Weekly Wrap Up

It’s the weekend, and I’ve decided to write my first ever Weekly Wrap Up post. I’ve been thinking about doing this sort of post for a while now. I’d like to briefly review some of the posts here on The Realist Report over the course of the past week, highlight a couple news items, and offer some opinions and thoughts about various topics. Here goes!

First off, I hope you all had a great week! On Monday, I had James Lancia, a former Bridgeport, Connecticut police officer and author of Downtown White Police, on the program to discuss his book, the current state of law enforcement in America, political correctness, and related matters. James has a great YouTube channel – check it out and subscribe if you aren’t already. It really was an awesome show, one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve done in a while. Both segments are worth listening to. Here is the introductory segment and here is the Subscribers Only segment. Check them out!

I also had my good friend Mike King from TomatoBubble.com on this week as well. Mike and I discussed his latest book The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill and other aspects of WWI and WWII. In order to understand what is happening in the world today, one needs a proper understanding of both WWI and WWII, and Mike King has done great work in this area. Again, both segments are well worth listening to. The introductory segment is here and the Subscribers Only segment is here.

On Friday, I appeared as a guest on The Daily Traditionalist with Matt Heimbach. It’s always a real honor and pleasure to speak with Matt. You can find that program here. We focused primarily on the Trump campaign and how he truly is representing the forces of nationalism and populism, while Hillary Clinton and the neocons who have dominated the Republican Party for decades represent the forces of internationalism. Trump has totally undermined political correctness in America and has opened up space for formerly marginalized and demonized ideas to gain mainstream acceptance, a topic I blogged about this week as well.

Speaking of Trump, I came across this video the other day on Twitter. Check it out!

Even if you think Trump is a “puppet” (I do not), the main point that needs to be understood is that he has fundamentally changed the game politically in America, certainly for this upcoming presidential election but likely permanently. And that is a very positive development indeed.


Moving along, there are a few news items I’d like to point out and highlight. The cultural Marxist assault on traditional America continues unabated, as the The Hill recently reported:

President Obama is opening a new front in the culture wars over gay and transgender rights — just in time for the 2016 elections.

Guidance from the Departments of Justice and Education that public schools should allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity, and a separate civil rights lawsuit against a North Carolina transgender law, firmly put the White House and the Democratic party at the forefront of transgender rights.

The two dramatic moves provoked cries of support from the left and fury from the right, which decried the actions as further examples of executive overreach and social engineering they see as typical of Obama’s rule.
“If President Obama thinks he can bully Texas schools into allowing men to have open access to girls in bathrooms, he better prepare for yet another legal fight,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

Few saw a national fight over transgender rights emerging this summer.

How much longer are Americans going to put up with this madness?

The federal government is obviously hostile to the interests and traditions of America, and is hell-bent on forcing their sick, degenerate agenda on the rest of the country. The Obama administration is not only forcing their homosexual and transgender agenda on state and local governments, the State Department is also facilitating the resettlement of massive numbers of Third World refugees in America, an agenda covered extensively by Ann Corcoran and her website Refugee Resettlement Watch.


Earlier this week, news broke that a Scottish man had been arrested for making a video joking around about his girlfriend’s dog giving Nazi salutes. Yes, literally arrested for making a video.

How absurd that this man was arrested for this harmless video!

In a somewhat related incident, I came across an article published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency reporting that two Brazilian men were sentenced to 8 years of detention for posting “Nazi propaganda” on Facebook.

This is how ridiculous politically correct culture has become folks – you will literally be sent to jail if you joke about Hitler, Jews and the fake “Holocaust” narrative, or simply post information positively reflecting on “the Nazis” on the Internet.

I wonder what will happen to Tyson Fury, the British boxing champion, after a video emerged of him saying Jews run the media and banks and that the masses have been brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. Unsurprisingly, the Jews are in an uproar, demanding that he be barred from the sport. The full video is here:

It is time for “anti-Semitism”, i.e., the truth about the Jews and their evil agenda, to go mainstream. That process is already starting and will only continue in the coming weeks and months. More and more people are recognizing the Jewish stranglehold on Western civilization and its destructive effects. These truths need to be publicly accepted and openly discussed if we ever hope to return sanity and justice to our world.


And that concludes this first ever Weekly Wrap Up! I’ve got some good guests lined up this week, so stay tuned for more great podcasts!

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Thanks for reading guys! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

John Friend


  • Liberals suck! Great work John.

  • You are exactly right- its time for “antisemitism” to go mainstream. But this cannot happen unless we keep chipping away at the edifice of denial and silence until the cracks get too large to plug. This is why I’m very disappointed in the recent about -face of Mr. Angelo Gage (plus the soft sell of RamzPaul & the Alt Right generally)….I understand the need to be professional and present a kind face etc., and in Europe there are many large nationalist parties and they never officially critique Jews or have any thing much to say about any ‘conspiracies’ like 9-11, BUT- we are on the verge of a breakthrough on confronting the source and not just dealing with symptoms.

    What makes Jews happy? Our sides silence on the Jewish Question….

    In the US we are one of the few Western nations where we can speak out against world Jewry without being charged with a crime- we better use this freedom now while we have the chance. A Rational critique of the disproportionate and malignant power of organized Jewry is our right and our duty.

  • And now it begins. . . Sheldon Adelson, Jewish casino magnate, poised to give Trump a campaign donation that could exceed $100 million. Trump assured Mr. and Mrs. Adelson that he was dedicated to protecting Israel’s security, an issue about which the couple are passionate. What exactly does that mean? To me, it means constant and unending war with the Middle East. This is how America protects Israel’s security – that and giving them billions of dollars every year. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/14/us/politics/sheldon-adelson-donald-trump.html?_r=0

    • Yeah, I saw that Adelson is not only endorsing Trump, but also set to donate major dollars to his campaign (as if he really needs the money!). We will see what becomes of it…

      One thing needs to be made clear to Trump: putting America first means just that. You can’t put the interests of Israel ahead of America and claim to be America First. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • Yes, I agree. But you don’t just accept a gift of $100 million and then shoo the gift giver away like some pesky gnat. He will be beholden to Adelson to some degree; something, or many somethings, will be expected in return for such a large amount of money. Just one of the many ways the Jews control our world. I was really hoping that this wouldn’t happen, but not holding my breath. It’s completely unrealistic to think that they’re just going to relinquish control over America – a country they have ruled for decades. My heart just dropped when I read this.

      • I would like commend John Friend for allowing critical discussion of Trump’s decision to allow Sheldon Adelson to fit him with a jewish dog collar. I’ve been checking Andrew Anglin’s website, The Daily Stormer – and Anglin has apparently decided to ignore this sellout by Donald Trump.

        I have not seen one word mentioned about it since the Adelson announcement on Anglin’s website – and, it should be noted that The Daily Stormer has been banging the Trump drum for almost a solid year and comparing Trump to the rise of Hitler and planting all kinds of false hopes that Trump is going to free America from the grip of the jews. So, the question is this: Is Anglin humiliated and embarrassed by how badly he got suckered by the con job, or is he in denial about the seriousness of Adelson owning Trump, or, was Aglin part of the con-job himself?

        As for myself, I have been extremely tentative in my view of Trump from the very beginning – and have been cautioning people in the pro-White community to not allow themselves to get their hopes up that Trump is some kind of secretly pro-White messiah who is riding to the rescue of America and of the White Race. And, exactly as my suspicions have been telling me – here we are, with Trump having effectively snookered a record setting number of millions of White voters into handing him the victories and the momentum he needs to secure the GOP nomination – and, now, feeling like he (and whoever groomed him) have it in the bag, now he is feeling confident and cocky enough to reveal his true colors. I’ve even read that Ben Carson has said that Trump has narrowed is VP candidate list to 5 names. Guess who those 5 are?

        “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 VP running mate to John McCain, was one of the five Carson said was on the list. The rest are all former 2016 GOP presidential candidates: Trump’s closest competitor Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Marco Rubio, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.”

        With a possible exception of Palin, who has already said that she would not want to be Trump’s VP because she thinks she might damage his chances of winning – an admission that she realizes how successful the left has been in demonizing her – every other name on this list is an Israel toe sucking RINO cuck slab of human garbage and, do not forget – everyone of these guys (again, Palin excluded) has openly supported amnesty and an acceleration of the jewish White Genocide and race displacement agenda via open borders and endless resettlement’s of third world non-whites into America.

        I’ve also been reading a few musings about Newt Gingrich being a possible selection, and heard the loathsome cuck Bill O’Reilly is saying t that he is certain Newt will be the guy. Why his name wasn’t on the Ben Carson list, I have no clue. BTW: Gingrich is a big Israel Lobby toe kisser and he’s on the record as having said he thinks Puerto Rico and its 4 plus million population of mixed race mongrels (4 million new Democrat voters) should become the 51st State, so that ought to tell us everything we need to know about what kind of cuck loser Gingrich is and will continue to be.

        Also, and I have to wonder if Trump realizes this – if any of the cucks on his VP list get the nod – his chances of being assassinated if he becomes President are astronomically increased, because everyone of those names are the names of the establishment RINO cuck scum who the donors had tried to impose on the GOP base, but who were rejected at the polls. Let Trump get in, and then, if he even tries to enact any of the promises he made on the campaign trail, the jews can take him out, JFK style, and bingo – elevate their VP Cuck into the seat and its back to their regular anti-White agenda.

        Its pretty obvious, and getting increasingly more obvious by day – that the pro-White, White race realist and White Nationalist communities – have been the likely victims of the second biggest hoax (right behind the Holyhoax) in the last two centuries. Trump and his groomers have played us, folks. Unless, of course, you are naive enough to believe that Trump can strap on a $100 million dollar Sheldon Adelson dog collar and then, if he wins the White House, pull a Putin move on the jews and refuse to take orders from them.

        Which, I will admit, is a remote possibility. Putin pulled it off, and maybe he and Trump have had a few private conversations and Putin gave him a few tips on how to snooker the enemy into giving him their money and then pulling the old rope-a-dope maneuver on them once elected. But, from my perspective – that possibility falls into the category of wishful thinking. For, if the jews fell for that same rope-a-dope maneuver twice within a short span of 20 or so years, I would be extremely surprised. They may be evil, and they may well have self-destructive characteristics, but jews are not dumb.

        • I agree with everything you say except Sarah Palin. SHE IS A ZIONIST! She said pretty much verbatim “I have one flag in my office, the flag of Israel”. She spent time in Israel growing up. She makes me sick. The innocent librarian act doesn’t fool me. I go by their record and words!

        • As of today, 5/21/16 – Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stormer website have still not mentioned the Sheldon Adelson endorsement, or the implications of his $100 million dollar ‘gift’ to Trump, or taken note of the swarms of jews who are now flooding into the Trump campaign circle, or the private meeting Trump has been summoned to attend with Henry Kissinger.

          This suggests to me that Anglin is part of the con. What other logical reason could there be for refusing to express concern over the sequence of events that the rest of the pro-White community sees and are interpreting as bad news?

          I’m open minded. If someone can offer up a few reasonable sounding excuses, please share them.

      • John –

        I’m sure you’ve seen the news that Trump is set to meet with Kissenger tomorrow. This makes me very nervous; not totally unexpected, but quite unsettling. There are just too many circling the prize.

        • This is the meeting where the prospective candidate is lead into a dark room,
          and told to take a seat in front of a high definition TV screen and then is shown
          a video clip of the JFK assassination from an angle that has never before been
          seen by the average American citizen.

          Then, as the video clip ends, the lights are suddenly turned on and the prospective candidate is confronted by Kissinger, who says: ‘Do you have any questions?’

          I’m sorry, John. Your enthusiasm for Trump was at times refreshing to hear and read, and almost a little contagious – but, sadly, it was based on youthful naivete and wishful thinking. Trump is not our guy, although it is possible that he might have opened the door a tiny crack and paved the way for our real guy to emerge. So, how can we determine whether this is true or false? Simple.

          If Trump gets elected, watch for an immediate return to the stifling tyranny of Political Correctness. Look for him to be maneuvered into putting another couple of jews on the Supreme Court, and they will be in position to abolish the 1st and 2nd Amendment and to impose ‘hate speech’ laws on Americans. In other words, the jews knew they had to open the door just a little bit to snooker Whites into voting for Trump and so they allowed him to be politically incorrect as part of their strategy. But, they also know that they have to slam the door shut on political incorrectness very soon (after Trump wins) or else a legitimate pro-White leader might emerge.

          Remember my words and predictions, John.

          • But “Illegal Immigration”!!!!!!!

            (As the jews are allowed to steal the rest of our wealth, sharing with their main man, Trump)

            And the peanut gallery says, “So what? Trump’s are man!”

  • I like the idea of these weekly wrap-ups, John, keep ’em up!

    And in this one, I was particularly impressed by Tyson Fury’s courage and outspokennes in calling out Jewish brainwashing and domination. He seems to be not only one of the greatest White boxing champions I’ve ever seen, but also an honest man and a free thinker of the highest kind.

    I think he deserves the support of all Jew-wise White people. Do any of you know how we can give it to him, now that he needs it?

    I guess that hoping in a Realist Report on him would be too much (also for him right now, while he’s preparing a very important fight), but maybe in the future I think you should try and interview him, John.

    Anyway, I think he’s a true modern hero, because nowadays, especially for a famous person, it takes more courage to call out the Jews than even to fight on a ring.

    Way to go, Tyson! I wish you could punch them all away…

    • Thanks Jumpy! It would be awesome to interview him. What a bold statement to make! I wish Trump would start making statements like that… as I said in this post, we need “anti-Semitism” to go mainstream! :)

  • Great news summary. Glad to hear Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is drawing a line in the sand against the transgender commissars. Keep up the good work!

  • This is for you, my friend, from another old friend.


    You are mentioned in the comments.

    Your new site looks great. I wish I could contribute.

  • Re Trump, I think the latest news that Adelson getting behind him should let the cat out of the bag, that is, Trump’s a jew tool.

    I’ve posted the transcript of a recent interview that should interest people:

    In this very informative interview, Nick Spero talks with Rainer from Aryan Skynet, and discusses the jewish meddling in Latin America, from the training of death squads, drug running and general subversion. Later they discuss Trump’s unsavory close associations with various shady jews in his business affairs and in politics, coming to the unpopular conclusion that Trump is working for the jews, a view that I think is unfortunately correct — KATANA.

    Circus Maximus Interviews Aryan Skynet’s Rainer — TRANSCRIPT

    • I double dog dare John to interview Ranier.

      The Trump worship is sickening in light of the truth about him (he is owned, lock, stock and barrel, by jews).

      You are either ignorant about this (because you keep drinking from the same tainted koolaid pitcher) or you are intentionally denying the evidence that is blatantly against your stance. This is what ideologues do. This is what Sheople do.

      What is unacceptable to me is to claim you are holding jews accountable, and then give Trump every pass in every aspect of his life that has been given him or perpetuated by jews. Trump is the epitome of jewish control, yet you not only deny it outright, you keep telling us (or insinuating) that he is only playing the jew.

      Dude. You are the one being played. And by extension, leading these readers down that same tainted path.

  • James Forrester

    Trump is not a puppet? That’s a good one! Trump’s puppetmasters, are hiding in plain sight. Not sure why you don’t see who it is? Hint: Trump’s puppetmasters are longtime public figures. There are others who know this, and it will eventually leak out.