U.S. Defense Secretary calls U.S.-Israel defense cooperation “a two-way street”

United States Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has laughably described American and Israeli “defense cooperation” a mutually beneficial arrangement, noting the countries’ cooperation is “a two-way street.” Carter’s comments come at a time when the Jewish state is demanding American tax-payers fork over even more money to Israel.

To this writer’s knowledge, Israel does not provide the United States with billions of dollars every year for military hardware and other defense equipment. It should be obvious to any clear thinking American that our official political, diplomatic, and military relationship with Israel is most certainly “a one-way street,” with the Israelis receiving all of benefits, money, and support.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Defense cooperation between the United States and Israel is a two-way street, with both contributing to the security of the other, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in an interview published on Wednesday.

His comments to the Atlantic were in praise of Israel’s technological advances in warfare, specifically in cyberspace and in countering improvised weapons technologies from non-state actors.

“It’s a two-way relationship,” Carter said. “There’s no question that it’s not symmetric, but it is two-way— we really do get things from the Israelis in technology.”

“I hesitate to make invidious comparisons, but if you’re making comparisons to, say, the European legacy arms [industry], the guys who have made the tanks and planes and ships in Europe, they’ve been very slow to come out of the industrial age,” he continued. “The Israelis you will find to be more clever and more innovative.” […]

US congressional sources said on Wednesday that Israel has made an initial request for its annual US defense aid to increase to as much as $5 billion when its current aid package, worth an average $3 billion a year, expires in 2017.

Israel wants $5 billion per year in military aid for 10 years, for a total of $50 billion, the congressional aides said. It has been signaling that it wants more money to counter threats it says will arise as a result of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel’s government has staunchly opposed. […]

One US official said the Obama administration was unlikely to fully meet the Israeli request, and predicted the sides would settle for an annual sum of between $4 billion and $5 billion.

Israel has also secured hundreds of millions of dollars in additional US funding for missile defense in recent years. […]

Who does Carter think he is fooling? The U.S.-Israel relationship is entirely asymmetrical, with Israel and the Jews getting whatever they demand. In fact, it’s downright parasitic, with the Jewish state and organized international Jewish community parasitizing off of its primary host in the Western world, the United States of America.

It’s becoming more and more obvious with each passing day: #WithJewsWeLose, and we always will. It’s time to dump Israel and put American interests first.


  • I sure wonder how much money he is going to have in his bank account after the light is turned off. Israel is looking for another $4,500,000,000 and apparently an aircraft carrier. I am at a lose as to why Israel would need an aircraft carrier for defense. I think the USA has enough without Israel having one so I wonder how this guy feels it is a two way situation. Israel is also paying for their new F35 air craft out of aid we give them. Israel is also allowed to seel any USA military equipment provided that Israel does not want. Our congressmen and senators continue to provide stuff that Israel really never ask for but they never get questioned when Israel sells the stuff as surplus.
    I do not see this as a two way situation.

  • The World, and the American people, are tired of Israel’s Crap.. Who do these Jews think they are to demand anything!

  • Who is paying him to say such crap?

  • Whom does he think he’s fooling” Why, he’s fooling the most predominantly ignorant, self delusional, barbaric loons ever to waste room/breath/resources in history, that’s who. They damn well know it too.


    Seriously folks, this sewer badly needs to be dissolved via secession. Once done, nations’ people victimized by Israel/AIPAC/Central Banks will rapidly “correct” current problems. It’s this rabid bunch in D.C./City of London working under orders of their “owners” who have shoved the Central Banks down the world’s throat as well as infected those nations’ governing bodies with members of “the synagogue” and help-mates of the Neo-Judas Class. The amazing things we could do for mankind if not hobbled by those swine.

  • Wow…hey…at least we’re able to”settle” with Israel. That’s nice. That gives me some relief. We still have the option to “settle.” Things would really be tough if we couldn’t “settle.” We might not be able to “settle” with Israel if they weren’t so important to our survival. It’s very generous of Israel to “settle” with us, assuming they will.

    I’ve heard Max French, who has or had a podcast, say he believes (blood-sucking) Israel has placed suitcase nukes in major American cities, fwiw. I’m always open to the idea that there’s something American laypersons aren’t privy to. This across the board subservience needs serious explaining.

  • It would be entirely in character for the shysters to have suitcase nukes pre-positioned in the US.

    Their established history of false flag attacks as well as their cowardly Samson option are proof of that.

    But they’ve got “our” politicians in their pockets already, through bribes (“donations”) & blackmail (spying).

    Let others know, at the pace they can handle it. Above all, let’s make sure we’ve got our facts straight & we can back them up. The truth eventually prevails. Never give up!

  • I’d rather be nuked a thousand times over than continue to live as a slave to this vile scum. Not to mention the Palestinians, Iraqis, real Ukranians, Libyans, Russians, Syrians, the Lebanese, the poor, the stupid…… all victims of the Jews, for many centuries now.

    But I gotta say, I think maybe once, just once, the truth may have slipped from the mouth of the CIA creation known as Ass Carter (PhD my ASS…. this guy’s a street thug from Detroit, in a CIA COSTUME……)

    Israel gives “American” JEWS much to be thankful for…. Things like an international banking racket, a Stalinist police state, drug trade, degenerate media, every organized crime cartel you can imagine….. and even a sanctuary to run to when the scum gets caught, the very purpose of Israel from day one.

    The Israeli / American relationship is VERY, VERY symbiotic. A two-way street for sure……. At least for Jews.

    Ass Carter told the truth, at least for the only people that matter. HIS so-called “people”… the Chosen Ones, the zionists…… the JEWS to put it succinctly.