up, exhibits the very same reactions to us? If you ever wondered why this same behavior is always the result, here is the answer.

      We’ve all heard the term cognitive dissonance. We understand it to be a term that describes an inability or refusal to see things around us even if they may be harmful to us. Well, cognitive dissonance is much more than that. It’s not an accident. It’s not a coincidence that our targets all react in a similar, negative, fashion. Cognitive dissonance is a program of psychological warfare perfected by jews to prevent those they have indoctrinated, from being able to consider an alternate view when it is presented to them. The jewsmedia provides the climate to create cognitive dissonance due to their relentless indoctrination, on all venues of information, of it’s viewers / readers.

      Cognitive dissonance happens when a person is confronted with new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values they have. All of their beliefs, ideas, and values have been programmed into them by the jews, who control all information we receive. The more deeply one holds or values any belief, the greater the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance. This is why people, again, relentlessly indoctrinated by jewsmedia, ie TV, Hollywood, academia, etc., for the whole of their lives, can’t or won’t listen or see the truth of any evil activity jews are behind. They literally shut down. They won’t think about it. They won’t acknowledge irrefutable evidence presented to them. They won’t discuss it. They allow the media, or whatever the source of jew information, do the thinking for them.

      Humans seek internal consistency. When one explains what’s really happening, it is totally inconsistent with their established belief system. This is what we’re up against. They think they know it all, but are fooled, and they won’t listen. Maybe they’ll never wake up. Only forced deprogramming can wake up one who refuses to see what’s right in front of them. Instead, they abandon the conversation rather than investigate any information given. It’s cognitive dissonance.

      The jews deliberately formulated this tactic to inculcate this inability to think in those who are compelled by their indoctrination to believe the omni-present jewish view of things. To their credit, jews have invented psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, psychiatry, and all those pseudo-intellectual sciences, mostly to aid them in their agenda to rule over us, and cognitive dissonance is just another part of that mind-game genre jews are so proud of. Jews have researched it, then implemented it because they knew what the outcome would be. It protects them from discovery. It hides them in plain sight.

      In Wikipedia, a site where jews many times distort information in their favor, because it is run, moderated, and audited by jews, there is an interesting page on “cognitive dissonance”. They proudly display the grinning jew who researched cognitive dissonance and it’s ramifications and detrimental effects on normal thinking people, which makes it near impossible to get the truth through to them.


  • an everlasting priesthood…Phineas

    taking out the trash is a Man’s job

    but it is the Women who demand the clean
    environment for the babies

    turning the hearts of the fathers to the children

    “In the ovens”…Jesus @ Matthew 13: 39-43

  • Go white women! We are proud of you.

  • If you are looking for a group to blame White genocide, look no further than White women. White women prefer the high maintenance lifestyle over traditional family and children. Attractive White women will not date men who are not high earners. They ignore qualities like morality, competence, IQ in men but instead judge men by how much they earn, what car they drive and the apartment they live in. They are also the biggest subscribers to the poisonous Feminist ideology. I don’t care who invented it, it’s White women who sustain it. To me these sound like choices, not genocide by some other group. Look elsewhere for a sympathizer dear White women. By a White man.

    • Michael: I saw this in the comments section of a “older men younger women” and how men should stay in shape. It’s somewhat related to your post. This guy Carew is totally on the ball!


      The #1 you can do to attract a younger woman is to have $$$ money. Lots of it. Not upper middle class engineer money (unless you’re looking for a mail order Filipino bride), that will not be enough to overcome the peculiarity a younger girl feels at the thought of kissing a guy her father’s age.
      An older man should be a famous actor, rock star, and/multimillionaire to successfully land younger women. Preferably good looking and fit, but is he is rich, it will override the necessity of looking good, to a point (unless he is mega-rich like the sultan of Brunei)
      The truth is that women are even pickier about looks than men. It is a myth that men are more superficial. If a woman is looking for a fling or a one night stand, she will always go for the studly, good looking guy (especially if she is out with her friends, their opinion is important to her).
      If she is looking for a relationship, she will forgo looks somewhat in favor of a man who is financially secure and stable. But she will not (unless he’s filthy rich) completely ignore his looks and fitness, she will keep this in mind because of the children she will one day have with him, if she chooses him.
      She feels this way even if she is not overtly aware of it, even if she has no immediate plans for children. She is wired to find financial security and good looks attractive, because for most of human history, this would ensure reproductive success.
      This is why, IRL, you rarely see couples with significant age differences together, UNLESS the man is wealthy. Wealth is the factor that will smooth over the embarrassment a woman feels when she is with an older guy. The social stigma still exists (not to mention she will have to give up the sexual stamina that younger men posess). She is naturally attracted to, and has more in common with a man her age, but if a man has the money, she will push that aside.
      IRL the only men I know who successfully date younger women are men of means. Confidence and a fit body will not quite get you there.
      But they will grease the wheels, so to speak, IF you have money and happen to be an older gentleman.
      Thus, if younger women is what you desire, start building your empire sooner than later, and hit the gym 😉


      Right on the mark, Carew! Glad to see someone out there is perceptive and paying attention!

      I say it’s 1/ a pretty face 2/game playing (which I despise) 3/ a fat bank account.

      A nice body doesn’t even consider in the top three.

    • white man whining.

      I don’t think white women need to breed anymore. the white men sound too dr phil like and feminine.
      the white woman has God as a father and heaven to look forward to.
      no need to breed.
      entering heaven for an eternity as a beloved daughter sounds better.

  • White privilege is a myth today. As a white male, I have had nothing in life handed to me on the basis of my race or the color of my skin. I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve ever acheived. I’ve stood by and watched minorities receive preference over white, english speaking people because my government (Canada) had made that the law. There is indeed a war against white people, and not just white women. If it seems it’s a war against only white women, that’s only because the people waging this war have only enough courage to pick on those who they perceive as weakest.

  • Where I live, the illegal aliens drive huge new pickup trucks while the White Americans are on foot..

    • sounds like a bible verse
      ive seen princes on foot and beggars in castles..all is vanity”
      doesn’t mean anything…
      thank God

  • Without arrogance, it is recorded that “white people” [Caucasian] are descended from Abraham, specially blessed but we have denied our heritage and degenerated our Nation. The descendents of Abraham are the Race that YaHshua came to seek and save so that they might bless the world.The Israel Nation, [Not Israel[i]] are the chosen of YaHWeH. Other Nations are invited to share in the Blessing, under specific conditions laid down by YaHWeH.

    • Kenneth,

      We don’t need any validation by referencing dead ancient Hebrews. And besides Jesus rejected all of the “chosen people” lies. The new age of truth and God has arrived equally for all people who can feel it and accept it.

  • White males are demoralized much more than white women!
    Watch commercials, tv shows and government issues: white males are stupid and cannot do much. Additionally, homosexuals are viewed better than white males.
    Don’t think so? Start looking…

    • yea but we see through it and no one should be getting their ideas about life through tv anyway….
      if a white man is concerned about his tv image I wouldn’t consider him a man at all

    • unless its payback for how women have been portayed…. in a rape culture….

  • The title of the video says “White women are getting fed up”…. while the entire video is an attempt to make white women “get fed up”.

    So which is it?

  • Some things make no sense to me. I went to Colton high in 1968. I was one of half a dozen or so white kids. My father and brother lost construction jobs because they couldn’t compete with illegal immigrants working enmasse, undercutting wages. Construction dried up in all fields. My ex husband, who was a firefighter risking his life for years, couldn’t become a fireman, not because he wasn’t qualified, but because he wasn’t a minority or a woman, who received added points given to their tests, just because of their sex and race. In the year 2007, my grandchildren, two of half a dozen children that weren’t Hispanic including blacks and Asians were discluded from college prepatory instruction because of their race. White, black and Asian students were outnumbered, 100s to 1. How am I not the minority? How am I oppressing anyone? How on earth, could I do that? When my mother needed home health care her Filipino nurse told me, I feel sorry for white girls. Your government gives us low interest loans to become nurses and your own people cannot afford to become nurses. When my elderly parents were hospitalized, it was almost impossible for them to relate their needs to a largely non english speaking staff. How were they not the minority?

    • You speak the simple truth Mac and all who read it know it is true. Our US Government has been in the hands of Jews and minorities for a long time and they not only hate white people, but espciall southern white Christians. It is their plan to exterminate many of us through mass incarceration in the camps. But first they want our guns to make us completely helpless. Now is the time to rise up strong and it won’t come through voting – watch out for Trump the phony.

      • I don’t trust Trump either. Anyone who gets as much press as he is, has to be blessed by the globalists. Rand Paul is the guy who more than likely truly represents the interests that Trump pretends to represent, yet he is totally ignored in the media. That’s how I know who to vote for, who are they ignoring? Anyway this is the same pattern they did with Obama to get him elected. Stress out the people with a first class idiot like bush, then parade the new boy in town as the “answer”. And the Americans go ape, thinking new big daddy is gonna save them. Pure emotional hopeful response, based on zero facts, zero thinking.

        Anyway doesn’t matter who gets elected, same old story, different talking lying head.

        Anyone who could make a real difference would be assassinated anyway.

        Two Thumbs Up *** Nationalist Conservative Party ***

  • Wow, women are starting to feel a little of the bs that has been plaguing men for decades. Well, not the feminist bs that’s been targeting white males for decades, but the other stuff. It gives me hope. Maybe after a few more decades they will mature enough to actually allow that men are equal to them and cut out all of the grossly unfair affirmative action that benefits them and hurts men.

    • I think Michael Tsarion’s work on the Female Illuminati gives us some clues here. Per his theory, a group of women long ago became quite jealous of the superior strength and even rational formidable thinking power most males have, and seized control in very ugly ways. The women wanted to be the power brokers out in the world. And I think that is still the problem today: Women don’t value the incredible gifts and powers of being women, they are jealous of the men and want to be just like them and over power them. Yet look at the mid-life American women you’ll see in the grocery stores. Do they look happy, rested, luminous, at peace? No they all look really grouchy and exhausted. Gee I wonder why.

      But one has to ask, what was going on in the marriages in 1950’s and 1960’s America, to make the women such easy prey for the social engineering project of feminism?

      • “I don’t trust Trump either. Anyone who gets as much press as he is, has to be blessed by the globalists.” ” That’s how I know who to vote for, who are they ignoring?”

        Good points, Ruby, and I agree. But I could never, ever vote for Rand Paul after seeing him at the Wailing Wall (?) wearing a beanie, and his support for terrorist Israel.

        “…a group of women long ago became quite jealous of the superior strength and even rational formidable thinking power most males have…”

        Wow! I have had this in mind for years (!) but never as much as mentioned it to anyone partly because it would sound somewhat off the wall. Yes! I believe this is true! And are they ever pissed about it! I am a drug free, super heavyweight, hard core bodybuilder and I have long sensed, even though they are a different gender, that there is resentment in women for being several times their physical strength. Your remark about men being more rational and their resentment is just as true! What a treat to read your post after all these years of thinking about it.

        Show me a man that denies he’d like to be big and muscular with the wave of a magic wand and I’ll show you a liar!

        • for women to be jealous of her own son is voodoo and demonic.
          sicker that many men WISH women were jealous of them

  • Wish I had the privilidge that Illegals have today.
    There was no section 8 housing. My father was a marine scout sniper who turned 18 on the Island of Bougainville . His brother was captured at New Guinea and executed. He felt real priviledged. I lived in a 2 bedroom trailer till I was 10 with Mom, Dad, GrandMa, and towards the end, 4 kids.
    No free lunches or breakfast. Cereal and peanut butter jelly sanwhiches.
    No food Stamps, Dad started a Garden on a quarter acre bare lot at the trailer park.
    Hand me downs forever.
    We are not all privilidged.

  • So true,plus there is palpable truth to the idea that Jews blew up the towers.

  • I have been privileged to have worked my butt off over 40 years and have most of my money taken in taxes to pay for those who have no privilege- leaving me with little or no retirement, a small old house and more bills to pay.
    Without me- many of those who wouldn’t finish their education, have babies in their teens, won’t work, and dads that skip out on their wives and kids and have no privileges would starve to death.

    What a privilege!

  • “White Privilege”…..????

    I always laugh…as a white straight guy when
    I hear BS like this. Was laid off last fall with
    only some severance and six (yes SIX…)
    months unemployment….NO “safety net
    for YOU white boy…! Ever wondered why
    all the homeless guys are white males?

  • If us humans are going to thrive, or even live peaceably in our USA, we need to unite with different cultural differences, or we will end up in race wars, civil wars, etc…
    It all comes down to this country uniting and moving beyond ethnic differences while upholding the Christian concepts made by our founding fathers.

    • The biggest cultural differences we need to confront/overcome are those imposed upon U.S. by our government who only cares about reelection and easy money. If We the People didn’t allow it and if “they” took their obligations seriously, then We the People would not have all the problems that we have today.
      Also, the Christian ethics you mentioned are alien to our “loving leaders” who only take care of theirselves while imposing unjust laws of God onto U.S. while eliminating them from those very same laws they thrust upon U.S.
      Our founding fathers kept their oaths to U.S. but our existing do not.

    • Try upholding Christian values once this country gets even more flooded with Muslims. Then when you don’t let them have their way and turn your country muslim, they start acting like savages. Quit being naïve, Americans. Muslims don’t know how to get along with cultures different than their own. They know no tolerance. They think if a culture isn’t Muslim, they are free to rape, murder, and destroy infrastructure. Your “tolerance” of muslim culture will get you killed. Just because you’re a good ethical kind person doesn’t mean everyone else is. Muslims out of America! NOW.

  • White women are the most beautiful of all the races …any honest person can see that…Asian and black women try to imitate their hair, legs , facial features etc

  • Some time ago I watched an episode on the History Channel showing photographs of WHITE Irish slaves working on southern plantations. They were used for the really dangerous jobs as they weren’t worth as much as the black slaves. I never hear of white slaves….especially from anyone that’s using anti-slavery as a white guilt inducing strategy.

    We’re ALL getting played. Divide and conquer works. Simple as that. There’s some humongous shenanigans being foisted on all the rest of us by a few super elite “Mighty’s but not just Whiteys”… and all the sexism and racism is in our face diversion ….smoke and mirrors ….cover for the big tricks coming down the pike in stinking loads that they’re dumping on us.

  • Bravo ladies, and about time too.

  • Aggressive immigration has turned me into a racist.

  • For every ten black and white couples, nine out that ten is a white woman with a black man.

    An interesting video, but I wouldn’t dream of putting the salvation of white European America in the hands of women. I give women very little credibility and respect in general.

    • There is constant unending black men and white women together on TV. All the black stars are portrayed as excellent men than any woman would want. But some of the Jew media bullshit got exposed with the Cosby scandal. Obama would never have gotten elected without all the pro black propaganda in the Jew owned media that featured such “woderful good guys” as Cosby, Washinton, Freeman,etc. I know that black women are damn mad too about. They have been left out in the cold.

      • Yes, and it’s becoming more frequent. Not in Israel though! No. Not for the Jews!

        If you explained to one hundred white laymen/women on the street that the Jews own and control the MSM and that they have an agenda to systematically destroy white gentile America through images and messages and cultural conditioning, how many would look at you or react as if you were delusional or simply racist? They have been strongly conditioned. It’s all right in front of you! America, read John Friend, or Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Occidental Observer, or Dr. David Duke, or Brother Nathanael, or many others in that very vein! Awake Americans have a lot of work to do.

  • I worked for a large professional big time 8a native corporation who was a defense contractor. Most their high quality staff were white women. Because of white privilege? No. Because we worked our asses off, didn’t take breaks, didn’t waste time, had a great work ethic, took classes at night to improve our skills, showed interest in what we were learning, always tried to learn new skills, and didn’t waste time with endless socializing. Many of the native women hadn’t learned those skills yet. Not part of their culture. Not used to corporate life style, more used to fish camp. Our white culture has always worked hard, and valued productivity, awareness, intelligence and education. Then other cultures who haven’t learned those ways, accuse us of being privileged. Priveleged my ass. We have what they consider “privilege” because we work our butts off for it and know how to produce results through focus.

  • Elder Grandma Agnes speaks! Speak truth Agnes!


  • Jewish supremacists pretend they have the high moral ground as they endlessly promote open borders for Western countries.

    Meanwhile the same Jew lobbies con Western countries into fighting Israel’s shameless wars of aggression against Israel’s neighbors, killing, maiming, torturing, humiliating, and rendering homeless lots of angry embittered Muslims.

    The Jew lobbies then demand Western countries (NOT ISRAEL!!) take in all these Muslim refugees. Of course the Jew lobbies knew all along what would result — the West would be destroyed, and the Jewish diaspora in Western countries would flee to Greater Israel — which will by then stretch from the Euprates to the Nile — courtesy of the same wars Israel instigates.

    Meanwhile, Israelis enjoy the spectacle of Christians & Muslims hating & killing each other.

    What’s not to like?

    [ Jew immigration West Israel ] – O.O. Search:
    — [ http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/?s=jew+immigration+west&x=9&y=7 ]

  • I am half Indian and half Caucasian, however i do believe that there is different races, different breeds of each animals, and different genes. However humans of different races differs in cognitive ability and creative ability. I am sick and tired, and even angry that non whites are saying that they are better than whites. Whites have culture(even genetic) of creativity, innovations, and managing a country and businesses than most non whites, I’ve seen it and experienced it. I am not a self hater but i do believe that since we differ in many ways, there are different ways to manage a country without having this equality bendrim as i call it. I think in a true capitalist society backed by rule of law and nationalism could help ones nation to get out of poverty without going to another country. Whites are not to blame for the disaster that happens to us, we should blame ourselves for not thinking for ourselves and helping one another. I think all the things that is said about non whites, we should take this opportunity to prove the critics wrong and also expose the non whites who are committing crimes against whites. It is true that the rape statistics shows non whites doing this whites, and the white women cannot defend herself without being labeled as racist. This is unacceptable and a disgrace to all of us and we should now starting shooting those muslims and non whites that thinks they could get away with it. I love my own race and my own people and i would never date outside my ethnic group, i would respect different races but would not intermarry with them. We non whites should reform our culture that suppresses us and have a culture that defends and protect our own in our own nation, and probably in western nations with letting the whites keep their heritage identity and customs without interfering and trying to reform it. one’s race comes first before religion. capitalism can exist if it has nationalism in it. I live in Canada and i don’t want to see western nations fall under the zionist jews and sharia law, i want to see whites with whites and other races with their own, and we should borders to protect its countries and limit the amount of immigration with ones country.

    and one more thing, lets get rid of neoliberalism once and for all

  • Honestly we white men need to man the hell up fast. Gentlemen, workout everyday, stop watching porn, stop hooking up, find a good wife, forgoe unhealthy food, dress well, and educate yourselves. For God’s sake get some discipline. I’m 25 and go to the gym everyday for 2 hours in the morning before work, and rarely see other white men and I am in a very white area. Stop being weak white ‘bois’, reclaim your heritage and honor and become the white men your ancestors were. Be PROUD to be a member of the race that sent the first person to the moon and cured Small Pox. Our mothers were brainwashed and wrong, women do want mentally AND PHYSICALLY STRONG men. Forget EVEYTHING she EVER taught you about women, that will make you weak. Seriously do you want to get jumped and beat in front of your helpless wife and children by a group of thugs? Respect your wife, love her, cherish her, do NOT cave to her, LEAD her, do not let her WALK OVER you. Man up gentlement fast.

    White women, especially younger ones. We need your support if this is to work. Yeah I know white men are very flawed today, but this is by design. It amazes me how disinterested white girls are in white men. If we don’t come back together, the West will fall, and our way of life will be over, and there will be a 1000 year dark age we may never recover from. Ladies, if you care about yours and your childrens futures, focus on your families, we need to have more children and raise then properly. Atleast 4 kids per family to keep our numbers up. Encourage your man, odds are he has been pretty beat down in terms of confidence and health, once again this is by design. We whites need to unite together, or fall divided together. We may only have a generation or two left to make a change seriously. If the west falls, the world collapses. Imagine the post Roman world with unmaintained nuclear reactors everywhere to get some idea…

  • It is refreshing to see and hear white anglo women speak this way. All i see are treacherous white woman concerned not with family, heritage, or dignity, but kardashianism. Never see white couple anymore in commercials. Its black men white women and hybrid children. White women who settle down with a black man end the white woman family history. In a hundred years black historians just like black musician will steal or history to make it and call it their own. History books will be rewritten to claim blacks broke their back building this country. My sorrows lay with future generations of white children that will live adult lives in fear. Black polotician, judges, police…. Programmed to finish it. Stop having white children, they are in danger of treatment never before seen in history.

  • white women have been abused by white society white fathers white brothers and white husbands ..they called to God to help
    and He is doing this……
    everything you write and speak of..
    man up white men
    there is always better
    youre not the top of the human chain…
    white women even go alien lol
    nephilim or whatever you want to call it.. there is always someone above you when the white woman calls for help
    if youre the cause of her pain
    you will be removed.no more faggotry.no more porn and manwhoring. no more ruling over her like serpent curse of geneses..bible says her salvation comes as her king coming to her meek and lowly and gentle.. and on a donkey (humility)..whining as white men turns her off
    GOD gave her her soul as His beloved daughter
    He has her soul eternally.. if she breeds with you white men or not.
    she was a temporary gift to you.
    she also was gracious to give you up to God as SONS
    in return she gets abused
    times up