Trump Supporters Explain Why They Support The Donald

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I had to purchase a Make America Great Again hat.

On Monday, December 14, a good friend and I drove to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend a Donald Trump rally at the Westgate Hotel and Resort. It was an amazing experience!

There were at least 1,000 people in attendance, and the atmosphere was incredible. Everyone there was extremely enthusiastic and optimistic. Donald Trump has truly touched the hearts of millions of Americans across this nation. His public policy positions are rock solid, particularly when it comes to immigration, which is, in my opinion, the only issue that really matters in this upcoming election.

I wrote a report describing the rally and Trump’s powerful speech for American Free Press. The report will be published in this week’s edition of the newspaper. If you are not already subscribing to America’s last real newspaper, I’d highly recommend you do so today!

Below are two video interviews I conducted with Trump supporters at the rally.

Here I interview a local Vegas man who explains why he is supporting Donald Trump for president.

Here I interview a professional carpenter from New York who has worked for Donald Trump in the past.

I also snapped this photo with a Trump supporter. Excuse the vulgarity folks, but I had to post this one! :)

Trump JF Vegas 2

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  • Is the Glorious Donald, too good to be true?
    “Ron Paul on Donald Trump: The Establishment Candidate” (VIDEO)
    Ron Paul’s revolution failed! No doubt about it. Rand is unappealing to most.
    Newt Gingrich, whose failed 2012 campaign was mostly bankrolled
    by Donald Trump, said this yesterday on Fixed News:
    Gingrich explains why Trump is a ‘big asset’ for the GOP
    Gingrich’s commentary is spot on, comparing the Trump phenomenon to Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt i.e. “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

  • There’s currently a wide range of reactions from jewish political activists
    to the candidacy of Donald Trump. On one side, we have grassroots
    jewish activists in the Democrat party who claim they “wouldn’t vote
    for Trump, if someone held a gun to their head.” Their words, not mine.
    On the other side, we have a billionaire jewish/Zionist fanatic named Michael
    Weiner, aka “Michael Savage” of the “The Savage Nation” who claims he
    would welcome a Trump presidency. Yes, Weiner is a jewish billionaire-
    his son and wife lead the “Rock Star Energy Drink” brand. Yes, Michael
    Weiner Savage is a life-long Intelligence asset, who was pals with certain
    historical figures as Timothy Leary and Alan Ginsberg, just to name two.
    What is a White Nationalist to make of such a wide range of jewish reactions?
    The answer appears to be that a Trump presidency would be up for grabs.
    That is, up for grabs to the activists, the lobbyists and the special

  • Trump stops his speech for jew-wise heckler calling out 9/11 false flag mossad operation.
    After persistent heckling from truth-teller in crowd, Trump stops his speech.
    At 20min,16sec, heckler shouts, “jews were arrested on 9/11; not muslims.”
    The heckler is exposing that rather than the “muslims” celebrating on 9/11, actually they were the “dancing israelis”, mossad agents masquerading as muslims, that were arrested in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on 2001.09.11.
    Trump responds to heckler, “He’s alright … He’s actually a Trump guy … He’s on our side … He’s on our side.”