The Realist Report – Truthwillout1003 (Dennis Wise)

On this Special Edition of the Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Truthwillout1003 from the United Kingdom. Truthwillout1003 is the producer of the must-watch documentary series Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told! Calls will be taken throughout the conversation.

One comment

  • I had the good fortune of having a father I not only loved and respected, he was my best friend as well. As a pre-teen I remember asking him about things back in Germany, ( I was only 2nd generation U.S.), he explained how the Bolshevik jews had ruined Germany’s economy to the point they went shopping for food with their Central Bank currency in wheel barrows. The things he told me of are happening right now in this sad, sad, nation and will, in all likelihood, culminate in “Russian Revolution” / Danzig Corridor slaughters carried out by mainly our own treasonous cops/military with dual citizen run DHS leading the blood-bath. What strikes me as nauseous is;

    Where the Germans/Russians chaffed under the parasitic, nation killing Bolshevik Jews, this “mutt” culture seems to revel in it. That would explain the complete lack of Christian, (and to a much smaller degree), Muslim spirituality. This is, in my opinion, a “sewer nation” simply waiting for someone/thing to pull the handle and flush it into history. The common man world-wide will breath a collective sigh of relief, then, once they realize the nation used by “The synagogue” to oppress/enslave/slaughter the globe has rotted itself into oblivion, they’ll cast an eye toward occupied Palestine with thoughts of retribution/justice they were deprived of while the U.S. was taking it’s time disintegrating. H.L. Mencken had it absolutely right.