Very Fake News Conference (Highlights)

God bless Donald Trump for exposing the filthy, lying (((mainstream mass media))) – it’s about time someone stood up to them!

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  • The shysters sure didn’t see THAT coming!



    Real News about crimes of the just eternally wickeds against Israelites aka Pure 100% White People.

  • Good closing clip John!
    The yarmulka boy was perfect.
    Klan With A Tan (CBC) honcho Cummings denies any phone call but we know his game.

  • Don sure is making their eyes water!! What a gas it was to watch him excoriate the jackal press.

  • The commercial media is owned and censored by a very small cabal of 1% ers. They are also thoroughly infiltrated by the global Intel complex. The only free press we have now is the web, though it is also somewhat censored. We need a journalists’ bill of rights to free the information through big media and media outlets should lose their licenses for deliberately publishing misinformation. Somebody tell trump to get to work on that.