Trump Must Challenge Secret Computer Counts in NH & SC

This is a must watch video from Jim Condit, Jr. who has been exposing vote fraud for years now.


  • Thx for posting this John. I haven’t “voted” since ’04, and then I early-“voted” which used a paper ballot. Otherwise, I find these blatantly rigged “voting” blackboxes a complete insult. And it rubs when I see truthers, patriots, etc spending half their time, and heaven forbid half their hard earned donation shekels, getting all excited about the reform candidate or ballot measure du jour. The only “election”-related activity worth a stich of any patriot’s time, money or shoe leather, is activism towards reforming the fake “elections” themselves.

    A few links, hopefully these get past your spam filter (edit- nope, rejected. I’ll try adding spaces breaking up these urls; just copy/paste to your browser & remove the blank spaces):
    Condit’s YT link for the video above:
    youtube .com/watch?v=TObruTAzimg
    in the description there, find Condit’s site:
    openlettertodonaldtrump. com
    and the child-page there he reco’s:
    openlettertodonaldtrump. com/exposing-the-votescam-syndicate
    Gary Forbes’ twitter, check his current tweets re vote fraud:
    twitter .com/gqforbes

    • My sentiments exactly. So glad to see this site. I have deep reservations about the Iowa caucus “party” which seemed little more than just that. Did I miss the cupcake and lemonade stand? For several reasons this “Democracy in action” as the CNBC commentator mentioned more than once seemed little more than a neighborhood/end of week/cook-out/get together. Yikes.

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  • It’s true, any election that is not won by a substantial majority of votes (landslide) is prone to black box voting fraud. When you die, remember to Diebold. No doubt that if Trump does make it past that pile of slimy sleaze Cruz and Rubio, the Satanic Witch will be placed in office for 8 more years of communist evil.

    Great database set up by Lawrence above, thank you.

  • bpeters@grcity says:
    Too h-ll with the chosen crookedhook (nosed) bankster shylocks who use us goyim as their unlimited piggy banks and rig elections for their telaviv haters. Off with them, everyone!

  • Oblama owns these rigged computers and that’s how Ted won Iowa
    Oblama has said He won’t let TRUMP win…..that means he will rig the election process.

  • Thanks so much Jim. I was wondering from the get go how the Republican paper votes were being tallied in Iowa as well as how many landed on the floor and may still be under the table (besides the one that was retrieved by the counter.) I only watched a short time but was surprised by how casual the Iowa event seemed to be handled on both sides of the fence.

    At a glance on the floor from above, I couldn’t help but notice that the Sanders group was about four times the size of that of the Clinton supporters. That alone, (btw, I’m not supporting either candidate) was surprising when the end vote was practically a tie within a fraction of a percent(?) Obviously, I’m not up on caucuses or primaries as this is the first election that’s even piqued my interest in the last 25 years (thanks to Mr. Trump) but just from a very casual observance the other night, something seemed not right at all about much of anything.

    I question the Republican paper counts but assume there are automatic recounts (at least two) in view of human error (putting an X next to the wrong name in haste or presuming the next name before it’s announced for instance.)

    When you have the time, I would enjoy reading what information you might have on the manual head counts, raised arms, paper counts, etc. and how they differ from the computerized findings. It would seem that these counts alone have much power to sway all those undecided voters who would be most inclined to vote at the last minute for the candidate who made the loudest noise.

  • Chris Bollyn, who I anticipate John will interview soon when CB visits San Diego, has an excellent section of his site with all his fake/blackbox “election” articles:

    Also check out Bev Harris’, and youtube search:
    Bev Harris vot* election
    for numerous interviews with her. Search “Hacking Democracy” for the Emmy Award nominated 2006 HBO documentary featuring Harris, 1h 22mins.

    The most recent Harris interview I’m aware of is: “Another Presidential Election Year Featuring Unverified and/or Unverifiable E-Voting Begins: ‘BradCast’ 1/7/2016” (1 hour):

  • Recall around 21 mins into this Condit spiel, he talks of “Gary Forbes” recent tweets. Well check the latest,

    “URGENT: TFG Learns New Hampshire Primary is RIGGED”

    And at Forbes’ blog:
    “The Five Alarming Obstacles To A Trump Presidency”
    “How to initiate conversations about Donald Trump on social media”