What the Founding Fathers Really Thought About Race

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance outlines the racial perspectives of America’s Founding Fathers and other influential American political leaders. After watching this, you will have a greater appreciation of just how poisoned the masses’ minds are by anti-White, anti-intellectual Jewish propaganda. This is a must watch video.

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  • IMNSHO, I agree with the premise of this video, but returning the Black People from the United States to Africa today would be a deeply felt shock to those who would now be lost in such a strange land to them. Before I would recommend a move such as this, I would need to do some serious discussions with both Blacks and Whites to see if it could be done without leaving the strangers in a world where they would stand very little chance of survival. There will always be some who through perseverance and will power would manage to thrive in their new surroundings, but I am afraid it would be fatal for far more than those who thrive in that situation. How would the current citizens in Africa accept those who would be coming in from America ? Lots of questions need to be answered before attempting something so radical. I am sympathetic to both sides of the issue.

  • chris vermeulen

    Deu 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.
    Deu 23:6 Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days for ever.

    • Wait a second here. Jesus was a bastard also unless you think that god and Mary were married. Actually it’s worse than that because Mary could not consent to sex with god any more than a slave can consent to sex with her master. In either case it is rape. Unless you believe that might makes right.

      • Bastard is a wrong translation. The word should be translated — “Mongrel”. Or of mixed race.

        Jesus was not a mongrel.

      • Our concept of a bastard is wrong. It is not someone born out of wedlock . A bastard is the result of RACE mixing. The Bible and Law (Torah) is very clear on that for those who have ears to ear and eyes to see. Yashua was very pure racially.

  • Margret Sanger

    Reality is reality. If you were to give every black man, woman and child a million dollars and a plane ticket to Africa, with the agreement that they were never to return to North America, within 5 years the money saved on social problems would return seven fold the initial investment. Also within that 5 years all those sent back to Africa would be broke and sitting on there butts, in front of mud huts, beating each other over the head with sticks.

    • Blacks are not just from Africa.

      Many were in the new world before Europeans.

      And for your fanciful experiment where is the proof ?

      • “……….Many were in the new world before Europeans………”

        WTF are you trying to say? I think maybe you are on the wrong webpage. Huffington Post is where you belong.

        If you are white — you suffer from White Guilt. But it is treatable.

  • I have had lots of experience with blacks over the years. I have roomed with them, had them as bosses, peers and underlings. I have been friends with many and enemies of a few. I have seen them interact with other cultures and they did not leave a favorable impression. They are by and large selfish, lazy and power hungry. We will always be at odds. I say send them to Minnesota. Those white people were lost long ago and the cold weather would help keep their behavior in check.

  • Well done. Years ago, The New York Post published my letter about the changing demographics in NYC. AMREN republished it. I’m grateful for the website to my letter to a wider audience.

    It’s time for the few of us who come here to promote AMREN and other realist websites. We will only be free people in our own land when enough of us wake up.

  • Blacks must be restored to their beautiful homelands ASAP! Black on white rape (crime), black AIDS (10x the rate in the white race) , black drug abuse, all these issues are the fault of white America.
    White people must make amends! White people must send blacks back to Africa!

  • Adding to Bob Bowen’s commentary,
    how would Americans of european lineage like to move back to Europe and give back all the land they robbed using the “vacuum domicilium” legal justification*?

    *See this or google for more:

    • ….”how would Americans of european lineage like to move back to Europe and give back all the land they robbed…..”

      Ever heard of the “Soultreans”?

      Da White Man was here first…….then he came back again.

    • How exactly did we “rob”?

      Are you of the mind that as soon as the first Settlers to North America saw a couple Indians and a few Tee Pees………..should those Settlers boarded their boats and sailed back to Europe? Were there “no trespassing” signs in which they ignored?

      Why did we have to erect “Forts” (walled towns) and house soldiers in those forts in the Frontier?

      WHO DREW FIRST BLOOD????!!!!!!

      Take your WHITE GUILT to Huffington Post where you will be a hero. Not a zero. You are a zero.

  • The African countries DON’T WANT THEM BACK!

    • Who cares what the African countries think. When we drop off millions of sullen, lazy blacks on their shores somewhere,…. we will pay their leadership a pittance to take them and they will. Where they take them is their business.

  • Thank you for an excellent presentation of the truth. IQ differences still & always will prevail as well as the fact that they continually outbreed whites to our own detriment. The welfare state & unchecked immigration have facilitated the growth of “minority” populations by design. One thing that’s rarely mentioned in discussions on slavery in America is that there were large numbers of white slaves in the North as well. A good source would be Michael Hoffman’s book “They Were White and They Were Slaves.” Africans, all transported by Jewish owned ships, cost up to 10x as much as a white slave from Europe. Why pay more? The black slaves were to be a “weapon” used against the white/European population. We can see it playing out now as our populations & culture dwindle and the middle class is stripped of its wealth.

  • Your talking 200 years ago. I guarantee you most wanted to go back home then.

  • This is an absolutely excellent exposé of the cold hard truth of blacks. One person commented that he had much experience with blacks and concluded they are largely a lazy, selfish, power hungry race. I too have had plenty of exposure to blacks growing up in an inner city and being almost entirely white myself. I will concur this statement to be more than true. I can count on less than one hand how many “good” blacks I’ve encountered out of hundreds. If the jooos hadn’t run the slave ships we might know a country that never had slavery thus never had a “black problem”. They truly are a problem and drain our society more than ever especially today since they are more easily dumbed down by the ZIO government than any other race absolutely. Blacks now dominate sports and music however it’s never enough for them and it never will be enough because they are a low IQ race. They will always want more. They are grossly over represented exponentially it seems in media, television etc while only making up 13% of the US population!!! I want to add the music most negroes concoct cannot be deemed music; their raps and other lyrics are absolutely disgraceful, filthy and utter degeneracy full of braggery, trashy lust, nauseating materialism and are outrightly the most retarded stupidity this world has ever known. Whites to this day have not managed to create such utter distaste no matter how dumb some have succumbed to being. The blacks here should thank their lucky stars they were brought to America, otherwise they’d be living still in mud huts banging drums which isn’t a far cry to how they behave here. As a group they absolutely disgust me when they protest and riot after a despicable black criminal is shot by a police officer. White criminals are shot by police and whites react showing no reaction at all because we know if you play with fire you might get burned or pay the ultimate price. Black minds on the whole DO NOT comprehend this common kind of sense! They should not be living with whites or any other race. They need to be on they own continent at least the mass majority who will forever remain incoherent of a civilized, polite, intelligent society. I say forever because as a race they have not evolved whatsoever over thousands of years, remaining in mud huts slaying each other. The black Pastor Manning on YouTube is the only black who I’ve watched who gets this. Lastly, one could say whites still fight each other, and to this person I will retort with the fact if we didn’t have the evil jooo race constantly controlling the money, the elite and nobility all the while instigating wars, white people especially in the USA would not be going to any more wars. Research how the world would have been if Hitler won and been able to crushed the jooo ruled central banking system. Bless you, John Friend.

  • This is a long hard struggle. The coloureds will eventually be driven out of Europe and North America but it will take time- maybe 100 years.
    I am against the concept of a ‘white homeland’ ( usually located in the Pacific Northwest) . We will not permanently relinquish one square inch of land- the war is ‘all over’…People can be motivated to move through psychology – over time, moving back to Africa can be made to look like a good or even a necessary option. When whites are dominant again here and the blacks get rude service everywhere, when blacks learn about how white money is building roads in Africa or how whites are enforcing the peace in African nations, or how the plane ride or boat ride will be free and you get a voucher to live in Africa all expenses paid for the first year ( with the stipulation that you cannot return to the US for at least 5 years, etc) …..When the proper inducements are in place, all the coloureds will return home.
    But for now, we must prep for the coming war, the final struggle to put whites back fully in charge again the way we were before those two terrible world wars.

    Expose organized Jewry at every turn, champion white greatness every moment, and show how our dark neighbors should not be our neighbors at all. This is our task.

    • America…OBombUs , Killery and NATO helped to RUIN it for black Africa by destroying Libya and Gaddaffi. Seriously, France stepped in because they didn’t want him minting gold coinage and interfering with their own trade and endeavors in Africa. The NWO / Globalist banking system strikes again. And they are already doing their best to start race riots here in the US (think George Soros and what he is funding).

  • Arthur Massucco

    I often think about what I would do to save the US as an absolute dictator for 6 years or so. Briefly: 1. Deport most blacks, jooz, Muslims. 2. Eliminate all criminal perverts, incurable alcoholics and other addicts. 3. Eliminate all financial swindlers,corrupt officials and mfg’rs of destructive products. 4. Refuse support for healthy individuals who refuse to work, offer public service or deportation as a last resort. 5. Enforce a very strong Representive Constitutional Republic that protects the New Nation for the few million that will be left, participation would be mandatory.
    This is just a brief summary. The New Constitution would be very detailed to support basic freedoms, swift justice, education, health programs, honest gov’t, public spending, economic regulations, immigration, population growth, etc.
    I could go on for pages, but this is a basic summary.