Trump Crossed the Line

Great video from Libertarian Realist. Check out the full text of the video here.

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  • This is so brilliant, I just need to share it far and wide. But, I still wonder how many of the sheeple will really understand it. Too many cobwebs on the brain caused by the chem-trails or the fluoridated water.

  • Christopher Marlowe

    Good commentary. I note that the Republican Party has become the tool of the zionists; as Ramzpaul and others have framed it: they are “cuckservatives”. (That’s not cursing; the “cuck” is from “cuckhold”, which refers to a man who allows another man to sleep with his wife. A cuckhold is essentially a weak man of no consequence.) By and large, Republicans are cowards bowing to political correctness.

    The Strom thesis holds that we can find out who rules over society by discerning whom we are not allowed to criticize. All of the political candidates, including Trump, agree that we should firmly support israel. The political arena is a wasteland, and it will not save us.

    In addition to being a total tool of israel, Trump has also voiced a plea that Bill Gates “close that internet up” so that radicalization will cease.

    RedsilverJ says that Trump is running interference for Shillery.

  • If there’s an afterlife, and there’s a god, and I’m allowed to ask and have answered one question, it won’t be what was the purpose of life – it will be exactly what did the Jews hold over the head of that pathetic little turd, Lindsey Graham.