Treacherous, Scheming Jews Bully Germans Into Paying Romanian “Holocaust” Survivors

We’ve covered this topic before on this website, but it’s always worth pointing out just how big of a racket the entire “Holocaust” industry truly is.

The lying, treacherous Jews are constantly conniving and scheming to demand and extort even more money from the White Western Christian world, especially the Germans, and they use the fake “Holocaust” narrative as their primary weapon to demand financial reparations as well as blind, slavish obedience to the tyrannical dictates of organized Jewry (i.e., unlimited Third World immigration and “refugee resettlement” in the West, acceptance and elevation of homosexuality, transgenderism, and race-mixing, White guilt and ethnomasochism, unwavering support for Israel and world Jewry, etc.).

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a mafia-style Jewish extortion racket masquerading as a righteous, noble organization striving for justice, has once again bullied the Germans into forking out more money for “Holocaust survivors,” this time Romanian “survivors” of so-called “death trains” – yes, they expect the entire world to accept this absurd and entirely fraudulent narrative with a straight face.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported:

JTA - Romanian death trains

Jewish Holocaust survivors of the 1941 pogrom in Iasi, Romania and the “death trains” that followed are now eligible to receive compensation pensions.

Julius Berman, president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or Claims Conference, made the announcement in a statement Wednesday following negotiations earlier this month in Berlin with the German government.

Under the agreement, the Romanian survivors will receive an increase for home care provision and other services offered through Claims Conference programs worldwide. Some of the additional funds also will be used to provide pensions to Iasi survivors who do not currently receive one.

About 15,000 Jews were murdered in the June 1941 pogrom or died on the trains — which took many survivors of the massacre across the country for eight days — from suffocation, dehydration and starvation. The Jews left behind in Iasi were forced to live in a designated section of the town set up as an open ghetto, under curfew and in constant fear of deportation to labor camps, while enduring regular beatings and cruelty by German and Romanian soldiers.

“The horrors inflicted on the Jews of Iasi have finally been recognized more than 70 years later,” Stuart Eizenstat, a Claims Conference special negotiator, said in a statement. “These survivors endured unimaginable suffering. For those who are still with us, we have obtained a small measure of justice, even after all this time.”

The Claims Conference has allocated, through negotiations with the government of Germany, a total of $392 million to more than 300 organizations in 2017. The funds are used to support Holocaust survivors in 45 countries with home care, food programs, medical care, dental work, emergency cash assistance and transportation.

These Jews and their international extortion rackets based on utter lies, deceptions, and literal inversions of reality… makes my blood boil! The time has come for the White man to stand up to these lying, filthy Jews and physically remove them from our nations!

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  • This kosher extortion racket will not go on forever.

    “World Judaism,” truth be told, owes most the world reparations — and of a truly astonishing magnitude!

    That subject will enter humanity’s collective consciousness. THE GOYIM WILL KNOW. It’s only a matter of time.

    Justice will be done.

    It’s only a matter of time…

    It’s only a matter of time…

    • Maybe it’s time for German’s to take Germany back. Since WW2 you have been occupied. And if you believe the 80 or so US military bases are there to protect you from Russia or Poland your stupid. THEY EXIST in case you ever feel like being German again.

      • They must be digging these holocaust feckers up. When are the jews going to compensate the Palestinians?

  • The golden German goose is rapidly replaced whit African and Moslem replacements. And i guaranty you, that once they have political voting majority, probably by the year 2025, holocaust payments are no more.

    • That’s absolutely true, Arnold .. The golden German goose is, indeed, being replaced with African and Muslim replacements. Do these Jewish extortionists even care that by 2025 (if not sooner), the African and Muslim replacements will have political voting majority? Of course not. Once this happens, the holocaust payments will certainly stop, guaranteed, since these Africans and Muslims don’t give one hoot about so-called “survivors”.

    • Never mind the African and Muslim “replacements”!!!! I want the German people themselves to wake up before 2025!!! There truly is no justice in the world. Those who tell fantastic lies are rewarded. Traitorous Marxist scum like Merkel need to be arrested, tried and executed.

  • “Based on this criteria, the study found that 22 percent of those who received compensation developed cancer, compared to 16% of those who did not.”

    Prediction: These blood sucking, holohoaxing, greedy jews are planting seeds for the next extortion scam they have up their sleeves. They are gearing up to soon claim that those ‘evil German taxpayers’ who sent them billions of dollars in shekels for their holohoax reparations payments salted those bills with cancer causing dust particles that these poor, helpless, and always totally and 100 percent innocent and blameless jews absorbed through the skin on their hands when they used those paper shekels to buy their matzo ball recipe ingredients from their local kosher grocery store.
    Study shows higher cancer rate among Holocaust survivors

    Research by Sheba Medical Center indicates severe trauma has consequences decades later
    By Times of Israel staff July 13, 2017, 8:51 pm

  • The “Holocaust” is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against a nation (Germany). The claim is actually ludicrous. What’s even more ridiculous. . . that people actually buy into the Holocaust Myth.

    • We have been buying into many myths and lies for eons now so not a lot changes really. Money, religion, history, politics, truth movement and on and on.

  • It is amazing how there are more so called Holocaust survivors then Veterans who survived the war. I thought they were all killed, because it never happened, one day their lies will bite them in the ass.

    • There are more “survivors” today than the entire Jewish population of Europe at the beginning (or the end) of WWII.

      Taken from the American Jewish committee website:
      Jews in Europe before the war, 8,039,000
      Jews in Europe after the war, 9,378,000

    • There are 50 000 alledged ” holocaust survivors ” living in the street in Israel , and nobody gives a hoot about them there …

      ” If so many survived , that who died there ?!? ” ( Norman Finkelstein’s mother , herself a survivor , about the concentration camps )

  • The Holocaust: The lie that will not die!

    Wouldn’t Propaganda Minister Goebbels be proud of today’s Israel. For their eloquent proof of his own dictum: “A lie repeated often enough will not die.”

  • These ‘fake jews’ have no guilt or conscience. Then, they are satan’s people, so what do we expect. The ‘federal reserve’ jew-owned banks and their crippling effect on the US economy is the biggest scam. When someone calls me an ‘anti-semite’ I just say the words of the great White House reporter, Helen Thomas: ‘I’m not an anti-semite; I love the Palestinian people.’

    • And when someone calls you a “Holocaust denier” simply reply:

      “I’m no Holocaust denier! I don’t deny any of the Holocausts Israel is responsible for.”

  • Many people know what a racket the holocaust is,and the leaders of a number of countries have openly rejected claims for reparations by the jewish vampires and rightfully called it extortion,but no one ever seems to stand their ground when dealing with the jewish vermin.Once they start shrieking and threatening boycotts and lawsuits,everyone caves in.I don’t think this will ever change,sadly

  • Alexander Rados

    I agree with you John, it makes my blood boil as well. Ultimately, I hold western ZOG governments in complete and utter disdain and contempt, for letting our plight get to the point that it is .i.e. Jewish white -genocide. Personally, I think the key is as you say, stand up to these liars whenever you can, and don’t give a dam about them. Next, treat any politician who is running for office with nothing but derisive, contemptuous. and disdainful comments, they deserve nothing less, and then don’t vote. If they win with a small percent of all eligible voters participating, scream that they have no quorum. As for myself, I am now a confirmed National Socialist, I don’t see the sanity of voting for the same inept and corrupt political system over and over again. Its time to “pull the plug” on the system. The Reich Was Right!!

  • If the Holocaust© did actually happen, why hasn’t George Soros, who acknowledges that he helped “round up” Jews for deportation to “death camps”, been kidnapped by Israel and put on trial as a war criminal like Adolf Eichman was, for doing the same thing?