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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Tanstaafl of Age of Treason. To begin the program, Tanstaafl gives listeners an overview of what he’s been up to lately, including being banned from Twitter for making factual statements about Jews and their anti-White agenda. We move on to focus on the Jewish problem more generally, and the open and quite blatant war being waged on Whites by the organized Jewish community. We also discuss Trump’s election, the Alt Right, and related topics.

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  • I’m about 1/4 of the way through this podcast and it is outstanding. I’ve long been a huge fan of Tanstaafl and have missed him during the past year while he has been on his hiatus.

    I hope Tanstaafl decides to return to his regular podcasting at some point in the future.

    He has a unique and almost always razor sharp perception of the issues that surround our struggle for survival, and the clarity that he brings to our movement is extremely valuable.

    Thanks, John Friend – for inviting Tan to be your guest. You two make a great team.

  • I would imagine you have touched on it but perhaps the single biggest issue that has largely gone unacknowledged is the Jewish demonization of Russia and Putin. The reason for this is after the fall of the USSR in 1989 international money flowed into Russia to acquire Russia’s natural resources for pennies on the dollar. These men (6 out of 7 were Jews) became known as the Oligarchs. When Putin came to power he took back these assets for the Russian nation and, those who did not flee, were jailed, typically on tax evasion grounds. The most widely publicized was Khodorkovsky, the owner of Yukos. Another case was Browder, an American Jew, who set up an investment fund in Russia. His Jewish Russian attorney, Maginsky, was jailed for legal infractions. He died in jail due to medical neglect. 60 Minutes ran a story on this, claiming Maginsky was murdered by Putin. Most people are totally in the dark about these types of stories, but it is a central theme in US news and politics. It is no coincidence Hillary Clinton claimed Russia hacked her emails. Had Clinton been elected she would have plunged the US into a war with Russia. NATO troops are now amassed on Russia’s western border. Trump will stop this once in office. The Jews are at the core of all of US aggression, from the Middle East to Russia. Not until this is recognized will this Jewish aggression, through US complicity, stop. It will take many brave Americans, like this website, telling the American people what is truly happening in the world. Anyone who pays attention, though, will see who is behind so much bloodshed and turmoil.

  • That was a great interview! Tanstaafl has a deep understanding of the JQ and articulates his views well.

    For a long time, I had kept his website, Age of Treason, in my news aggregator in the hope that he would start posting again.

  • Great interview!

    Looking for volunteers to help proof the rough transcript. Simply copy the part of the rough transcript that you want to correct and while listening to the audio, correct that text. Then paste the corrected text as a comment in my blog. Doing only a minute or so is helpful.

    The Realist Report Interviews TANSTAAFL — 2016 — TRANSCRIPT

    After a year’s break from blogging and interviews TANSTAAFL returns with this interview with John Friend at the Realist Report. I consider TANSTAAFL to be one of the most insightful commentators on the jewish problem, and in this interview he doesn’t disappoint with his take on what’s being going on in our movement to expose and rid ourselves of the organized jewish evil that dominates our societies.

    Topics include the ongoing jew war on Whites, the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, kikeservatives, Twitter, the jewsmedia, Trump, Bannon, (((the echo meme))), alt-right, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Hitler and national socialist Germany, White racial consciousness — KATANA.

  • Most of the stuff he said about Trump, I said long before the election. You stammered a good bit, because he had you nailed in the nicest of ways.

    You jumped on the Drumpf train with both feet with hardly a critical eye. Now Trump is proving to you that I was correct from day one.

    I await the day that you are forced to admit it.

    Genuine was the word you used to describe Trump. How little discernment you have, in this regard.

    He is an obvious jew tool. Blatantly obvious. He is obviously NOT genuine. And he took you for the ride (along with a bunch of others who “believe”). And now Anglin is the voice of the republican party.


    • There is very big difference, and a fine distinction, between the kind of mentally insane, racially suicidal anti-Trump hysterical baloney that was being spewed by both BuelaMan and Kyle Hunt over at the Renegade Tribune and by Scott Roberts – and the far more cautious and well thought out criticisms by those of us who were (and who remain) in the tentative pro-Trump camp.

      In fact, the venom and degree of borderline pathological, defeatist vitriol that we have all seen being spewed by the Renegade Tribune gang of anti-Trumpists seemed to be deliberately designed to convince racially healthy Whites to either stay home and not vote at all, or vote for the vile and despicably evil Hildebeast witch. That sort of irresponsibility is indefensible. It also falls into the category of White race treason – because as anyone with a brain bigger than a marble could clearly see, putting the White House into the hands of the Hildebeast would have been a total disaster for the White race. BeulaMan and Kyle Hunt and Scott Roberts apparently think starting a thermo-nuclear war with Russia would be a grand idea and somehow benefit the long term survival of White European mankind? m

      As for Trump, based on a number of his cabinet picks – I will concede the point that he has already started to cuck out and surround himself with the same kinds of RINO cuck establishment creeps who have been waging war alongside the Democrats against White Americans. This is legitimate criticism. It is not boding well for what we can expect from the Trump White House. And, my own personal concern is that Trump will start stacking more jews on the US Supreme Court – although, from the list of potential nominees he released early this past summer – I could only count one verifiable jew on the list. There might be more on the list, because jews are sneaky about hiding their jewishness.

      But, as I said before – anyone who thinks that putting the Hildebeast into the White House as opposed to Trump and those were our only TWO CHOICES – would have somehow been a positive development for the pro-White, alt-right movement – is either an complete imbecile or they are an enemy mole who is working for the anti-White opposition.

      I seriously doubt that Trump is going to keep all of his campaign promises, and I will promise that I will be the first guy to ruthlessly criticize him every time he appears to be cucking out. But, my criticisms are going to be factually based and not emotional temper tantrums based on irrational or fanciful notions of what I ‘think’ he may or may not do.

  • Top notch interview. On Trump- I think he is sincere about stopping illegal immigration but he still wants legal immigration, which is just as bad as the border busting. You don’t have to be pro-white to want to control the entry of people into the nation- it seems true that Trump does not think in racial terms, and he may think in anti ‘racist’ terms. He is too close to Israel and Jews….. If he goes sideways on immigration control he should be denounced but I did strongly support him during the campaign. What we need on immigration is EXPULSION AND MORATORIUM . I saw his rise as the proverbial “step in the right direction”…(He was not a ‘release valve’ he never had to enter the race, it could have been Jeb Bush as the nominee, the border patriots would have sat out the election-again- and Hillary Clinton would have won, etc.)
    If the Alt Right etc. grows more and more then maybe Trump will refrain from ‘the shuttening’ in order to cultivate a political ally for elections four years from now ? Something better and stronger than Trumpism might rise up next- Jews beware !, LOl…. But we must be prepared- I see a day when outlets like will ban the sale of Holocaust revisionist books- we should buy them up now while we can ?

    The real ‘Alt Right’ should mean white nationalism +rational antisemitism, WN meaning white nations for white people.

  • Great show.
    This is going back a few years, John.
    What ever happened to Tom from Connecticut?

    • Not sure – haven’t heard from him in a long time. I planned a trip to NYC to meet up with him and Dave Mansfield a few years ago, and both those guys totally bailed on me a couple weeks before I flew out. It was bizarre. Haven’t really heard from either of them since. I’ve talked about this before on previous podcasts.

  • I never expected Trump to fulfill all of his campaign promises because he will not be president within a vacuum. There are other forces against him. If he is successful in putting a good conservative on the Supreme Court then I will consider his presidential term a success.

  • Latimer, the Evil Bunny Rabbit Supremacist™

    Very helpful discourse. I have to agree that kikeservative is much better than cuckservative and to the point – although kikeservative probably wouldn’t have gotten the same traction at the time. Far too many were still under the NLP codewords and wouldn’t have been able to take it in.

    The final takeaway being that the jew problem is absolutely better defined as the jew war on HWhites or the (White-collective).