Transgendered Jewish “man” gives birth

Thanks exclusively to Jewish influence and propaganda, this is how insane our society has become:

Jews promote transgenderism

When Rafi Daugherty of Denver went to the hospital for the birth of his first child, he posted a sign on the delivery room door.

“I am a single transgender man having my first baby,” it read. “I use he/him/his pronouns and will be called ‘Abba’ (Hebrew for father) by the baby. Papa, Dad, Daddy, Father…are also ok.”

Rafi, 33, wanted hospital staff to be prepared for what they were about to see: a man laboring in bed.

“I didn’t want them to assume that I identified as female because I was having a baby,” he said.

After eight hours of labor, Rafi was holding his 7-pound, 10-ounce daughter: Ettie Rose, named, in the Jewish tradition, for Rafi’s maternal grandmother and great-grandmother.

Since bringing Ettie home from the hospital, Rafi’s days have been filled with frequent feedings — unable to nurse, he gives his daughter donor breast milk — and diaper changes and stroller walks around his Denver neighborhood. […]

transgender rights and inclusion are increasingly a part of public — and Jewish — discourse. That’s due in part to the recent transition of the Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, and the prominence of transgender characters on hit series such as “Transparent,” where the protagonist is a Jewish transwoman, and “Orange Is the New Black.”

In November, the Union for Reform Judaism issued a resolution affirming its commitment to the full equality of transgender and gender non-conforming people. The flagship Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist seminaries welcome transgender students, and the Reform movement’s Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College have ordained transgender rabbis.

Rafi, who grew up Orthodox, said he’s been warmly welcomed by Colorado’s progressive Jewish community. One independent minyan organized a postpartum meal train for Rafi, and a large Conservative synagogue hosted Ettie’s simchat bat, a Jewish welcoming ceremony. […]

Rafi became pregnant by artificial insemination. The sperm donor is a friend whom Rafi described as “a tall, dark and handsome gay man, who is half South Asian” and half white.

“He’s expressed gratitude to be part of this journey for us,” Rafi added, “and not have to deal with the diapers and the crying.” […]

Just when you thought society could not get any more debauched and degenerate, we have this story.

It should be noted that the organized Jewish community has and remains at the forefront of the promotion and normalization of transgenderism. The article above, published by The Times of Israel, notes how “Caitlyn Jenner” has been instrumental in promoting this disgusting, unnatural agenda. Unsurprisingly, the entire “Caitlyn Jenner” media spectacle was promoted almost entirely by radical Jewish journalists and, of course, the Jewish mainstream mass media, including ESPN.

The article excerpted above also describes how the Jewish owned and controlled mass media has promoted and normalized transgenderism through television programs such as “Transparent” and “Orange Is the New Black,” programs which are heavily influenced by Jews.

It should be clear to everyone at this point that the Jews and their traitorous enablers have systematically subverted and destroyed traditional American culture, and have transformed it into a debauched, disgusting Marxist paradise.

Transgenderism and other abnormal, degenerate behaviors, including homosexuality, miscegenation, and licentiousness lifestyles (all championed and promoted by the organized Jewish community), are no longer viewed as an unhealthy, unnatural, bizarre rebellion against nature. They are viewed as just another lifestyle choice, as legitimate as any other – perhaps even more so.

This is “progress” in the eye of the Jew and his supporters.

The nation wrecking Jews and their cultural Marxist allies largely running the Western world insist society must accept and glorify confused, deranged transgendered individuals. If we do not accept this bizarre, unnatural phenomenon, we are considered “bigots” and “haters” – “closed-minded,” “backwards,” and “intolerant” – by the mass media and politically correct society.

It’s incredible how far we have fallen as a nation.

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  • Since Jews view themselves as ABOVE G_d (they won’t even spell His name), this is the ultimate rebellion.

    The Jew takes arrogance to a previously unimaginable level. What could be more arrogant than giving the finger to God by rebelling against your very own gender?

    These scumbags were kicked out of heaven, after all, if you read the Torah literally. The Jew has rebelled against God ever since.

    A truly sick and vile creature, the Jew. The Jew truly is God’s rival, also known as Satan.

  • So, “dude” used his “woman parts” to make a baby.

    Makes perfect sense.

  • Ah yes, gotta love these Yuckie Smuckies!

    I wonder how many of us laugh at their absolutely unnatural behavior? Probably more than we realize. I have a difficult time not making fun of them. After all, it IS funny and too stupid for words. Just remember, these clowns are in it for the long haul……….

    And to exercise pure honesty, I do not know ANY one who supports this horse manure!

    Quoting from Mao’s little Red Book “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung: “We should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports.” That describes these cranks better than anything!

  • Was it a Jewish baby?

  • All on the Road of having no Norms and no Rules except might makes right.

    Which for the Perverts and Ultrarich is very convenient.

  • Wait a minute – I’m confused by this transgender crap. Was “it” originally a woman, meaning that “it” still possessed female reproductive organs? I’m guessing that’s the only way “it” could have become pregnant, unless surgeons are now able to implant female reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, vagina, etc.) in a man, which seems like it would be impossible to do. It’s all very bizarre and confusing. Freaks.

  • A brave heroic person, taking action for what he/she believes. So line up folks and get your sex organs cut off or out. You too can be admired.

  • I didn’t bother reading any of the article, but man, that is one ugly baby!

  • This is beyond sick and disgusting – but then again the jews have no problem in perverting everything.

  • Thumbs up – that the comment I made about your post. Guess what, I get this error message that says ‘comment too short’ – OK, so thumbs up again, and again, and again…

  • It says a lot about how insane and immoral the Jews are. Their rebellion against God and nature has disgraced them.

  • “Transgender” is a Mental Illness and Should be Treated as such: Former Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: