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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Tanstaafl of Age of Treason. Tan and I begin the program by discussing the recent doxxing of Mike Enoch and the revelation that his wife is Jewish. Tan is also married to a woman of partial Jewish heritage, and has written about it in the past. We discuss cultural and racial degeneracy prevalent in the modern West (Thanks Jews!), race-mixing in general, White leadership, the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race and related matters. We also touch on Trump’s inauguration speech and some of his recent moves which should encourage pro-Whites (in my opinion).

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  • I have not yet listened to this podcast, but intend to do so today. Here is a comment that I posted over on AmRen’s site – that their moderators refused to approve:

    Here is the #1 most critical & current topic that our movement must address honestly and deal with in an unapologetically and uncompromising pro-White fashion: The Mike Enoch (((Peinovich) scandal.

    David Duke and Greg Johnson and the gang of in-the-know folks who’ve been intimately associated with the website – The Right Stuff – and who have been the regular hosts and co-hosts and/or guests of The Right Stuff’s podcasts – such as the Daily Shoah, and Fash The Nation – have been desperately trying to make EXCUSES for the Mike Peinovich doxing and trying their very best to defend what this fellow and his in-the-know pals have pulled over on their alt-right listening audience.

    As far I am concerned, this controversy and anyone tries to defend Peinovich and the deceit that he and his group have been exposed for having participated in – is equivalent grounds for total and complete banishment from the pro-White, alt-right, White race survival community. Defending Mike Enoch is grounds for a complete and total discrediting of any credibility that any of the allegedly pro-White spokesmen or women have, no matter how many decades they have previously devoted to the pro-White cause and movement.

    In my own case, I have waited, since this controversy first surfaced, to form my own opinions on the issue – and have made a concerted effort to listen to the arguments from both sides of the controversy – but, after spending a hour or so listening to a few youtube video responses to this subject by Mike Delaney & after reviewing some excellent analysis and commentary from Tanstaafl on his Age of Treason website – I have decided that Mike Enoch has been exposed, at worst – as an enemy agent – and at a minimum, a con-artist who has been soliciting donations from the gullible White listeners to his podcasts while he has deliberately kept his own and his wife’s racial background a secret.

    And, from what I have now learned – Peinovich had confided in a number of his co-associates at the The Right Stuff website and radio podcasting network with regards to his compromised situation – so, that means, that the entire network has been actively participating in the solicitation of financial donations from it’s listening audience based on false and deliberately misleading (and potentially dishonest) pretenses.

    David Duke has done a podcast where he DEFENDS this deceit and dishonesty. Even Red Ice Radio, which I have had a very favorable opinion of for quite some time – recently gave Greg Johnson of an interview where Johnson was attempting to gloss over the Mike Enoch (Peinovich) betrayal and down play the significance and incredible damage that this incident has done to the credibility and integrity of the entire Alt-Right movement.

    Here is a News Flash for David Duke and the rest of these voices who are now trying to DEFEND and make excuses for Mike Enoch: “Do any of you short sighted nitwits fail to realize that incidents like this – inflict great and perhaps irreversible harm upon the fund raising efforts of every pro-White, Alt-Right website?” “Do you not realize that by defending this kind of incident – you have helped to destroy the already fragile degree of trust with the entire pro-White community and reduce their willingness to donate a dime of their hard earned money to ANY pro-White website or cause?”

    Here are the facts. Mike Enoch himself has admitted that he was the instigator of the Nazi Salute controversy at the recent NPI – greet the mainstream media gathering. This incredibly stupid and irresponsible ‘stunt’ – which Enoch pretended to gloss over as nothing more than a comedy bit that flopped – effectively handed to the enemy controlled media – an excuse to completely ignore and refuse to report on ANY of the important and critical issues that were discussed at that gathering, which could have helped to wake up millions of other White Americans had they been discussed. I contend that this Nazi salute ‘stunt’ was not coincidental; it was planned and deliberately done and I base my convictions on this matter on the fact that there were several camera and video recording wielding individuals pre-positioned and in place to make sure that these Nazi salutes were captured – so they could then be passed to the enemy controlled mainstream media, who then predictably exploited those images to totally discredit the entire Alt-right.

    Therefore, unless and until this issue of Mike Enoch and his Daily Shoah/Fash the Nation – The Right Stuff website’s credibility having been exposed as – at worst, an enemy controlled opposition operation – or, at a minimum, an enemy controlled operation designed to snooker it’s listening audience of gullible Whites out of their hard earned money – has been satisfactorily resolved and the perpetrators of this con act been expunged from the credible ranks of the Alt-Right – I strongly recommend that donations to David Duke and every other defender of Mike Enoch be permanently curtailed.

    Bottom line is this: The Right Stuff (and Enoch’s defenders) have been deceitfully collecting precious and sacred donations from its White listeners that should be sent to legitimate, honest pro-White websites and organizations who are honest brokers in our struggle.

    Watch these two youtube videos by Mike Delaney about this controversy:

    Never has there been a more decisive slam dunk. Mike Delaney’s analysis of this issue threads the needle perfectly.

    • You’re raising some perfectly legitimate points that should be addressed.

      All I can say is that if you (and others) think Enoch and the TRS crew should be “banned” or “excluded” from the pro-White/White Nationalist/Alt Right movement, then just ignore them, don’t visit their websites, don’t listen to their shows, and certainly don’t donate money to them. Problem solved.

  • Excellent program John and Tan. FYI, the interview that Musonius Rufus did with TRS and Mike can be found on his Soundcloud page. It should be this one: Rebel Shoah 20170118 Fashy Struggle Session

  • Another OT comment; this Tanstaafl show is next in my queue! :)

    VAXXED full documentary now on youtube – 1h 48m

    Might want to download; not sure whether this YT release is okay with producers. I just randomly bumped into this copy when opening some shmoe’s (Anonymous Truthseeker) YT channel; pub’d 4 days ago, today boasting a robust 162 views. YT search:

  • Great interview, John. One of your best ever. I agree with Tanstaafl, though, that you are too soft on Peinovich. He lied and must not be trusted going forward. End of story.

    • agree, I’ve listened too now; always enjoy Tan’s cerebralousnessosity, er sumthin. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback – Enoch’s lie of omission is certainly problematic. I don’t deny that. My speculation is that the “anti-Semitic” (i.e., telling the truth about the Jews) and pro-White commentary he and his crew put forth on their podcast was and is his (and their) genuine beliefs. In other words, I think Enoch is genuinely pro-White and recognizes the hostile and subversive nature of the organized Jewish community. Of course, I could be wrong, but that’s my impression after listening to him for the past year or two, hearing him speak in person, etc.

      I also speculate that his marriage was a major embarrassment, considering his pro-White and “anti-Semitic” views, which is why he didn’t come clean about it. Whatever the truth is, it’s clear he lied by omission by not informing his audience that he is married to a Jewish woman.

      That being said, I think it’s demonstrably true that TRS has done great work, both on the Internet and in real life. They have built a solid website and web-based community, have put out excellent podcasts, have had some major media successes (such as the (((echo meme))) identifying Jews), and have built a large network of IRL meet up groups across the United States. That is all good for the pro-White movement, in my opinion.

      Those who think Enoch is anything but a racially compromised Alt Right talking head who failed to disclose the fact that he has a Jewish wife should just ignore him and TRS. From what I can tell, these guys are not going anywhere and will continue producing their podcast. From the sounds of it, they have plans for expanding.

      So for those who think Enoch is a fraud, a liar, an agent, etc. – just ignore him and TRS. Don’t listen to their show, don’t visit their website, don’t send them money. Problem solved.

  • The jaunty TRS style could have made jew wisdom and media scepticism cool and funny.
    Had you been on, Mike the hammer Enoch would have pooh poohed your work on fake media events. ” Whoa John no tinfoil” then a new funny drop.
    The other panelists were far more open minded but would not have been let off their leads by the big boss man.
    The MSM were to be totally distrusted except when it came to reports on mass casualty events. Gungrabbing was never noticed. 9/11 was the OCT, on pain of death by Enoch.
    I listened to a lot of shows and was also sickened by his moronic Muslim bashing. They’d hardly be a problem for the US if his buddies hadn’t brought them over, whilst invading and bombing their countries.

    • Well said – I completely agree. The Alt Right in general is entirely hostile to the idea of media fakery, which is why I’ve never really identified with the Alt Right. Ever single major event presented as real by the mass media is taken at face value by the Alt Right as being a genuine event as depicted by the Jewish owned and controlled mass media. Those who have the ability to think critically about these events recognize the official narrative is almost always false.

      One of the most important messages I am trying to communicate to the world is that (((the mass media))) is systematically deceiving the world’s population by presenting manufactured and staged events as if they were real. We simply cannot trust (((the mass media))) about any event, especially when it advances (((globalist))) narratives like “The Global War on Terror,” which is a Jewish concocted narrative institutionalized following 9/11.

  • Always good to listen to Tan.

    As for Enoch (Cohen, how did we miss this?), it just goes to show how controlled the opposition to international jewry actually is, from the little wannabe fuhrer, white nationalist opportunist (could you imagine him living off of jewish donations, given how tight those bastards are) and literal pedophile in Anglin, to the fake Christian, vocational political campaigner and another opportunistic white nationalist who lives off of donations (when not spending time playing black jack) in David Duke.

    This is why white nationalism has gone nowhere – ever since traitors like Daisy Duke and Don Black have imposed themselves on to the scene. White Nationalism used to be CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM, mostly Christian Identity for that matter, but that changed and was changed for the purposes of bringing disgusting degenerates, worthless pagans and flaming sodomites into the movement.

    No damn wonder white nationalism has been thoroughly infiltrated. No damn wonder it has gone nowhere in almost 40 years. The sooner white nationalism sheds its jewish veneer and returns to a true form of Christianity, that is, Biblical Christianity, the better the chances of awakening 80 million Christian Zionists and untold Catholics that currently worship our eternal enemy – the God forsaken jews!!

    Jews like Enoch, Reactionary Jew, and scores of crypto-jews which have yet to come to the surface, need to be removed without exception. Which only leaves the non-believing degenerates and faggots. Without God and without Christ, and therefore without the prerequisite moral fiber – as Herr Hitler articulated so well – white nationalists are only succeeding in pissing upwind.

    • I agree that Christianity and a proper understanding of our historical roots and identity is essential to the White struggle. Christian Identity provides that, yet sadly it still remains a taboo and marginalized topic in pro-White circles… The CI message will be the last “red pill” to swallow for those who are genuinely seeking the truth about our world.

      That being said, the other individuals you named above are, in my opinion, doing work that advances pro-White interests, which is good. If you think otherwise, I’d suggest just ignoring them, not supporting them, not donating money to them, etc. Just my opinion. Thanks for the feedback and comment.

    • Cohen – haha yeah

  • Tanstaafl, another guy married to a kike. But what should one expect? Most of white nationalism now supports the biggest Jewish puppet around – Trump – whose grandchildren are all jews by DNA…

    The Alt-Right is more kosher than a Brooklyn deli.

    Blocking (additional) sand niggers and illegal spics won’t make a difference at all. This country’s already done and has been for decades. The only whites who know about Jews and race are still totally lost and hopeless.

  • Henceforth, I do not intend on attempting to place any Comment on THIS Website because none of my Comments have been posted and with no Reason(s) given. Consequently, I won’t give any Money either. Why should I??

    As I am resolutely Pro-White, this Response to me is suspect. And I will keep this Website on my Caution-File. And if this Pretense at “Daintiness” on the Part of the Principals of this Website is– “not to offend”. Then, I do find THAT to be offensive!!

    I will, of course, keep reading, as long as it is offered to my Mailbox. I dropped Alex Jones as one Suspect. I do not need him, and my Increase in Knowledge continues unabated. As does my Activism on Behalf of my Race.

  • My take on the Mike Enoch issue as it began- Lana of Red Ice interviewed Reactionary Jew, from this the TRS crew on message boards or chat rooms began to support the interview, to the point of making strong pro Israel comments. Other commentators pointed out that the TRS comments sounded like Mossad opinions etc. Then Antifa got involved and eventually TRS got doxxed. So the question is- are they all a bunch of TRS Zionists ? Are they for real ?

    Mike is almost certainly a Jew, Tanstaafl is correct. Just looking at Mike shows he is Untermensch, a piss poor specimen.

    Weev is almost certainly a Jew too. His ‘OK Cupid’ dating site profile mentions his Jewishness, plus Ive come across three instances written online where he (allegedly) refers to his Jewishness. Put a photo of Allen Ginsburg side by side with Weev’s face and it is hard to tell which is who, etc. lol.

    Trump is a step in the right direction. He affords us a narrow window upon which to expand. There are good things and some bad things about Trump but there is NOTHING good about Hillary Clinton.

  • John Friend, maybe if you’re lucky enough to have someone significantly smarter than you on your show you should shut the fuck up and stop taking over them and counter signaling them with your shitty opinions

  • Mike has said multiple times that he is not Jewish and I believe him. This Jewish rumor needs to be put to bed for good. The story is really simple. Mike didn’t start off red pilled. He became red pilled on the JQ over time. He’s been married to his wife for ten years, long before he understood the JQ, or had a podcast. Mike built something at TRS and he probably felt unsure how to reveal who is wife was without causing what he worked so hard to build to fall apart. There is no conspiracy involved and it’s not too complicated to understand. It’s basic human failing.

    • That is my impression as well.

    • Too trusting

      Read the small print…tan has a superb grip on the Jewish art of deception. Essentially Tan laid out his reaction as very Jewish and not honourable white.

      No surrender.

      • Meaning he failed the leader test


      • In this instance he just repeated every bit of gossip and nonsense he read and heard. He repeated every meme that the idiots from Renegade have been pushing for months. If anything, Tan over analyzed the situation when the simplest explanation was the correct one. I like Tan but in this instance he’s wrong.

  • Great interview, thanks for both of you tackling a difficult subject. One other aspect of the doxing is the timing. As if: Trump is now all but president, our work is done – dusting of hands. I do think that Mike has done a lot of harm because he violated our trust in him, and white folks put a lot of regard into the value of your word, and a hand shake, even today. If you can’t trust the leaders, who can you trust? Perhaps this will make us more vigilant.

    • Skylark, new to the subject anonymous podcasters are not leaders, they are followers intending to recruit or troll. Jews jewing things up jewishly makes for an inevitable troll effect even if parties attached meant well with their jokes about goys.

      But whatever – they are followers not leaders.

      Race realism – you’ll read the Amren archives . The Jews Taylor leaves out – go to MacDonald’s books and TOO.

      The End.