This is Dildoween!

This is simply brilliant. And even better, it’s hilarious. h/t Heartiste


  • unable to forward your info thru twitter..It’s been about 2-3 wks since it won’t let me forward anything from you.

    • Yeah, Twitter has pretty much banned links to my site. They say it’s “spam”. I’ve contacted them twice now, and they don’t seem to want to help me out… I will contact Twitter one more time.

  • Richard Cousineau

    Hello John-I hope you get this. I could not find an email address for you on this site. We met last Saturday in D.C.-very nice to make your acquaintance. One talk that I hope happens and I get to listen to is you and Dianna Springola discussing Sandy Hook if that is possible. That event has my head spinning in fog and confusion. She seems to me much more stable on the matter than Piper and Johnson but takes a similar stance. Today listened to you and JB Campbell. I can’t fathom a man getting away with his life and limbs speaking in such a way….admitting to planning to assassinate Kissinger and Rockerfeller? Advocating killing cops and feds as soon as they are coming to the door? Something seems too far out and radical to be real ….in my mind. He is the only person I’ve heard that I thought may be as radical as
    Savitri Devi. be well and the best to you. Please send me your email address