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Hello loyal listeners, readers, and supporters!

It’s been over a month since my last updates post, and I’d say we’re overdue for one. Back on March 2, I wrote a brief post thanking everyone who has subscribed to and supported The Realist Report. When I originally announced the subscription feature of this website, I made a goal of obtaining at least 100 subscribers by March 1, and we surpassed that goal. Now, I’ve come up with a new goal and have some general updates about the subscription feature and other matters.

New Goal

As of this posting, there are a total of 129 subscribers to this website. By the end of 2016, my goal is to have to have at least 300 total subscribers – and I think we can accomplish that easily. That amounts to 171 new subscribers in the next 8 1/2 months or so.

I highly recommend listeners, readers, and supporters of this website to take advantage of the Lifetime Membership option, which is a one time $100 payment. To sign up for a Lifetime Membership, click here.

We also offer other subscription options, including a one year subscription ($60), a 6 month subscription ($40), a 3 month subscription ($25), and a one month subscription ($10). All of these subscription options are subject to an automatic renewal. Again, all of these details are on the Subscribe Now! page. You can either sign up and make a secure payment online, or you can send a payment to my PO Box and I will manually set up your account. Be sure to include an email address (and username, if you prefer) when sending in any payment.

Subscribing to The Realist Report not only grants you access to Exclusive Members Only Content on the website, it also helps support the important work we are doing here. Consider subscribing today!

Bitcoin Subscriptions

I have had numerous requests to allow Bitcoin payments for subscriptions to The Realist Report. I have no problem setting up a subscription for those wishing to pay via Bitcoin. In fact, I just set up a subscription for someone today who paid via Bitcoin. It’s probably best to contact me directly, and we can work out the details via email.

In the right-hand sidebar of this website, you will see a Bitcoin Donation button. You can send donations or payments that way. My Bitcoin address is:


Or you can just click here to access my Bitcoin page on Coinbase. Again, if you have any questions or want to work out the details, just contact me directly.

Twitter is censoring The Realist Report

Twitter, the social media giant that works closely with the ADL and other anti-White groups (see here), has been censoring tweets linking directly to The Realist Report. I’ve had many people inform me of this situation recently, but it’s been going on for months now – I am well aware of it. I just now did a test on Twitter and was able to successfully post links to this site specifically using the TheRealistReport.com URL:

Screenshot (161)

I think the direct URL for this site is being censored, or at least it was. If you posted anything with a direct link to this site (as opposed to a shortened URL), or anything with the words “The Realist Report,” Twitter would automatically say the site is spam and would prevent you from posting. Apparently, that is not happening anymore (or at least at the moment). If you do want to share posts from this site on Twitter, I’d recommend using the social media share buttons above or below the posts here. That way, they definitely won’t be censored.


I’m going to be doing a lot more with YouTube in the future. I recently downloaded Screencast-O-Matic, which is totally free, and have made a couple YouTube videos with it already. I like the program. It’s super simple and easy to use. It’s also a good way of communicating information. So be on the lookout for more YouTube videos. Go over to my YouTube channel now and subscribe if you aren’t already.

Those of you who have been following my YouTube channel (and this website) know I’ve been doing some video interviews in addition to the podcast program. I hope to do more video interviews in the near future. I also plan on covering some events here in California in the coming weeks. All footage and interviews I conduct will be available on my YouTube channel. Tomorrow evening, Lyin’ Ted Cruz will be in San Diego to address the Republican Party of San Diego County. I’ll be there! Should have some good footage and interviews in the coming days.

The Daily Traditionalist with Matt Heimbach

This past Friday, I made my debut appearance as a co-host on The Daily Traditionalist with my good friend Matt Heimbach. The Daily Traditionalist broadcasts live on Radio Aryan Monday through Friday at 12 pm Eastern, 9 am Pacific. Matt is truly a legend, and I am thrilled to be collaborating and working with him much more closely now. Tune in on Fridays (or throughout the week) if you can!

Thanks for all the support

To wrap this up, I’d just like to once again thank all the subscribers and donors to The Realist Report – you’re support is what makes this all possible. I never imagined I’d be in the position I am 6 years ago. I simply started a blog using my real name because I was outraged at the lies being told to the American people, especially about 9/11 and the fraudulent “Global War on Terror.”

Since then, I’ve covered many other important issues on this website and on my podcast program, issues that I consider to be essential to our struggle. It’s certainly not easy talking about these controversial subjects in such a public way, and as many of you know, there are very real consequences for doing this work.

“He who would live must fight,” Adolf Hitler, the most righteous leader in modern Western history, correctly stated in his masterpiece Mein Kampf. “He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.” Now is our time to fight!

What is going on in America and the wider Western world is simply unacceptable. It is time to stand up and make a difference, and that is what I intend to do. This is a lifelong struggle that we are engaged in. We will fight and we will win, rest assured of that!

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