Trump Wins!

Trump Wins

  • Last night, the mainstream media was left scratching their heads, wondering how they could have missed the upset of Hillary Clinton by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. What they failed to realize was the anger across America among the silent majority, who are fed up with seeing jobs leave the country while Washington squanders taxpayers’ money on war.

The raucous and fast-paced 2016 presidential election is finally over and the results are in: Donald Trump, the renegade billionaire turned populist GOP nominee, won the 2016 election, locking up several key swing states including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Trump also secured a victory in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia, states that were viewed as crucial to this year’s presidential election. Overall, Trump dominated. With 270 electoral college votes required to attain the presidency, Trump won 279 compared to Clinton’s 228.

Trump’s unorthodox campaign paid off tremendously, as his social media presence, huge rallies and public events, and online supporters paved the way for his victory.

To his credit, Trump was shunned by the GOP and “conservative” establishment, particularly the neocon faction that has dominated the party for decades. Several establishment conservative political pundits and politicians even went so far as to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in protest of Trump.

Trump’s campaign skillfully outmaneuvered the entire political establishment, including members of his own party.

This election can accurately be described as a referendum on the future of America as a sovereign nation-state and, indeed, the future of Western civilization itself. Finally, after repeated setbacks and losses, the nationalists won.

Nearly every public policy proposal championed by Trump is opposed to the forces of globalism and the New World Order. Trump gained immediate attention with his harsh—yet entirely accurate—critiques of American immigration policy and its systematic failure to enforce federal immigration laws.

Trump has also been a major critic of NAFTA and so-called “free trade” deals championed and promoted by the forces of globalism, including their bought-and-paid-for politicians.

His stance on the Second Amendment, free speech, and support for law enforcement and the rule of law generally gave him a tremendous advantage among law enforcement professionals, active duty military members, and veterans.

His America-first foreign and economic policies resonated deeply with the American people, and it showed during the election.

Despite its best efforts, the hostile mainstream mass media could not derail Trump’s campaign. Throughout the election season, Trump was the recipient of an unending barrage of hostile media coverage, fabricated scandals, and dishonest reporting and analysis on a daily basis. If this election proved anything, it’s that the mass media is totally out of touch with mainstream America. It is entirely corrupt and works to serve and advance the interests of the corrupt political and economic establishment while deceiving, manipulating, and programming the American public.

Assuming Trump sticks to his campaign promises, his victory is a major step in the right direction for nationalists and populists who care about the future of America, its sovereignty as a nation-state, the rule of law, and the economic prospects and well-being of the American worker and taxpayer.

Ensuring Trump stays true to his word and follows through on the many important public policy positions he has outlined and championed will largely depend on his supporters and honest media outlets to hold him accountable.

NB: This article was originally published by American Free Press on November, 9, 2016. Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!


  • I was also pleasantly surprised by the “results” of Tuesday’s fake election. :)

    Here’s the (Art Of The) DEAL I think happened:

    Notice a couple comments there from my same maxgail handle, breaking down further details of what I believe happened, in particular around 10/29 when it appears the kosher satanists officially changed horses re who they were going to install as POTUS.

  • This is what Trump stands for, Israel:

    His 16 point plan for Israel.

    You have spent a few years writing and talking against Israel and Jews John and now have voted for and support a President who champions Israel – unbelievable. I have to say John, with all respect, i’m glad i never paid a subscription.

  • So glad Trump won. This was a contest between 2- one would be better for us than the other. I’m tired of some of the WN’s who are anti-Trump- as if he would be worse or the same as having wicked witch Clinton. Sure, Trump has a bunch of Jews around him. But he ran on a platform- law and order, controlling the border, ending bad trade deals, stepping back from Cold War 2.0, ending corrosive PC culture- his stated agenda is more pro white than the alternative. If he strays too far from his stated goals, he risks losing in 2020, he has incentive to try be true to the plan…..Hillary was going to be hell on earth, she was openly anti white and anti male… ( see her twitter)….

    Trump might not eventually tolerate our rational critique of Jews, etc., but Clinton was going to shut us down so fast our heads would spin. MAGA.

  • It seems almost certain that the jewish zionist financial olygarchy and their allies in MSMedia, hollywood, Dems, and anti Trump GOP will collude to sabotage the Trump presidency from the very start and thus deny Trump any chances for reelection. Unless Trump builds a counterbalancing NATIONAL(ist) movement which will include middle class working blacks, whites,hispanic especially 8n the blue states (the key word is black).etc. along with institutio alize ALTright media is the only possible chance to govern. When GBush I took us into Irak no one protested, then BClinton signed Nafta, banking derigulation, and recue the mex peso with the tequila crisis, NO one protested, then Bush II gave us the War in Irak, Afghanistan , double the national debt, and 911 with the help of Israel, NO o e protested, then Fake, fraud Obama straight from Acorn, Lindsky school was selected presi. And gave the jewish bankers $15 trillion bail out NO one protested. Now Trump is ELECTED and promise to fix the country especially for the hard working deplorables, rejects, NOW the Zio forces fund dark violent protests in mainly jew dem control cities,even is a tes before his inauguration…this is a test to cow Trump and his supporters.

  • Taylor, Spencer and Milo have already killed WN for 8 years at least.


    Trump Wins!

    For White Nationalists that’s an irrelevance, because Trump has so far always been clearly hostile to our core positions. Trump never even pretended to be: pro-White, anti-waycist, antisemitic, anti-immigration.

    But they say: “On balance, he’ll slow down our genocide, tho!”


    Like I say, Taylor, Spencer and Milo have already killed WN for 8 years at least.

    • I did warn you, JF, about Spencer years ago and the altright as an anti-White movement generally.

  • I was glued to the television all night watching the election, from start to finish. I was very happy to see the criminal, psychopathic, Wall Street whore lose. It’s always a matter of the lesser of the two evils – always.

    I could not bring myself to vote for Trump after reading this link, posted in the comments column of a Brother Nathanael video release.

    Not only that, Rudy Giuliani was part of the 9-11 attacks, and Newt Gingrich is owned by and under the thumb of the jews as much as anyone. And is his kosher son-in-law going to be awarded so high administrative position in his cabinet?

    David Duke and Mark Glynn were also super hyped-up over Trump.

  • Most of those on this site comment in a way that leads me to believe that they actually think that votes for president are counted. There isn’t any chance in Hell that the Powers That Be would ever allow there to be any chance at all for their centuries of rule to be interrupted by someone who opposed them. I feel those of you who believe the system works when it comes to the (s)election process are far to limited in their scope of research. It couldn’t be more clear that the puppets put in the White House area always selected by those at the top of the pyramid. Trump is 100 percent a willful puppet for the slave masters!

    What most don’t seem to understand is that simply talking about things that could help turn things around in a positive way for us doesn’t equate to actual change. In fact, in the case of Trump, all of the positive positions he’s expressed are now directly correlated to a less-than honorable man who is hated by millions upon millions. I believe that if one understands the Human mind and especially our powerful subconscious then you can see that good ideas can be not only overlooked, but deemed as evil when tied to something the mind perceives as evil. That’s part of the reason we see so many dumbed down morons pull the racist card for discussions that aren’t even about race; their minds are connecting different ideas that are now all lumped together in their feeble minds under the “Trump” file.

    Trump and the Clintons have been long time friends and I see no reason to believe that has changed. They mock us and laugh at us, but at least I know I’m not being played for a fool like so many, including John and most who comment on his site.

    Trump and the Clintons have all been buddy buddy with Epstein and taken part in his pedophile flights and orgy/occult island. Trump said he would date his daughters if they weren’t his, spoke about his infant daughter’s future breast size, told jew scum friend of his Howard Stern about just how attracted he was to Paris Hilton when he first saw her at the age of 12. Trump is a freemasonic, satanic jew puppet who is not on our side and it’s depressing to see so many fall for the same damn lies every time. It’s no diffident this time just because he’s saying stuff that you want to hear!

    A commenter hear wrote they were glad that they never subscribed to this site since John is a hypocrite when it comes to his alleged anti-Israel stance. I and others have been commenting here for a long time about how two-faced it is to make such claims and then be in full support of one of the jews biggest fans. It’s sickening.

    I have insurmountable facts on my side when I state that Trump is as much a puppet for the jews as anyone and those who disagree can only reply with emanational garbage with no basis in reality. The Trump fans are the new Hope & Change fools! Same thing, but too blind to see they are the ones under the spell now.

    There is still a chance something can happen between now and inauguration that could keep the shill out of the White House. Either way, we all will lose and the Jewish/Masonic/Satanic New World Order will continue full speed ahead as usual. It is a spiritual battle and until you understand that and get on the right path you’ll be lost.

    • Trump never had to enter the race- the ‘system’ could have chugged along as before and the GOP nominee would have been Jeb Bush and he would have lost huge in the general to Hillary. Clinton was suppose to take it and further cement the soft communist banksterism, pro whites would have been shot down almost immediately.

      Trump the billionaire takes orders from whom, exactly? If you were very rich you would know the Clinton’s too. Trump entered the race and got his name dragged through the mud by Clinton and the media, and he dished it out as well. This was a ‘no boundaries’ race.. The animosity was not fake, to think so is just paranoia.

      Trump has never been to Orgy island, he has spoken out against the Clinton’s trips there and their ties to Epstein. Trump banned Epstein from Mar a Lago for the rumor that Epstein was flirting with the young girls too much…

      Trump often makes outlandish statements, he thinks bad publicity is better than none, so his sex talk is to be taken with a block of salt, and they are taken out of context anyway.
      That weird rape case against him was instigated by Norm Lebow, a producer for the Jerry Springer show. The case was voluntarily withdrawn by the plaintiff about two weeks before the election.

      Trump won, in part, because of his tough stance on illegal immigration and his opposition to the outsourcing of jobs via NAFTA type trade deals. This is contrary to the wishes of the system- and again, he never had to run, it could have been Jeb , Cruz, or Rubio, and they would have gone easy on the trade stuff…

      The presidency is a thankless job, Trump did not need the aggravation, the risks… if he was just faking it and still secretly friendly with Clinton,I doubt he would have hectored her into an uncomfortable stunned silence at the Al Smith roast after the 3rd debate, among other things…( watch it, it is amazing)…

      The opposition to Trump is not an act, his controversial ‘twitter storms’ was not acting , the last week of the race he campaigned in just one day in seven states, maybe a record, and he is 70 years old too…that is not ‘faking it’…….The campaign ended his friendship with the Clinton’s.
      Trump may be a kosher conservative or lean toward just a civic nationalism, he may be friends with Jews, but this is infinitely better than the Clinton madness. What he has done, either consciously or not, is open up a space for white nationalists to expand into.

      Can you name for us the Jew commanders of Trump, those who tell him what to do , what to say or think ? People confuse influence and association with control.

      I support Trump, for now. If , about 3-4 months into his presidency, he has sold out, then I will withdraw this support.