The Realist Report – Tanstaafl: The Jew as a Parasite

Jew as world parasite

The international Jew, the promoter and benefactor of both international Communism and capitalism, is a biological parasite. National Socialist Germany clearly understood this fact, and made moves to address the situation. Now it’s America’s turn.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Tanstaafl of Age of Treason. Tanstaafl is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful commentators in the alternative, independent media today. In this podcast, we discussed the Jewish problem and Jewish parasitism, the root cause of so-called “pathological altruism” prevalent in the White race today, the 2016 president campaign, and related matters.

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  • Love your art work. I wonder…. If I ordered a few dozen T-shirts with a reproduction, would they arrest me, try me and sentence me to prison? Wait, this isn’t Western Europe……… Yet.

  • Is your site blocked on twitter? I tried to tweet this show a few times and I get a message “failed to tweet”

  • Excellent discussion, making the points that need to be made. Thank you!

  • Very good discussion by Tan and John Friend. I especially liked the part on “pathological altruism” and how Jared Taylor started this off with his nonsense about there being something suicidal about Whites in allowing themselves to be displaced. As Tan noted Taylor’s being dishonest in pushing this line, because if he didn’t then he would have to talk about the jews, the actual cause.

    BTW, I’m looking for volunteers to help complete the transcript of this interview (93 minutes).

    Click here >>> The Realist Report – Tanstaafl: The Jew As a Parasite — TRANSCRIPT


    • I imagine Tan pointed out that the purveyors of the ‘pathological altruism’ line are engaging in the damn thing, themselves – unlike the vast majority of regular Whites whom they smear collectively with the term?

      Recent case in point. Colin Liddelll in his tantrum about Anglin saying that WN needs be more accommodating to Jews. Within a week Liddell was posting articles to TOO. Liddell and MacDonald here are engaging in true pathological altruism. Liddell is toxic to us, protective of Jews, MacDonald allows the poison in because he’s too open about ‘who’s us?’

      Articles should be written at TOO about the genuine pathological altruism of Liddell, not about the imaginary PA of Whites generally, Liddell shouldn’t be writing articles for TOO!

      • Nick, I tend to agree that Liddell should not be writing articles for TOO. He very lukewarm on the JQ/JP, which is not helpful at all.

        He needs a stint in a JQ/JP boot camp.

  • This is a confused discussion, at the onset. Jewish folks in control of politics, Banks and Hollywood are eastern European descent — i.e., white.

    There are African Jews, who don’t control the Banks and Hollywood. And, African Jews are treated like 2nd class citizens in Israel. So, we ARE talking about white Europeans. In fact, Sephardic Jews (middle eastern) are treated worse than Askhenazi Jews (eastern european) in Israel.

    They have taken in refugees in Israel,(Africans) which they send to concentration camps.

    And although, Jews had control of the Trans African Slave Trade, white, Anglo Saxon’s had no problem of reaping benefits too, including but not limited to be slavemasters.

    This cognitive dissonance is not useful.

    And, don’t forget at least in the 50’s signs read: No dogs, No Blacks and No Jews.

    WASP reap benefits from Jews controlling the Banks and Hollywood.

    • Saul,

      The Ashkenazis have middle eastern origins and later European admixture.

      Among Jews, Blacks and European Americans, European Americans are the one group not to have benefited from the TAST. They have ongoing costs resulting.

      There were places in the 50s off limit to Whites and ‘gentiles’: Segregation cut both ways, and Jews had their own exclusive clubs, hotels and resorts. So what?

      WASPs latterly, now Euro-Americans generally, are continually maligned and slandered by Jewish Hollywood.

      You’re dumb or a liar, or both.

      It’s White with a capital ‘W’ — like you observe for all other proper nouns.

    • Yeah, I’m reaping the benefits of the Jews running the banking system. Are you nuts? I suggest you study post-WWI Germany in regards to Jews running the German economy. We WASP’s benefited by being kicked out of our homes and living on the streets, starving. The suicide numbers the year before Hitler took power was 270,000, over a quarter million Germans decided to kill themselves rather then continue to live under Jewish dominated Germany.

  • The image above included with this article is very amusing. Old timers would refer to it as “classic anti semitism”. The image presents the Zionist entity as a type of devouring alien from another planet. In fact, the alien entity pictured above shows a uncanny resemblance to Henry Kissinger, a notorious Zionist responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians. Anyone here remember the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam conflict? With jews we lose, indeed! In fact, with jews, we tend to lose (our lives)!

  • This is a great interview, through which I discovered the most enlightening work of Tanstaafl. I agree with almost everything he says both here and in many of his podcasts that I listened to afterwards.

    But now I’d like to strike a blow for John Friend on something that’s been only briefly and marginally touched in this interview. It’s when John’s media-fakery angle on 9/11 is brought up. I agree with Tanstaafl that recognizing the responsability of Jews in what’s happening in the world, especially to white people, is the most important thing to focus on and to speak about. No doubt about that.

    Nevertheless, being aware of media fakery, like John, is very important, because not being able to see this aspect of Jewish control of our minds ultimately means accepting as reality what the Jewish media controllers want us to consider real. They want us to react to fabricated and controlled events that they, as their creators, always know how to spin in their favor. This way, they can have even brilliant Jew-wise people like Tanstaafl waste their time commenting on totally fabricated characters like Dylan Roof, for example. In fact, the only Tanstaafl podcasts I haven’t listened to yet are the two that have “Dylan Roof” in their titles. I’m sure Tanstaafl makes great points there too, but I am somewhat reluctant to listen to somebody speaking about this fake Dylan Roof guy as if he was a real person.

    By the way, if you have an open mind, proof of the fact that the whole Charleston shooting is a media-fabricated even can be found at . It’s a thread in the forum created by Simon Shack, whom John has intervied in one of his podcasts here.

    I admire John first and foremost for being an effectively outspoken white nationalist, but also for his awareness of the delicate but important subject of media fakery. I think we should be thankful to him for bringing this kind of awareness to the white nationalist community. I, for one, certainly don’t want to be played for a fool by the controlled media.

  • Tan is great, I enjoy his work and I’ve learned a lot from it. But I find it unbelievable that he drops the ball so hard re. 9/11 by claiming he “doesn’t know” who was behind it. Really, Tan? The dots haven’t been connected enough for you yet?

    Motive, Means, Opportunity.