Trump: Israel Should Pay for American Defense

Shortly before he put on a disgusting display of slavish obedience to AIPAC and the organized Jewish community, pledging unswerving support for the Jewish state of Israel as all American politicians are wont to do, Donald Trump told reporters during a press conference in Washington, D.C. that Israel (as well as other U.S. “allies”) should pay for American defense spending. The Times of Israel reports:

Screenshot (143)

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Monday he believes Israel should pay for defense aid it receives from the US, hours before he was slated to give a speech at the pro-Israel AIPAC policy conference.

During a press conference in Washington, Trump was asked whether he believed the Israeli government should pay for American defense, as he had called for other US allies such as South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia to do.

“I think Israel will do that also, yeah, I think Israel do—there are many countries that can pay and they can pay big league,” responded the billionaire businessman.

He spent most of his statement focused on the other countries, saying calling in debts would help “build wealth.” […]

Trump’s statement was an apparent break with a decades-old Washington policy to maintain a special security relationship with Israel, and came as Israel and the US are negotiating a new defense package said to be worth tens of billions of dollars over 10 years. […]

Very interesting comments, especially in light of his cringe worthy speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference the other night. Watch the entire speech below:

I wasn’t surprised by anything Trump said in his speech. I was just disappointed. How can Trump claim he wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and put America first when it comes to trade, immigration, and foreign policy while at the same time pledging unwavering support to a hostile foreign entity and group of people who are largely responsible for the disastrous state of affairs in America today?

As I’ve repeatedly emphasized here and during podcast programs and other radio programs I appear as a guest on, the only issue that matters in this election is immigration. And, at the very least, Donald Trump has made some very powerful statements and public policy proposals relating to immigration that I totally support. For that alone, Trump is worth supporting. However, if we really want our country back, we have got to #DumpIsrael and the organized Jewish community and stop blindly supporting these people.

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  • …….and how would you propose to dump israhell without a Trump assassination?
    (by our ‘best friend’)

  • I watched Trump’s AIPAC speech this morning and it was very disheartening to say the least!
    Trump got standing ovations from the sons and daughters of Satan! I wonder if it was worth it? Maybe it is something he will live to regret?

    • Rothschild’s $500 trillion vs Trump $10 billion…who is giving whom a rim job? Trump looks attractive with shit all over his face. Same shit…different whore.

    • He did what every intelligent person would do to placate them. He said what he knew they wanted to hear – crafty like a fox. Very smart man. Otherwise he would end up like JFK. For him to actually become president he must maneuver the political field, especially the Askenazi Jews of Israel.
      Here is a piece everyone should read to help understand his speech – at least that is how I see it.

  • The Don did what he had to do, John. I had EXACTLY the same feelings of revulsion that you did as I read the text of his speech (I am not as strong a man as you are that I could listen to it, and did not have a puke bucket on hand either).

    All this said, James Kelso of The Trump Phenomenon on RBN who I find to be a very wonderful and astute Trump supporter pointed out that the speech was obligatory and Trump actually played the Jews rather than allowing them to play him. He did what he had to do to “make the deal” to become president. His speech was given to the roomful of Jew Clowns so he told them what they wanted to hear and the Jew Media cannot make big headlines about Trump getting booed at the AIPAC conference. Now Trump can move on to become President Trump.

    I do worry Trump is too pro Israel too, we must remain vigilant on that issue, but on the same day Trump said we need to get rid of NATO which is a Jew controlled terrorist organization.

    Let’s hope Trump as grand chessmaster (not Grand Wizard ha ha) can bring us some good in the world rather than more endless bad stuff, which we would definitely get with Cruz, Hillary et al. all the rest of the scum.

    • Well said! Thanks for the comment. I tend to agree with you, but I still cannot stand seeing Trump – a man I truly respect and admire – bow down and grovel before these Jews. It’s just so sickening…

      • I also agree; however, I still cannot bear seeing Trump .. a man I also respect and admire .. bow down and grovel before these Jews. He has a lot of explaining to do; and the sooner he does this, the better.
        Iran, China, Russia .. they’re not our enemies; our enemies are Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. That evil troika have been funding and supplying Daesh terrorists with weapons and equipment, as well as waging war against minorities within their own borders. The Donald knows this, and this is why he must return to his previous stances when he travels around this nation and speaks to large crowds.

        • Eileen K…. normally, you’re pretty smart, but admiring DT is not possible if you know the man at all. I do. He’s a scumbag. He’s a demagogue. He’s a liar. He’s a thief. He’s a con-man. And finally… yes… he’s a PUPPET of the Jews, too.

    • I thought the same as you, while trump AIPAC speech surprised me the same. I really hope you are right on that chess master play game :)

  • Respect and admire? Respect? Admire? Are you nuts? This guy is a dangerous clown, puppet of the Jews, and narcissistic Nero in waiting. You were duped by this asshole? John, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Me too John, me too. Hey, you should get James Kelso on your show. He’d be a great guest if he is not too busy. Ciao bello!

  • you know, it’s funny; early on in his speech I decided to take a shot of JDaniels every time he said, “[…] BELIEVE ME!!”.

    So noww heerr ti iss naerr thend;;. adn hgh kcjr8 fds;9daa;lklj z azzza jzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzqazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz

  • Let’s pray he is playing their game. Posturing a genuine smile and handshake, to the satanic synagogue, all the while giving them the one finger salute behind his back.

    • Real men, men worth respect, men that could lead, do not do it that way. Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader… we could have ha them… real men. But no… people are too g-d stupid to know the big truth.

  • I agree with John it is disheartening to see The Trump grovel before those stinking excuses for human beings, “the jews” but you have to remember he knows how to deal with these vermin, who have so much power it is almost unstoppable. For one thing, consider the link below: If Trump does not follow the Sun Tsu method of warfare and takes the enemy head on in and in their own territory, it could result in his assassination. Period.

    Trump threat to satanic Zionist conspiracy, similar to JFK

    Note also, and this is amazing, he takes on jew Soros on directly in this ad, and even names the names of the criminal jew companies that are destroying America. See below;

    Trump Calls Out George Soros In New Ad

    Lastly, note that in the wake of the ISIS bombing in Brussels Trump comes out sounding like the only sane candidate on the issue: seal the borders, screen immigrants, (and he should say stop funding terrorists, but he can’t say that yet). Hillary and Bernie want to keep the borders open! Oy vey. Funny enough, that dough-brain (doh!) in Canada, PM Trudeau, wants us to not fear terrorism and show “tolerance”. How moronic is this liberal? Who tolerates a rapist as he is going after your wife and daughter? Answer: a dumb liberal!

  • one thing it does make pretty plain – somehow every politician, at these levels especially, is expected to kowtow to the zionists and their hideous little empire.
    just how the hell did these creepy people ever get so much control over whole usa? i mean, just what exactly do they do for us that makes us so beholden to them? what did i miss? are we a freaking bigotocracy or what? because that’s what it looks like. it’s reverse racism, or something.
    and it is a huge insight into the power the jewish media have over society. can they really ruin the political aspirations of anybody who talks straight about it? because there is no good reason for the usa to keep funding the zionist state. not only is there no strategic reason – it’s working the other way around. our support for israel is making us nothing but enemies all over the world. “our greatest ally in the middle east”? we didn’t have any enemies in the middle east until we recognized the zionist state. now everybody hates us.
    all we can do is hope the donald will make the right deal when the time comes. he’s gone a lot farther in the right direction on the subject than any of the other contenders. give him that much. as he says – we’ll see what happens.

  • Another Amalekite

    His speech made little impression on me, either positive or negative. Lots of wishy-washy generalizations about how he has always been an Israel supporter and so on. I didn’t hear anything important that couldn’t be “haggled” over, once he’s president.
    I agree with a previous comment – he’s playing the jews, they’re not playing him.

  • he only issue that matters in this election is immigration.

    I call Bullshit!

    Its an easy out to make such a statement after investing yourself whole cloth into this man, but hardly accurate.

    As ALWAYS, the MAIN issue is jewish control. Stop jewish control and you stop immigration and every other fucking problem.

    But Trump will not do any such thing, which is why equating him to Hitler or these idiots calling him their Fuhrer (etc) is so asinine. Trump couldn’t shine Hitler’s shoes, much less ACTUALLY identify and stop the real problem… jews. He is their servant. Get that into your head and don’t let go.

    I have been saying it over and over and over… Trump is subservient to Israel. He is a Likudnik 100%.

    The question now becomes, who will be man enough to admit it after their investment?

    And maybe you should also stop suggesting that because I call out Trump for this, that I am on Bernie’s side. It is a sad and unfortunate lie you heap upon me.

  • new DDuke vid, notice it was published 3/21, so it was prepared & I’d guess released before DT’s 3/21 aipac suck-up speech. Can check the YT comments (765 atm) for fallout. 20 mins:

    ^ 32,045 views atm. Maybe John posting it, and everyone reposting it at your ‘net watering holes & tweeting & FB’ing it etc can get a better fire under it?

  • If Trump is to have any chance of being elected he must grovel in this manner. You must see the big picture. I didn’t even watch the speech. Why bother? Would you rather have Hillary?

    • And you have fallen for the gimmick. They provide you shit to select for, but the Trump turd is the least smelly.

      Sorry. I don’t like turds of any sort in the punch bowl.

  • Israel will pull the strings of anyone, including Trump, even if they have to resort to staging another massive false flag to do it.

  • Well, let’s be thankful Trump is truly an idiot. Not just the agent of a foreign power, a spy, but a really STUPID one at that. We were all looking for answers on Trump, who he is, what he stood for, etc. Well, we just got ’em. He’s just another Kosher Mobster with big hair, a big mouth and a tiny, tiny brain.

    Even Agent Obama managed to maintain his cover for a solid six-months into his Presidency……. while Agent Trump didn’t even make it past THE PRIMARIES before making it crystal clear who he works for. At least we didn’t have to wait another year to get the truth.

    SO…… the NEW question, now that the Trump question has been answered…….. How the HELL are we going to save our country from the Jewish Mafia that is 100 percent certain to keep control of the WH into 2017?

    Gentlemen, there’s only one answer. Secession. The Founding Fathers knew it and now we must deal with it.

    Secession is the only way out. Get busy, gentlemen. Organize. Write policy papers, get a secession vote on a ballot. Long list of to-do’s so we better get busy FAST.

    Secession is the only way. Let’s just be thankful we found out early that Trump is NOT going to save the Republic, let alone America.

    • “Write policy papers, get a secession vote on a ballot.”

      Ballot? Me thinks you give our fake blackbox joo-counted “elections” way too much credit.

      Our esteemed RR webmaster John said, “As I’ve repeatedly emphasized here and during podcast programs and other radio programs I appear as a guest on, the only issue that matters in this election is immigration.”

      I say, the only issue that matters in this (and future) elections, are the fake “elections” themselves. :(

      Until that’s ^ fixed, dajooz will continue to laugh at all our intellectual masturbation over the latest “election” offerings… “reform” candidates, GMO labeling, etc.

      • Well, I said A ballot, not THE ballot. You’re right, it probably won’t fly to have a vote to overthrow the government on the SAME ballot as the one used to select officials of the government, like POTUS.

        That’s why stuff like this needs to get ironed out ASAP.

  • Trump’s a flip flopper on Israel, typical establishment. Trump lost my support after the AIPAC speech, 100%.

    Anybody know of any oath keepers running for president?

  • John and others act surprised and hurt by Trump’s AIPAC speech? You are clearly blind. What’s disheartening is John’s continued praise for a so-called man that has clearly been a jew puppet for many years! I’m glad there are a few here with a functioning brain who don’t make excuses for the satanic, scum actors like Trump.
    Take the blinders off and stop acting like fools.

    • I’m glad John allows dissent on these post, he could go all censor crazy like Jones at Infowars. He at least somewhat manned up with the post-speech article. By November, Trump will continue to make a fool of himself to the point the only people who are supporting He and others are very invested into Trump. Almost every “alternative media”/truth teller I listen to has fell under Trump’s spell. John Friend, Rense, Fetzer, Texe Marrs, etc. The man has OPENLY advocated for torture, carpet bombing, killing innocent babies in the middle east, spying, and cucking for israel. But he says one thing about the borders, and these people act like he is America’s last hope. At least Bush and Cheney pretended that torture was bad and we weren’t doing it. How can these people buy into this? What am I missing?

      Do you really want Trump’s twitter fingers next to the nuclear button? Do you think he has any restraint? The man is a clown. Did you see him bring out those Trump steaks? Come on. And NOBODY is talking about the natiest man alive JEFFERY EPSTEIN. He is Trump’s boy.

      The only one that stayed true has been Brother Nathaniel- a jew. I wish someone would have that guy on for an hour everyday. He tells it like it is.

      Right on John.


  • Guess that references made to supporting Israel by whoever is the next Israeli approved US president puppet will refer to the Rothschild Talmudic Zionist fantasy of Greater Israel.

  • Well it could be worse, it could be Greg Stillson…


    Trump is a Zionist, plain and simple, and is therefore an enemy of the American people. Why some people allow themselves to be blinded to this fact by his empty rhetoric about “building a wall” is mystifying to me. Maybe it’s because I no longer watch the talmudvision.

    • TruthTellerButYouWontListen

      Just think about how a Trumper processes the information contained within each of the above links. They say “well, he’s just playing chess. He has to say and do these things, otherwise he won’t win the election. I believe in you Donald.” And the information and facts disappear. Classic doublethink. Read the protocols.

      It’s not hard to connect the dots. The alternative truth movement has connected dots for years. Now they see the dots, but refuse to even try.

      I heard former anti-zionist Rense say if Trump was elected, he would be the greatest President in the history of the United States. Personally, I think he has already put him up there if you listen to any of his shows. Better than JFK, who took on the real power and died for it. Better than John Quincy Adams, who exposed the man behind the curtain in “Letters on Freemasonry”.

      Rense scrubbed his site of years of audio and articles from Webster Tarpley- who has never bought into “The Donald”.

      And as his campaign flames out over the next couple months when we get to the general, all of the Trumpers will say the Zionist stole the election or some shit like that. They will create this narrative that if only the Zionist didn’t do everything in it’s power to defeat Trump, we would have taken our country back.

      Because Trump is such a narcissist, he’ll probably run in 2020. So we’ll have to listen to all the Trumpers and trolls at dailystormer hype him up daily.

      The guy is as see through as it gets. More than Obama. Even more than George W Bush. More than WTC 7.

      • Yep, I agree completely – this will all likely amount to nothing, and then all of Trump’s White supporters will be depressed and disillusioned. I think that may actually be the whole purpose of his campaign. Although DailyStormer, to their credit, have toned down their “Glorious Leader” nonsense since Trump’s groveling AIPAC speech, Rense remains totally ape-shit over Trump, and seems to be either in denial, or playing a role. But then, Rense hypes everything way out of proportion to get higher ratings. He actually ran articles after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill saying that the Corexit oil-absorbing chemical they were using would cause the Earth’s crust to crack open, thereby destroying the planet (seriously). Now he’s on a Trump for President crusade, which will also fail to materialize.

  • So what do we make of the Zionist Trump? Playing the game, dumb as a fox, maneuvering into power in order to undo some of the damage done by the Jews. Is it a trade off? The Jews keep the Israeli machine going, and we get a wall too? He is going after such Jewish organizations as the UN ( post Bretton Woods world) so does that mean he’s de-constructing them? I doubt it. No I’m listening to the statement that Israel does not reward terrorists.
    So listen to this.