White Genocide, Rap Music & the Prison Industry – Kyle Hosts the Jesse Lee Peterson Show

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  • To set the record straight, I am a 75-year old White Guy who has been studying and living these issues for a long, long time. I really do like the motto Jessie Lee Peterson has on his promo page for his program. “Uniting The Races With Truth Instead of Dividing Them With Lies” You can apply that motto to our lives in general. We, not only in the United States of America, but all over the world have been lied to over and over in order to fulfill the agenda of some very evil people. That motto from Jessie reminds me of the words from another Man from the past as he spoke to both Alex Jones and James Corbett on their respective shows in December 2014, and that man was 1960s “Original” Black Panther Founder Larry Pinckney. He said (paraphrased): “When the man plays the race card, he must remember, there is only one race and that is the human race.” Pinckney went on to discuss the issues of the racial divide being implemented against both whites and blacks in order to control or eliminate them. i.e. We need to be smarter than that and BE one race and not allow these evil people to destroy both of us. We can live our own cultures, but be one as human beings.

    I want to listen to more of Jesse Lee Peterson, because if his message is based on his motto, he must be right ! John Friend, thanks for including Jesse’s work on your website. I want to experience the work of both of you. Your messages contain a lot of what I have been trying to figure out for the last 50-60 years.

  • Good video – but as a man of a full generation older – we should be aware that the ‘music’ turned into “NOISE” and “FILTH” years before that disgusting black racist hate noise garbage we call RAP. We were literally INVADED by mostly jew and or jew managed British filth we knew as ‘rock music’.

    In my early teen years we were still wholesome and civilized and our entertainment was from people like The Kingston Trio – or the EVERLY brothers – or The Four Freshman – or the Andrews Sisters and dozens more homespun wholesome decent young men and women who filled our hearts with joy peace and beauty. THEN CAME THE FILTH FROM THE BRITISH. ( the SECOND invasion)

    ACID ROCK – DEMON ROCK – DEATH ROCK – HEAVY METAL ROCK and every form of jew poison imaginable. This jew noise destroyed an ENTIRE GENERATION – as it advocated the use of mind bending drugs – violence – hatred – suicide – irresponsible conduct – defiance of parental authority and a general departure from any goodness wholesomeness and Godliness that 50 teens had been imbued with by parents churches and schools. I remember it WELL. It became addicting.

    This jew originated filth dealt our country a moral blow from which we have NEVER completely recovered. Look around you – look at our schools – our filth entertainment – our corrupt Congress – our degenerate President – our failed ‘justice’ system ( justice for the criminals only)

    This filth ALSO created an ENTIRE generation of ‘NIGGERS!’ – a new breed of Negro that was sullen violent lazy Godless criminal and stupid. These animals WORSHIPED IGNORANCE – EMBRACED RACISM – and adopted a disgusting form of ‘tribalism’ that glorified filth shock violence ignorance illiteracy and every form of anti civil dress conduct speech and intolerable barbaric mannerisms imaginable.

    I will tell you a frightening TRUTH from personal experience of travel to dozens of foreign nations – both poor and affluent. Read this carefully!

    ONLY in our degenerate nation of ‘new israHELL” ( once known as the USA) can you tell from a telephone conversation or conversation behind doors – if the speaker is a NEGRO or NOT! Blacks in S Africa or Latin America – or advanced European nations nations do not commonly use that filthy disgusting jew created Ebonics crap, to communicate. ONLY here in this ‘IsraHELL West’ do we exalt ignorance and honor stupidity and lionize illiteracy as a legitimate ‘CULTURAL trait’.

    The vast majority of blacks do not go the school to LEARN and gain WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE. They are there to DISRUPT – BRING DOWN and create havoc in general. I know – I have taught in the system. Most of my family were dedicated qualified educators. Parents do not have a CLUE s to the level of rot and corruption in our jew overseen schools. TRY THIS EXPERIMENT. Next time you are addressing a parental group with children in public ( cough cough -jew) schools) – as of them this pointed honest question:


    I doubt if you will get one out of a Hundred who has taken the responsibility to do so. TRY IT!

    When I had my company and was hiring ‘talent’ – IF an applicant was using bastardized nigger speech like “DEM DESE DOSE DAT” etc etc. – the interview was TERMINATED RIGHT THEN AND THERE – “NEXT”! If responsible Americans would do this RESPONSIBLE action in their hiring process – these putrid RAP_TRAP -CRAP GANG BANGER street filth – black OR white – would begin to get the message: Act responsibly – take advantage of the FREE education for YOU that HARD WORKING RESPONSIBLE WHITE PEOPLE have paid for – or suffer the consequences.

    Act – look – and speak like animals and NO decent person will EVER hire you. You want to look and act like FREAKS – JOIN A CARNIVAL!


  • White Nationalism is a political ideology supporting the formation of a nation state or “homeland” for the White race in North America. Political movements change over time. White Nationalism, once considered to be in its death throes in the Age of Obama, now has new life thanks to Donald Trump. So the movement has new blood
    and new opinions. Ask yourselves; Do black people have economic or any type of political power in the US? Obama aside, how many black Senators are there in the US? Do black people control the media? Do black people control the Federal Reserve? Substitute the word “people of color” for black. If you really want to oppose the
    jewish lobby, then efforts should be made to unite all races against the Zionists. White Nationalists need not support Israeli-style apartheid. They need not oppose freedom of expression. White Nationalists can also oppose Christianity, also known as Judeo-
    Christianity or Christian Zionism. There is a resurgence of paganism in the US, and Asatru is a part of it. It is time for the old-school White Nationalists to step aside and make way for the new generation. We don’t want to live in your “Corrosion
    of Conformity” a Judeo-Christian-designed theocracy. We understand that Jesus was a jewish carpenter, and Christianity was designed by the Elders of Zion to control the goyim. There are a mulititude of other up and coming religions to choose from. Thelema was founded in 1904 by the English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947), who is regarded as its prophet. The aging rapidly White Nationalist activists have their own set of rules, which do not apply in the coming Age of Trump. The younger generation of WN need not follow them.