What Happened to Children?


  • Great vid! I cried while watching. I ask every day.. what happened? ( I know what really happened, but cant wake others.Its frustrating most times.) I feel bad for the youngsters .

  • EXCELLENT. Just the right length. Powerful. Irrefutable.

  • Where are the parents?

  • What happened to the children, is the same thing that happened to them in 60’s Germany.
    The Jews came back with insidious vengeance to finish what they failed to accomplish in 2 world wars and the period in between.
    Why do they hate Germans in particular with such extreme prejudice?
    Well there are any number of reasons, but the main one is this …
    Once you put the Truth back right-side-up, then, and only then, this verse makes perfect sense…
    “But if you do not drive them out of the land before you, then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.” Numbers 33:55
    Well guess who became the Jews?
    The Edomites, the Hivites, the Jebusites, the Hittites, the parasites, the Kenites and “men of every race under Heaven.” (Acts 2:5)
    Who really controls the paradigms of cultural formation in the Western world? Is it not obvious — the spiritual forces of the hexagram?
    No solution is possible outside the ancient warning/prophecy of Numbers 33:55.
    But given the delusion of the bulk of the remaining Christian world, not to mention all the rest, what do you think the odds are it will happen?

    • i don’t hate germans i love the german people, it is the zionist jew and zionist christian that i hate with what is going on now on this planet

  • What ever happened to “corrupting the morals of a minor?” offense here in the USSA? Has it gone down the memory hole? In this respect, this country has already surpassed Weimar Germany where degeneracy and debauchery are concerned.
    I’m unsure as to whether or not children were exploited and sexualized back then in Weimar Germany (this was in the 1920’s); but almost a century later, the USSA has definitely surpassed it.
    Children aren’t little adults, to be used as sex toys by the entertainment industry; they’re children, who need to enjoy their childhood. Once that’s gone, it’s gone forever. Parents have an obligation to raise their children properly and keep them away from all those porn hucksters out there … just ready and waiting to defile these young children … and, in the process, destroy their childhood forever.

  • all this liberalism is vile and we will not return to health or be whole until this cancer is cut out permanently

  • The video made me ill, angry, and upset. Our children are (not mine!) are acting like moulinyans (I’m half Italian, it’s a derogatory term for black people). And who is responsible for spreading their culture? Jews of course. The parents are also responsible. I don’t allow my children to dress like them, talk like them, or listen to their music. And most intelligent black people don’t either.

    They destroyed Germany and now they’re destroying the rest of the men of the west.

  • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    Heroic to be Gay? Cultivate the warrior in boys? Hmm…

  • What’s happening to the children is the same thing happening to the rest of society — systemic breakdown.

    The ruling regime in the US has instituted 24/7 mindless propaganda. They are destroying our social fabric, parental control and our economic base. These bad guys have built a prison-industrial complex that has exceeded the Soviet gulag system in their heyday. All the while, the military-industrial complex is sucking up a massive share of our resources while victimizing our citizens and citizens of foreign lands.

    Had enough yet?

  • man has to make a decision, accept zionism or kill it, there is no other way, because if man accepts it then the world will die.

  • The world is run by pedophiles.

    • I believe that you unintentionally left out the key word “homosexual” before “pedophiles”

  • My word. What an astonishing video. Thank you for posting this. Now I must ensure as many people as possible see this.

  • Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. In all actuality this “so called Judea” declared war on the world. And now we are reaping the seeds which we sowed by assiting in our collective blindness to the consequences of our capitulation to the synagogue of satan.

  • Unfortunately it may take WW3 before the world returns to what it’s supposed to be. :(