Trump To Visit Israel?

Since I began blogging and talking about Donald Trump last summer, I’ve received many comments, emails, and other feedback from all sorts of people explaining to me that Trump is a shill, he is too close to the organized Jewish community, he’s not to be trusted, etc. I’ve published many of these comments here on this website, and I don’t mind being criticized. In fact, I encourage honest feedback and criticism.

From the very beginning, I’ve been arguing that Donald Trump’s candidacy is allowing people with our ideas to gain more influence and traction. And that is obviously happening. The Alt Right, which encompasses many of the leading voices in the White Nationalist community, has been very enthusiastic about Trump, his positions on key issues such as immigration and “free trade”, and his denunciation of political correctness, and has received tremendous media attention. The Alt Right is now having a huge influence in the political discussion, especially on the Internet, and that is a very, very positive development.

I’ve explained numerous times why I’m supporting Trump, even though I can’t say I totally trust the man. His ties to the organized Jewish community are certainly worrisome, and his ostensible devotion to Israel – epitomized by his truly cringeworthy speech at the AIPAC policy conference earlier this year – is downright disgusting. But, as I’ve repeatedly emphasized, immigration is the only issue that matters in this election, and Trump is rock solid. He says he wants to build a wall (and I believe him). He wants to place a moratorium on Muslim immigration. He wants to end birth right citizenship. His stance on immigration alone is enough for me to support him, despite all my other concerns.

An even more important development in this election season is the way in which Trump has fundamentally altered the political discourse in America. He has changed everything, hopefully forever. He openly stated that political correctness is destroying America and has thoroughly exposed the mainstream mass media (and political establishment generally) for the corrupt, dishonest, anti-American partisans they truly are. Again, this is a very, very positive development. Indeed, it is a revolutionary development, in my opinion.

That having been said, for the past couple weeks the Jewish press has been alluding to the possibility of Trump making a trip to Israel. As many of you know, the plutocratic Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson has announced his endorsement of Trump and has pledged millions of dollars to his campaign. Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition are apparently “laying the groundwork” for Trump to visit Israel this summer, The Times of Israel reported yesterday.

Of course, this has me concerned. If Trump is truly an America-First populist, he has no business going to a foreign nation and bowing himself before its leaders.

Today, The Jewish Daily Forward published an article implying (but not confirming) that Trump will in fact visit Israel this summer.

Screenshot (181)

Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition reportedly are planning to bring Donald Trump to Israel.

The Guardian over the weekend quoted what it said were sources close to the casino magnate as saying that the RJC – one of Adelson’s major beneficiaries – was planning the trip at Adelson’s behest, although nothing has been finalized.

The RJC declined to comment and Trump’s campaign did not return a request for comment. […]

Many Republican Jews are wary of Trump because of his equivocations on whether he would be neutral in Israeli-Palestinian peace-making and on whether he would continue defense assistance to Israel. Also troubling to moderate Republicans are Trump’s broadsides against Muslims, Hispanics and women.

Trump canceled a planned trip to Israel in December after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the candidate for pledging to stop allowing Muslims entry into the United States. […]

What does all this mean? If Trump does end up visiting Israel, would it really change anything he’s already done and said?

It’s obvious there is somewhat of a civil war brewing in the organized Jewish community, even among Republican Jews, over how to deal with and respond to Trump’s candidacy and the likelihood he will be the next president of the United States. I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of Jews would find a Donald Trump presidency abhorrent, largely because of his stance on immigration (“It’s like another Holocaust! Trump is literally Hitler!”).

Even many Republican Jews don’t support Trump, although Adelson’s endorsement may change that. Neocons like Bill Kristol and others are currently trying to organize a third party candidate to run against both Trump and Clinton. Jews like Adelson and others who are supporting Trump are trying their hardest to weasel their way into his circle in order to influence his campaign (and future administration). This is what Jews always do, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially those reading this site.

As much as I’d hate to see Trump visit Israel and pledge his unswerving loyalty to the Jewish state (yet again), I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the trip. And frankly, it wouldn’t change my support for him either. Given the reality of Jewish supremacy in America, it’s expected that Trump – like every other candidate aspiring to high political office – will grovel before the organized Jewish community, make pledges to support Israel, and even visit the country and meet with Israeli leaders.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter if Trump visits Israel or is being supported by Jews like Adelson. He has already thrown a major wrench in the political and media establishment, exposing just how corrupt and deceitful the mainstream really is. He’s fundamentally altered the political discourse in America and has pushed the Overton Window further to the right than anyone else has in modern history. That is why his candidacy is so noteworthy and truly revolutionary.

Trump is not perfect and he is certainly no “savior” figure. However, he is definitely a step in the right direction and is opening up space for formerly marginalized ideas to enter the political discourse. His pandering to Israel is revolting, no doubt, but it’s to be expected. What matters is that our ideas continue to gain mainstream acceptance and that we make sure Trump follows through on his major policy proposals, particularly as they relate to immigration.

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  • 100% agree with you. Congress is the key.

    • Yeah, and all of the idiot voters just voted in a majority of incumbents, which means nothing is going to change. Has anyone here read Cicero before?

      “For out of such an ungoverned populace one is usually chosen as a leader, someone bold and unscrupulous who curries favor with the people by giving them other men’s property. To such a man the protection of public office is given, and continually renewed. He emerges as a tyrant over the very people who raised him to power.” – Cicero, Roman senator.

      Notice the phrase “CONTINUALLY RENEWED”. Stupid Americans bitch about how everything is going to hell in a hand-basket while re-electing the criminals who have done all the damage. Here’s another quote from Cicero:

      “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, Public Debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.” – Cicero, 55 B.C.

      Amazing huh? The Roman Empire was brought down from within, not from without. Weakness pervaded Rome. The citizenry become complacent and the politicians rich, all while Rome was sinking. We give our money to foreigners, illegal aliens and have allowed over 100 million legal aliens to destroy our culture (1965 Immigration Act).

      Americans who need help are thrown scraps while our leaders wave in millions of invaders, giving them everything but the kitchen sink.

      • Seriously if not the criminals allowed to be on the ballot who are Americans going to be allowed to vote for? Politics has become a closed shop for politically correct criminals only. If an honest man gets elected it is an accident of history corrected by a gunshot or two. If the Donald is an honest man he better have the best body guards and plan in place to put the crooks and subversives that run the country put out of business for good or they will put him out of business for good.

  • At this point, it really doesn’t matter if Trump visits Israel or is being supported by Jews like Adelson.

    Spoken like a true, unadulterated sycophant.

    • Haha I knew you’d say something like that. You just refuse to understand my main points for supporting Trump.

      • when did the “Children of Israel” in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 &
        Rev. 7….
        turn into the modern day “GOG & MAGOG” proselytes to Talmudic Judaism

        furthermore, how does repeating “JEWISH” lies about the TALMUDIC TERRORIST
        so-called “Jewish” state calling itself Israel actually change the Truth ?

        in Hosea 1:11 where are the Talmudic Terrorist = BOLSHEVIK/ZIONIST
        Gog & Magog so-called “Jews”…?

        why does that really matter, anyway ?

        in Zephaniah 3:9 a “Pure Language” is referenced,
        why would TRUTH
        really matter to a “Society” that raises sick children to “JEW” worship
        and sacrifice blood and treasure for a “SICK SOCIETY” where people call
        a “JEWISH/SATANIC” Global Crime Syndicate “OUR GOVERNMENT” ?

        how are Nations formed ….specifically 1st world nations…?

        surely any rational individual with a small amount of common sense
        would eventually realize the error in processing false information
        in a decision making process….just sayin’…

        Truth is both you guys have some really good talents and use them fairly well
        how about in GOOD FAITH try to understand that the truth about the
        Children of Israel in the Old Testament is not about “Jews” or being “Jewish”
        but is instead about the 1st World Nations currently held hostage by the MONEY CHANGERS and Pharisees that have a TRUTH HATING = BAD FAITH
        religion called TALMUDIC JUDAISM and a “Jewish” state called Israel where
        no real Israelites live…!

        Jesus declares emphatically @ Matthew 13:39-43 that His “MESSENGERS”
        will be rounding up the TARES and putting them into the eternal ovens of Truth…..for purposes of demonstration…like in Obadiah where
        all the “JEWS” and “JEW” worshippers will be reduced to ashes…!

        eventually petty squabbles about a “JEWISH” stage play will fade into
        oblivion and Fathers will start to realize the efficacy of using
        TRUE INFORMATION for the benefit of the children and their children’s children…..

        carry on

      • John,

        What I cannot understand is your one hand suggesting we need to stop the jewish influence, then the other ignoring the MANY jews that obviously control Trump.

        Do you not see the dichotomy? How this would bother me?

        The you say, immigration is the only issue that matters in this election, yet it is jewish influence that controls that. But it is obviously NOT the only issue that matters. That is crazy talk.

        The most important issue in this election and for this country is to stop jewish control. Electing Trump does nothing to stop it. Contrarily, it bolsters it.

        • I frankly do not see any evidence that Trump is “obviously controlled by Jews.” Yes, he has Jews working for him at high levels, which I am not at all happy about. Yes, his children are married to Jews, which I am not at all happy about. Yes, he says he loves Israel, which I am not at all happy about. But, to say that Trump is controlled by Jews is just plain wrong. Trump is the one in charge of his campaign and candidacy, not Jews.

          And yes, immigration is the most important issue in this campaign. Trump’s stance on immigration is almost 100% contrary to the organized Jewish community’s agenda regarding immigration, is it not? Virtually everything he has said about immigration, “free trade”, political correctness, and many other issues is contrary to the efforts of organized Jewry. How is that not a good thing? Getting Trump in the White House is a major step in the right direction, in my opinion.

          • Trump has surrounded himself with jews as advisors, John. Are you not aware of this?

            The problem is that you BELIEVE what he says. This happens with smart people every election cycle. You invest yourself in a person’s words, when all around them, the criminal jews are controlling him (if you don’t believe the son-in-law and others controlling the teleprompter isn’t control of Trump, you have lost your mind).

            The big Jews are now giving him money, as I always contended would happen after the R Party Kabuki. I said that he would start selecting jews as his advisors… he has and will get more. I said he would continue military misadventures (in a past life you were anti-illegal and immoral wars) and now he wants Bolton… a known neocon hawk equal to Kristol. Trump would have nothing without the jew. They made him what he is via media they own and banks that saved his ass several times. They also provide islands and nice places to see young girls. His past is tainted with jewish mafia creatures, yet you would have us believe he must have controlled them, instead of the other way around.

            The things that make you uncomfortable are far worse than you suggest, yet you have the audacity to claim you are against such control and power of jews.

            When I say jew control is the most important issue, then you counter that the SINGLE issue is the most important, I see that has hollow and impotent. Why would you say such a thing? It is simply one of the looniest things I have ever seen you write (and you write it over and over, in bold).

            It is one very small aspect, yes, important, but that one issue (which he NEVER says he will send back the ones already here).

            You are falling for rhetoric that is coming from within a tainted party, from a jew-controlled, tainted candidate.

            I see it as blind allegiance to an obvious hack for the jew.

            I’m hoping its just ignorance.

          • Since we’re obviously not going to agree on this, I think it’s best we just drop this discussion. I’ve made my points, you’ve made yours. I’m done going around in circles about this man.

  • I don’t think Donald Trump will visit Israel. He’s doing just fine in his campaign without Israel so why would he risk alienating voters maybe of whom are young and support BDS. Besides, given the contempt Trump has for Mitt Romney he would not allow himself into the same yulmaku wearing charade that Romney wallowed in. Also remember that Trump has vowed a full reinvestigation into 9/11 which would not bode well for Israel and I think Trump knows that. Trump above all else is a master salesman. At AIPAC he had them all eating out of his hand and not the other way around. And I think he knows who was really doing the celebrating on 9/11. When, during a debate, he shouted in Jeb Bush’s face ‘There were no WMD and your brother KNEW there were no WMD’ he served notice! He has vowed a noninterventionist foreign policy, to be neutral in the Middle East, and to cut the defense budget in half! At this point Israel needs Donald Trump a lot more than Donald Trump needs Israel and the Donald knows that as well.

    • Trump has just had buckets of money dumped in his lap; if they want him in Israel, he will go. Trump’s answer to 9/11 is – Saudi Arabia did it. He knows that’s not true but he would NEVER reveal that Israel was the mastermind behind that catastrophe. Never. That’s the holy grail, and no one is touching it. People will accept that and shuffle along mumbling the “Saudi’s did it.” And what do WMDs have to do with anything? Trump can vow and promise anything during his election campaign. But will he keep those promises? We won’t know, until we know. I think you are seriously underestimating Israel’s power. They control the entire Western world.

      • Just because some Adelson apparatchiks claim Adelson will bestow 100million on Trumps campaign that does not make it so. It amazes me how easily people take rumor for fact. Especially when the sources for both the money and the trip are all ‘officials’ or ‘insiders’ or any number of hachet types.

      • I think you’re right Susan. We won’t know until we know. Until then I see Trump as a pressure relief valve for the white citizenry of America. The establishment is throwing us a bone, hoping we’ll be placated. But interesting things are happening and one can never tell. One thing I can say is that something huge is about to happen on planet earth. Everyone can feel it. Let’s just hope it isn’t the third world war.

      • You are correct. One cannot defeat the entrenched power bases and grid control of kike perfidy!

  • The rumor mill continues to grind out the Trump overture by Adelson. Trump has not said a thing. Sources close to Adelson could only be jews so they sure don’t count for lack of credibility. The Israel destination was a third campaign plus for Trump that the jews now want him to renege on. This attempt to jewify Trump is as transparent a scheme as has ever been concocted by the jews. If Trump were to accept 100 million, put Israel first and go kiss the wall he would totally destroy his popularity and his support would evaporate. No one mentions that in the media. Actually no one has mentioned it anywhere.,26547.msg248728.html#msg248728

    I posted that a couple of days ago. I know you like Trump. I do too, not that I vote. I like the way he’s brought a number of important issues into the fore. But if he gets sucked into Adelman’s web he’ll be toast. He’s riding on what the people feel, not his own bandwagon. Much like Ron Paul – who I now despise for turning a grass roots movement into a ‘Ron Paul’ movement and then folding like a cheap suit.

  • While I agree with you, John, that Trump has emboldened us to speak more freely, his increasing affability towards Israel is deeply disturbing. First comes the offer of $100 million and neatly following that, an invitation to Israel . . . an invitation he apparently can’t refuse. It’s odd enough that he would visit Israel before his presidency, but he is going even before the RNC. Why the urgency? I’m pretty sure he’s not planning any trips to the UK, France, Germany, China, India or Russia pre-election.

    Sheldon Adelson remarked that Trump would be a tremendous asset when it comes to the safety and security of Israel. According to the Forward, Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition reportedly are planning to bring Donald Trump to Israel. What? Are they going to personally escort Trump to the enemy. Again why the urgency? I saw your tweet John, and that was a damn good question.

    So I’ll proceed with caution as I have been fooled by these scumbag politicians my entire life. Assuming that the two biggest issues for Israel are immigration and the continuing wars, I can’t see where or how they could possibly reconcile their differences, if Trump stands firm. I can’t see how a Trump presidency could coexist with Israel. Israel does not want that wall and Americans want a wall almost more than anything else. There is no compromise; no building half a wall. If Trump fails in his promises, he will strike a fatal blow to America’s psyche. This is our last chance.

    In more encouraging news, Austrian far-right party wins first round of presidential election.

    • Austria – Green Party narrowly defeats the far-right after absentee ballots counted. Yeah, right. Not buying this, and would go so far as to bet on election fraud. We will be seeing more and more of this, I believe, as European voters shift to the right.

    • if this were a sci-fi movie, it all makes sense, he goes there to be replaced by a pod person that continues the script ….

      I applauded for a week when he told a room full of them, “I don’t need your money!” His playing the monopoly game with them doesn’t bother me much but was really hoping he would stay free of their political influence. Send all their congressman home too, replace them with Americans.

      • professional wrestling and sci-fi movies…..

        all “we” need is a good promoter…

        is there a shortage of lunatics in this asylum….?

        “And Trump announces his enmity in the choice of his companions.
        The Murdoch media conglomerate has been ordered to acquiesce;
        it’s no surprise that it has. But Trump’s other fellow-travellers
        include Roger Stone, the Republican political operative and dirty-tricks maven, while his venues have included the broadcasts of Alex Jones,
        a ranting conspiracy theorist who manages to overlook the ARCHONS/MORLOCKS & “JEWS”
        aka the “MONEYCHANGERS” in a Globalist plot wherein
        “an alien force not of this world is attacking humanity”—
        not to mention Jones’s marketing of the theory that Michelle Obama is a transvestite who murdered Joan Rivers.
        These are not harmless oddballs Trump is flirting with.
        This is not the lunatic fringe. These are the lunatics.

        word cartoons are almost as good as the pictures…

        • ~ hope you know the comment about pod people was intended to be in gest.

          I don’t need to imagine anything more sinister than what it looks like at face value, presidential hopefuls go there to bow before these creatures and hopefully get some help being elected.

    • In April of 2015 Trump lobbied to Sheldon Adelson on twitter to leave those other republican clowns and support him, Trump said that he’s is the best for Israel. So even then Trump wanted big donor money. Link

  • Trump has always been surrounded by Jews. Who do you think financed his Financial comeback? All you have to do is take a look at the front row when Trump speaks. Jews everywhere.

    Unfortunately with Trump as president nothing significant changes as long as the Jews are pulling the strings. I’m sure Trump owes many favors to the Jews who bailed him many years ago.

    • Well, Trump could pull a J.F.K. on them and go rogue, unfortunately that comes with a huge price. Remember what happened to Kennedy? Since then, every single time a President has tried to go off the reservation that president was quickly punished (by way of attempted assassinations). They did it to Ford, Carter, and Reagan. I just don’t see any light ahead of us. This is our most important election ever and who do we have to choose from, two establishment hacks (Trump & Clinton).

      As people have already stated, Trump has been surrounded by Jews his entire life. He inherited his father’s Jewish friends and then made some new Jewish friends. In reality, in politics and big business, you can’t survive without the help of the Jews. It just goes to show how weak we truly are. No politician is going to save America or Europe. The people have to do the heavy lifting.

  • I’m glad he didn’t rush over on his own to get their blessing and I would be thrilled to have a president who didn’t have it at all. This is the USA. Who the hell are they to have so much influence over our political system? Sorry, dumb question.

    The game players and folks making money on our lives would do well to help him. Imagine the bucks $$$$ rolling in once America is great again. We built a flippin bridge of steel across an ocean to go kill people for the bankers! Everybody wins if he did what he said and ‘is real’ – The military industrial complex could get paid to rebuild our infrastructure, even Mexico would win getting all them skilled workers back, toss in all TSA staff as a bonus.

    • I will confess that I have not devoted any of my time devouring the details surrounding this email server scandal, so I am the last individual to answer any questions about it – but, I did see something about this subject that it is apparently connected in some way to the disgraced jewish ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner. Not sure what the details of that alleged connection are, but as soon as I saw it – a thought flashed through my mind.

      Donald Trump finally decides to fly over to Israel, where I’m sure he put on the stupid little beanie and then engaged in the obligatory tongue licking photo-op on that booger infested wailing wall. He also gave a speech where he was sucking up to Israel and promising them all sorts of free stuff, over and above the $38 billion dollar ass raping of the American taxpayers that these blood sucking vampires just recently finagled out of the treasonous rats in our Congress and White House.

      And, now – all of sudden – there appears a brand new dump of incriminating emails and somehow, some way, (((Anthony Weiner))) is coincidentally connected to it?

      Are these two events related to one another, by any chance? And, what did Trump promise the blood suckers in Jerusalem to get them to drop this gift in his lap less than 2 weeks from the election?

      Also, I think this phony polling crap about the race being so tight has been total B.S.. I think Trump has a huge and insurmountable lead – but, in order to maneuver him and his team into thinking the race is very tight, the (((mainstream media))) has been blowing smoke up his butt so (((they))) can snooker him into thinking he had to fly over to Israel and genuflect at the feet of the jewish supremacists – just like every other U.S. Presidential candidate has had to do since the Mossad euthanized JFK in Dallas back in 1963.

      I think we are watching a grand chess match taking place with this 2016 Presidential election. It disappoints me greatly to see Trump allowing himself to be manipulated like this by the jewish lobby. Flying to Israel to kiss their hiney’s and get their blessing – when its the American people who he should be appealing to.

  • John, re your “…repeatedly emphasized, immigration is the only issue that matters in this election, and Trump is rock solid…” language/mantra; I’m afraid this (“…rock solid”) unduly exagerates the reality. We simply have no transparent historical track record to examine re Trump’s political campaign talk, vs his subsequent in-office walk. His (duplicitious) campaign talk amounts to a wildcard at best; and until recently, the dinjooz evidently agreed, which accounted for their cross-kosher-spectrum effort to vilify & destroy him.

    But of late we’ve seen the dinjooz’media easing back their DT attack campaign; big dinjooz like adelson coming on board, with DT needlessly accepting adelson’s shekels; and DT’s imminent WALK… to israHell.

    What happened to DT’s pitch about being so filthy rich that he’ll self-fund his campaign, therefore he won’t nag/guilt his economically struggling base with RPaul-esque money bomb campaigns, and won’t be (zi)owned & beholden to anyone– single handedly remedying the biggest sickness in (presidential) politics?? DT’s now betraying this happy TALK with an observable WALK, by:

    1. needlessly accepting adelson’s demon-shekels, and
    2. (imminently?) pilgrimaging to dinjoo-occupied Palestine to pay homage to satan’s chosen demonites.

    John, I see you trying to pre-innoculate yourself from the foreseeable shit coming your way after the images of DT at the wailing/copulation wall with a big bra-cup on his golden comb-over emerge. But “patriot/WN/anti-JWO” support for wildcard-DT is becoming increasingly untenable, as his WALK comes into better focus… and the ongoing “rationalizations” necessary of said supporters (who dig in their heels), will only grow sadder. :(

    I recommend you take the same political activism energy & redirect it towards reforming our sham blackbox “elections”, with “vote counting” done by a collection of dinjooz’media entities behind closed doors, for good measure. Expending that energy honking your horn for this or that happy-talking (dog whistling?) candidate only helps to enshrine the myth that our elections have any integrity whatsoever. They don’t.

    • Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what he actually does re: immigration and everything else he’s proposed and talked about. I’m at least willing to give him a chance.

      And I’ve covered the voter fraud issue extensively, at least on the podcast. See my interviews with Jim Condit, Jr. I’m sure you’re aware of them.

  • I have just posted a link to a website documenting Trump’s extensive, almost exclusive, business relations with the Jews. Most, if not all, of his companies are headed up by Jews.

    This is pretty damning information.

    Take a good look at Who Owns Trump?

    • Right, I understand this, but again my main points are 1) Trump is saying all the right things when it comes to immigration (and “free trade”, political correctness, media/political corruption) and 2) Trump has totally altered the political discourse in this country and pushed it in our direction.

      We have a huge opportunity to reach millions of new people with this election, thanks largely to Trump.

      • I was mistaken about Trump going to Israel. I hit a website that was based in Israel which was very poorly written and it left me with the impression that Trump had personally attended a pro-Trump rally in Jerusalem, but actually – he had sent them a video where he was electronically fellating Israel and promising them all kinds of free stuff, paid for by the US taxpayers, if they blessed him on November 8th. This video was shown at a pro-Trump rally in Jerusalem.

        Thus, Trump remains an open book and despite the endless baloney being put out by Andrew Anglin over on the Daily Stormer – this fellow bears extremely close and critical scrutiny. He has more jews attached to him than a stray dog has fleas.

  • Matthew/Boston

    Mr. Kristol, for a third party candidate, may I suggest Merlin Miller?

  • I’d almost forgotten that Trump met with Henry Kissinger last week. There’s no report on the purpose of the meeting, except maybe for Trump to shore up his foreign policy credentials. In December, Kissinger did say that he opposed Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants. He also told CNN he would be more comfortable with another nominee. But that was then. Supposedly meeting with Kissinger has become a rite of passage for GOP presidential nominees.

    That said, Trump even in the same room with Kissinger makes me nervous. Kissinger is “Israel First” and a major architect of global governance. Keep a watch out for Trump’s whereabouts next month. Will he take a trip to Dresden . . . to attend the annual Bilderberg confab? Would that come before or after his Israel visit? Just pondering.

  • The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports today:

    Donald Trump: No plans for trip abroad ‘at the moment’

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said a trip abroad would not be prudent “at the moment” because it would not sway voters.

    Trump’s comments, made Sunday to The Wall Street Journal, came amid reports that the Republican Jewish Coalition is planning an Israel trip for the billionaire real estate mogul. Earlier this month, Trump said he would visit Israel “soon.”

    But speaking to the Journal, Trump said he wants to concentrate his energy on issues in the United States as of now, though a future trip could still be possible.

    “I don’t think it registers with the voters to be honest with you,” he told the Journal. “What I really want to do is focus on our country and the election, but I might. I’ve been invited by numerous countries to go.” […]

    Good move Trump!

    • That’s so funny. I was just going to post this piece of news and see you already have. This is really good news. He says he wants to focus on “our county” and the election. Very smart decision.

    • I think Trump senses danger and being fully aware of how viciously the jews hate and fear him, he probably suspects that Adelson and his ilk are trying to lure him into going to Israel, where the MOSSAD will have an abundance of assassination opportunities.

      MOSSAD, of course, would pull this off with a lot of layers of insulation between Israel and the actual deed, and since jews always like to pull off false flag attacks that satisfy multiple items on their evil agenda – MOSSAD will probably plant evidence or provide dead patsies who will point the finger of blame at Iran. This could be the excuse they need to trick the USA and the American public into supporting a war against Iran.

      Incidentally, I want to commend John for admitting that he doesn’t fully trust Trump. Your website seems to be the only pro-White website that offers a honest and open minded discussion of Trump and who is willing to discuss both the pros and the cons with regards to his candidacy. Anglin over on the Daily Stormer has spent the last year, banging the drum for Trump and going to absolutely ridiculous lengths to promote him as the next coming of Adolf Hitler. This is not only irresponsible, but completely dishonest and probably even devious. Anglin totally ignores the negative criticisms of Trump when he is caught ‘cucking’ to the jews – and acts as if these warning signs are of zero significance. This makes me question the sincerity of Anglin and the credibility of his website.

  • Who controls Donald Trump?

    Here are some comments from the above article:


    “Long Nosed says:
    March 28, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Vanessa Trump is a confirmed Jewess. Ashkenazi Jew father and Danish mother. Vanessa’s droopy eyes and big bottom lip are common traits among Jews.

    TheZOG says:
    March 28, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks for that important piece of information. The circle is now complete. I figured that Vanessa Haydon was at least half Jewish based on her appearance, so I looked for evidence online of either of her parents being Jewish but couldn’t find anything. I looked at several pictures of her mother and obviously her mother isn’t the Jewish parent. So it makes perfect sense that her father would turn out to be Jewish (I couldn’t find any images of him online, so that’s why I never mentioned it). Vanessa Haydon possesses that ambiguous physical appearance that half-Jews always seem to have (Ben Rhodes and David Rhodes are two other examples).

    So in conclusion, all four of Donald Trump’s adult children are married to or dating Jews:

    Donald Trump Jr. (Vanessa Haydon)
    Eric Trump (Lara Yunaska)
    Ivanka Trump (Jared Kushner)
    Tiffany Trump (Ross Mechanic)

    This new discovery makes me more confident than ever that Donald Trump is Jewish on his father’s side. The phenomenon we’re witnessing here is a group of partial Jews, i.e. Donald Trump’s children, intermarrying with a group of full Jews (and half Jews), thereby reconnecting their fragmentary Jewish lineage with the Jewish genome and subsuming their partially Jewish offspring into the larger Jewish tribe.”


    I agree with the above article and its comments. Trump is literally surrounded by Jews, and no true Gentile would permit ALL FOUR of his children to marry Jews. It’s almost a certainty that Trump has Jewish ancestry himself, through his father, Fred Drumpf.

    • More comments from the above-mentioned article:


      TheZOG says:
      March 28, 2016 at 12:40 am


      Donald Trump says he is no Apprentice when it comes to Israel

      Yossi Baumol wrote, 9 months ago

      When Donald was just a kid collecting the quarters from the laundry rooms in Brooklyn’s Trump Village, his father Fred made the founding contribution to my late father-in-law’s congregation on Avenue Z. He is a Tzaddik, son of a Tzaddik.

      Donald Trump is more than my Boss, he is a Patriarch

      “Mr. Trump’s history and support for the Jewish community goes back to his early childhood and mirrored that of his father Fred. The Trump family had so many Jewish friends that people believed that they were part Jewish themselves.”

      For Donald Trump, Lessons From a Brother’s Suffering

      When [Freddy Trump] enrolled at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the boy with blond hair who had attended an Episcopalian boys’ preparatory school on Long Island joined a Jewish fraternity. “It may have been Freddy’s first attempt to make his own statement to his father,” said his best friend at Lehigh, Bruce Turry, who, like several other former fraternity brothers, remembered Freddy claiming that his father, the son of German immigrants, was Jewish. “Freddy was a classic illustration of someone who had a father complex.” The Jewish fraternity brothers kidded Freddy about his middle name, Christ. He found the ribbing, like much else in life, hysterical.

      Natroy says:
      March 28, 2016 at 11:01 am

      Thank you for sharing!
      The anecdote about his brother may be the most telling to me.
      (As for the sleazy grandfather, I had read that just days ago on Wikipedia searching for information on his potential Jewishness; it’s too funny you include that as significant, as I must confess my mind wandered the same way as yours on that. :))

      TheZOG says:
      March 28, 2016 at 11:07 am

      You’re welcome. Yes, I agree that the story about Donald Trump’s brother Freddy is the best piece of evidence. People who claim that Donald Trump has no Jewish ancestry will have a hard time explaining that one. Why did Freddy Trump join a Jewish fraternity in college and tell his Jewish fraternity brothers that his father Fred C. Trump was Jewish?


      Why, indeed? Donald Trump’s brother Freddy obviously didn’t join a Jewish fraternity in college just to “tweak” or “rebel” against his father, since his father was already extremely pro-Jewish, had many Jewish friends, and had donated money to synagogues, etc. Freddy Trump joined a Jewish fraternity to please his father, whom he knew was secretly Jewish.

      As I’ve said before, I have no high hopes for Trump, and I still believe that Trump’s secret Jewish ancestry is the reason why the ADL-funded, controlled opposition website Daily Stormer, is so over-the-top pro-Trump, to the point of being ridiculous (“Glorious Leader,” etc.). They know that Trump would be the best president ever for Israel, and Trump’s fawning pro-Israel AIPAC speech proved that.

  • I just ran across this; I saw your Topham q&a article John:
    but would be nice to have him on your show– human voice(s) are more enjoyable than written words! :)

    Dreaming of Donald By Arthur Topham

  • 1 hr, listening my 2nd time now coz it’s VG as EMJones always is… see his YT channel:

    E. Michael Jones with Peter Helland – Donald Trump vs. The DinJooz Oligarchs
    Published on May 26, 2016
    Dr. E. Michael Jones discusses Donald Trump, the upcoming presidential election, and the fact that the oligarchs do not have the best interests of the American people at heart with talk show host Peter Helland.

    YT & MP3 options inside:

    YT & MP3 options inside: