Trump targeted by hostile anti-American propagandists

Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, has been under attack by the hostile, anti-American mass media since he officially entered the reality television show commonly known as the 2016 presidential election.

At first, the mainstream media pundits and political analysts lectured the American public about how Trump is such an unserious, unprofessional baffoon who shouldn’t even be considered as a candidate. Trump’s polling numbers, widespread media attention, and overwhelming support from millions of alienated, disgruntled Americans, not to mention his brilliant performance in the GOP presidential debate and extremely effective campaign strategy, have forced the elite anti-White mass media to pursue a variety of cowardly, pathetic strategies to discredit, marginalize, and eventually sabotage Trump’s thus far very successful presidential campaign.

Now, for example, in a weak attempt to discredit Trump, the SPLC is claiming the White nationalist movement is rallying behind the GOP front-runner, particularly since Trump released his Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again plan. The SPLC’s ridiculous and entirely anti-American “Hatewatch” website published this article a couple days ago:

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With his campaign showing no signs on slowing down, Donald Trump continued his war on immigrants by introducing a six-page immigration plan that reads like the playbook of the organized anti-immigrant movement in America. Trump’s plan — calling for mass deportations, a border fence and gutting the 14th amendment — also strengthened his support among white nationalists.

Trump’s toxic anti-immigrant rhetoric is not without consequence. History tells us that specifically targeting a minority communities and whipping up a climate of fear and bigotry can have very real negative results. […]

But for many in the white nationalist world, Trump’s immigration plan has signified that he is the real deal, and his plan a central rallying point for the radical right, as white nationalist Brad Griffin pointed out on his website Occidental Dissent last week:

I think a comparable moment just happened in American politics with marginalized and disaffected voters. All those people, long laughed at and excluded from the “mainstream,” who were cast out beyond the wall of “respectability,” are now in the tank for Donald Trump. The signal has gone out to join the Trump campaign and to openly organize in the mainstream under the banner of the Republican frontrunner to take down the hated cuckservative establishment. […]

The SPLC piece goes on to mention Jared Taylor, David Duke, Olaf Childress, and Don Black, all well-known figures in the White nationalist community, as supportive of Trump’s campaign, or at least supportive of many of his positions. So what?

The strategy of the virulently anti-White hate organization is obvious: tie Trump to the White nationalist community, which is heavily demonized, slandered, and distorted by the Jewish controlled mass media, in order to discredit and marginalize him in the eyes of the masses. I question the efficacy of this strategy, but it’s a typical tactic of the extremely well-funded anti-White Social Justice Warrior network of organizations epitomized by the SPLC – all they do is attempt, usually successfully, to enforce political correctness, a tyrannical dogma Donald Trump is openly denouncing to the masses.

Echoing these weak sentiments, The Jewish Daily Forward published an article earlier today decrying Trump for “scapegoating” immigrants and openly challenging the cultural Marxist (read: Jewish) narrative of American immigration policy which encourages and facilitates massive Third World immigration into the United States, so-called “birthright citizenship”, and other anti-racist policies designed to create a deracinated, multiracial, hedonistic, and entirely vacuous population easily ruled over by Jewish tyrants and criminals:

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Recently a friend explained why she planned to register to vote for the first time in order to place her ballot for Donald Trump: “He’s good for the Jews.”

No, he isn’t. […]

Trump’s round-them-up-and-deport-them mindset, along with his aspersions cast on Mexican immigrants, is disturbingly similar to the slurs historically hurled at Jews and other newcomers. Jews were labeled con artists and thieves; Mexicans are, according to Trump, “rapists” and violent criminals. More than most, Jews should be sensitive to blanket denunciations of entire ethnic minorities by those auditioning to rule the world’s lone superpower. […]

But a hard line on immigration, especially along the lines of Trump’s racist rhetoric, isn’t good for the Jews, or for America for that matter. And the reason isn’t solely that a Trump victory would mean restrictive immigration policies — including his promised Great Wall of Mexico. It’s that a Trump victory shows the political advantage of singling out an ethnic group for mass guilt-by-association when a wealthy nation suddenly starts to run out of money — or jobs.

Historically, Jews should be, more than any other group, sensitive to attempts by candidates to pin every negative phenomenon in a nation on one particular ethnic minority. The problem of illegal immigration is an issue that can and should be addressed by both parties in the lead-up to the election, but Trump’s rhetoric is setting the foundation for a political world that would be made exponentially worse, not better, with a Trump victory. […]

It’s clear that Trump has tapped into this frustration. And much of that frustration is understandable, if at times misplaced. But Trump’s opportunistic demagoguery should be resisted. While Jews may be lured in by Trump’s no-nonsense attack on illegal immigration, we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the ethnocentrism would stop at the new Mexican Wall. More than any other ethnic group, we understand that placing blame for the state of a nation’s economy does nothing but instill and institutionalize rancor and hatred into a culture.

The author is essentially saying that a Trump victory would pave the way for an American version of the Third Reich – a strong, proud, and healthy sense of racial consciousness amongst Whites, recognition of non-White parasitism and subversion of White nations, and an eventual seclusion and ultimate expulsion of non-White infiltrators: the Jews’ worst nightmare.

Trump was also interviewed by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann of Bloomberg, which Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting highlighted the other day:

As I noted in the comments of Kyle’s article:

Trump handled this hostile media situation – two Jews (I believe) who entirely distorted what Duke and others in the “organized White nationalist community” have said about Trump – brilliantly, as always. It’s a typical Trump performance. Nothing he said deviated from the strategy he has pursued from the beginning.

Do you think Trump wants to sit around and talk about this superficial, Jew-media driven bullshit? He absolutely does not, and no one else does either. The mass media and all its puppets are there to enforce political correctness (Jewish thought control). Trump always contests, usually successfully, control over the discourse when he is speaking publicly, as demonstrated throughout the entirety of the interview linked above. He always directs the conversation and dialogue back to his main points, and tries his best to ignore and brush off the Jew-media driven drama/political correct BS.

Trump wants to talk about how he will Make America Great Again – building a border wall, deporting illegal aliens, ending “birthright citizenship”, competently negotiating trade deals, bringing some dignity and respectability back to America, etc. What’s not to love about this guy?

I don’t know of anyone saying that Trump is pro-White or a White nationalist or anything like that – he is clearly NOT (at least not publicly). He is *NOT* the “White saviour”. Let’s be serious about who and what Trump is. The guy has all sorts of Jew connections. But then again, what successful businessman doesn’t have Jew connections in America, let alone New York City?

The guy is running a brilliant presidential campaign, sticking to important populist talking points that NO ONE is ever exposed to (in a major way) – how are we not recognizing this fact?

That being said, I entirely agree with your conclusion that we – the serious people involved in the pro-White racialist movement – ultimately need to make the change we want to see happen. Despite all the disagreements all of us may have regarding religion and many other topics, I think we can all agree that:

1) White people have a right to exist – we have unique political, cultural, and economic interests, and we need to organize collectively to advance them;
2) There is an on-going and historic genocidal attack against the White race led by the organized Jewish community, and most White people don’t even realize it;
3) The genocidal Jewish assault on Western civilization is cultural, spiritual, political, and economic in nature, encompassing all aspects of collective social experiences; therefore, all Jews (including half-Jews) must be permanently and forever deported and excluded from exclusively White countries.

In my opinion, it is entirely counterproductive for anyone who agrees with the three statements listed above to attack Donald Trump, especially when interacting with Tea Party-type “American patriots” and other individuals who would otherwise be supportive of Trump’s basic message, whether that interaction is online or in real life. Trump is bringing up so many issues that people need to hear about. He is unabashedly and publicly criticizing the corrupt nature of American electoral politics and mass media, denouncing Jew thought control, and expressing very “politically incorrect” opinions, including deporting illegal aliens and ending birthright citizenship. And people are paying attention and agreeing with him!

Bottom line: over the course of the next year, we have the potential to influence millions – maybe billions – of people’s political and philosophical worldview, thanks to the Jew-media driven reality television program known as the 2016 Presidential Election. Let’s do just that by endorsing Trump’s populist positions, and doing our best to move those positions further and further to the racialist Right position. People are listening, thanks largely to Trump and his performance in the electoral campaign. Let’s take advantage of what Trump is doing, rather than denounce him as an alleged shill or controlled opposition.

The Jews and anti-White political and media establishment are desperately trying to discredit and marginalize Trump. Trump and a good percentage of White (and non-White) Americans are having none of it.

Things are definitely getting interesting, more interesting than I’ve ever seen them. The Jews are losing control of the narrative and political discourse, thanks in large measure to Donald Trump. Let’s keep hammering away, and eventually we will entirely destroy the credibility of not only the Jewish controlled mass media, but also the mainstream political establishment, which consists of outright anti-American, anti-White leftists and Marxists (Democrats) and cowardly, traitorous #cuckservatives (Republicans). What Trump is doing is huge, and I for one will be doing my best to push him and his followers in a pro-White, anti-Jewish direction.


  • Sorry John, Trump is not what he seems. The electoral process is manipulated and controlled as everything else is…one needs only
    to follow the money…these are all carefully scripted theatrics. The Zio-Kontrol Goal for America maintains that we all keep coloring inside the dotted lines that they have so cleverly defined.

    • I agree that the electoral process is manipulated and controlled – there’s no doubt about that. But what proof is there that what Donald Trump is doing is “carefully scripted theatrics”? Are you claiming that Trump’s media appearances and interviews is all scripted and planned ahead of time?

      • Indeed-all candidates are selected and elections are rigged by voting machines, satelites, and the wonderful ‘hanging chad’ method…again follow the Mishpucka Money Magick. And Trump has received so
        much attention in the mainstream Zio-Press. Controlled opposition is most evident in the electoral process today…and increasingly in the Alternative Press with implementation of Intelligence Assets.

  • Trump has more Jews in his closet than any other candidate. His daughters are married to Jews. He has a big Jew homo running his campaign. You don’t get anywhere in New York real estate without Jews being involved. He sucks up to Jew war lusts and loves Bibi.
    Trump is just another Jew scam. ALL candidates for president are rectal vacuum cleaners for Jew Kosher crap. As such all are traitors. Anyone who votes for ANY of the presidential candidates is UNFIT to live in this country.

  • TRUMP IS THE ONLY person in the race besides Sanders who is saying ANYTHING even close to a TRUE STATEMENT.

    IF the anti-USA scum manages to kill him then B.Sanders will win, unless Hillary kills him to.

    TRUMP obviously SCARES the crap out of the sold out thugs running our country not only for the OBVIOUS reasons BUT, also HE MAY START TELLING THE TRUTH about thing that MUST stay secret like murders of Kennedy’s ect ect ect

  • It remains to be seen if Trump can be bought. That is The Key to whether or not he is legit. If, as he says, he is as wealthy as stated, then perhaps he is not for sale. That makes him very very dangerous to many many people. And just for the record, “Jewish” is not a Race, but a belief system. In contrast, “Caucasian” IS a Race, not a belief system.

  • John, I moved to N. San Diego & was hoping to connect w/ you as I don’t know a soul down here. Have been awake since 2004& been keeping up with the insanity ever since.

    BTW, IMHO,Trump is an actor & not sincere. I agree that it’s good that he’s being a populist & speaking of issues that are important to us all, not to mention his alpha male, non-PC attitude which I think is the biggest draw. Still he’s way too establishment.
    Every yr they toss us a bone as in the case of Ron Paul in 08 & 12. If you remember, most of us were stumped & disappointed as to why Ron Paul pulled out considering his popularity nationwide & high poll #’s. He got millions from the public.
    IMO the election is now nothing but a dog and pony show to give us the illusion that we have a choice. Elections are not transparent & are manipulated with paperless hacked voting.
    I pray I’m mistaken but yrs of dissecting the lies we’re told over & over tells me i’m not wrng.

  • If Trump is upsetting the Jewish controlled news media that’s a very good thing. But I won’t take him, or any other politician, serious he publically acknowledges the fact that 9/11 was an inside job.

  • (Note: comment from another blog – if you don’t like what Trump is doing this is not for you)

    I love Donald’s position on the Jews. What’s the old saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Donald is a zionist, he just lurves Israel, his daughter married a Jew and no doubt he’d punch any anti semite full in the face and being outraged while doing it.

    And he’ll continue to trumpet his love of Jews as he dismantles their most cherished policy of open borders. And no doubt he’ll be pointing out how border walls do work, while saying look at the success of the one Israel built.

    And he’ll still love Jews just sooo much in his second term as he moves to abolish the Fed, that total underpinning of Jewish rule in the US. But by then they’ll probably have killed him for loving them so much.

    Any White Nationalist who can’t understand how important Donald’s zionist stance is for his protection is not thinking.

    • I think this Trump loving Jews out of American business is right on. You have to outsmart these foxes. However, in order to root them out this country he will have to go to a more authoritarian form of government. Think of Lincoln or FDR but for the right reasons. Trump will need a lot of protection and perhaps several doppelgangers running around to keep him in the game. The down side to all this is that they will try to use other countries to take down the US. But on the upside it is beginning to look like the World has had enough of these people and they are starting to open their eyes so anything is possible. If Trump is in with them then it will business as usual and we’ll soon be flooded by Muslim immigrants that will make the Mexican illegals a blessing by comparison.

  • The SPLC is a HATE GROUP. They only attack …. Stalk …. White christians.

  • As I was warming-up on the stationary bike down the gym two nights ago, I am surrounded by a crazy number of large TV screens. CNN to the left of me, CNN to the right (here I am stuck in the middle with you). There’s Donald Trump. The caption below reads: Trump says Iran deal is bad. There you have it. I heard a few days earlier that 139 (?) countries in the U.N. approve of the Iran deal and only one country does not – Israel. Trump does not.

    Trump is headquartered in New York City. There are more Jews in N.Y.C. that anywhere else. Trump is smothered in Jews. I has a small epiphany watching CNN. I think the Jews are behind Trump and they, the Jews, are covering all their bases, and with a new strategy.

    Trump wants to close the borders, and as your average Joe American, I agree! Trump throws political correctness out the window. As your average Joe American, I like that. I’m sick of political correctness! Trump says he’ll return the manufacturing jobs to America. I agree!

    Wow I like Donald Trump! He tells it like it is. He said the Iran deal was bad. Let’s see. He’s been telling us the truth on everything else so far, the Iran deal must be bad! Trump’s a straight shooter!

    9-11 was the straw that broke the camels back. Politicians had contempt for us before 9-11, but now they know Americans will swallow anything! They are laughing at us behind our backs. Take however much power you think the demon tribe has in America as an awake individual, and double or triple it.

    Repeat after me, America…

    Politicians have no respect for us and take us for utter gullible fools since 9-11.
    Politicians have no respect for us and take us for utter gullible fools since 9-11.
    Politicians have no respect for us and take us for utter gullible fools since 9-11.
    Politicians have no respect for us and take us for utter gullible fools since 9-11.

    Repeat as needed until it thoroughly sinks in.

    • In my opinion the Iran deal is meant to fail…During the Jeb Bush presidency.

      You have to have an excuse to go to war…Is it not easy to see a scripted Jeb looking at those teleprompters? Telling us all about how Iran has not lived up to the deal and we need to…

      Trumps foreign policy on the surface seems to be very hawkish…But he has mentioned in speeches that we have to get out of the Middle East eventually. You ever heard anybody even hint at that?

      My reading is that Trump wants to get a ‘good deal’ with Iran so that they can guarantee no wars.

      His focus is on building up the middle class. As it should be.

      We know the ‘neo-cons’ have other plans don’t we?

  • PS: If you are going to vote in 2016, consider writing in David Duke or Merlin Miller.

  • Trump (possibly a crypto jew) is more than likely a shill for the Klintons. Most folks voicing their content with Trump & how he’s pulling no punches, saying it like it is, apparently haven’t realized that Trump is a long time comrade “friends” of the Clinton’s. He’s the phony savior brought in to drain support from any opposition. Trump will draw votes, money, and volunteers away from Bush, etc. just like Ross Perot did in the 90’s. Trump’s rah, rah, rah USA rhetoric (along with the bi-weekly false flag being broadcast on the Talmudvision) is also serving as a diversion to keep the uninformed average voter focused away from the real issues, issues we should all be demanding answers to. Without going back as far as their (White Water) times leading up to & spent at the WH, how about asking questions of more recent issues. Bill being implicated, listed as a customer on the pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s list of customers, Operation Gun Walker/Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the Hillary email scandal? Trumps role appears to be to lure the disenchanted older white right wing voters (split/splinter) over with his Mr. America quasi Christian routine. Make no mistake, Trump is ultra pro-Israel. How could he, allegedly as a Presbyterian/Protestant, have survived/thrived as a real estate investor in NYC for all these years? He’ll be beating the drums alongside Bibi to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. He’s suggested he’ll be making an announcement with “his friend” Ted Cruz. Trump is also promoting the kosher nostra media lie, suggesting the US is “giving” 150 billion to Iran. This is the un-freezing of Iran’s frozen assets. My guess is the Trump will eventually concede & throw all of his support behind “his friend” Hillary….

    • Those are my suspicions, too. Aside from his pro-Israel stance, Trump is saying all the right things, just like Ross Perot did in his 1992 presidential campaign. As a third-party candidate, Perot got all of the real American patriots behind him by rejecting NAFTA, etc., then suddenly dropped out of the race, claiming that his family was threatened by Republican party operatives. Perot’s siphoning of Republican votes (he got 18.9% of the vote – the most of any third-party candidate) insured that Bill Clinton would win, which he did. Was Perot telling the truth about being threatened, or was it all part of a secret agreement to deliver the White House to Clinton? Not that a second GW Bush term would have been any better.

      I suspect that Trump is going to “do a Perot” for his friend Hillary Clinton, by dropping out of the race at some late stage, whether he runs as the Republican nominee or a third-party candidate. The Clintons probably made an agreement with Trump, remembering how successful the Ross Perot scam was for them.