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Steve Smith (2)

On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by Steve Smith of Keystone United, a White Nationalist group based in Pennsylvania. Steve and I discussed a number of topics, including his background, the history and mission of Keystone United, the systematic assault on White people worldwide, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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    Thanks for the great website, Sir. Keep up the good work! I am glad to white nationalists working hard to save our nation and the white race from the war on whites.

    But I came to your website today to see if you had anything on the assassination of conservative Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

    I believe the Judaists killed Scalia on 2/13/16. Here’s why:

    Scalia was a conservative (at least relatively speaking) and the Judaists did not like him and wanted to get rid of him. They are afraid Trump might win. If they steal the election from Trump, he might sue all the way to the Supreme Court, so they wanted to get rid of one conservative.

    Also, if Trump wins, he might appoint one more conservative on the Court, if the Jewish Ginsburg dies, so they wanted to create one more opening for Obama, their puppet, to fill, with one of their own puppets.

    This was also to help Obama unleash the alien flood as his “executive amnesty” case is before the Court. Maybe Scalia refused to be forced to approve it when the Judaists approached him. So some other Jewish sponsored legal group (acting as the “good guys”) gave him a free hunting trip to a Texas resort, all expense paid, where the other Judaists (“bad guys”) finished him.

    Somebody entered his hotel room wearing gloves and a mask, and finished him while he was asleep, using Mossad tactics.

    The circumstances under which he died are fishy (in a resort far away from home). He did not have any medical problems prior to this. People get heart attacks with heavy physical activity, not in their sleep. No medical cause of death has been reported yet, even though one day has passed, suggesting there wasn’t one, so he was murdered by the Judaists.

    I hope the remaining conservative Justices will stop traveling to private events and demand secret service and private security guards and other protection from now on at their homes and wherever they travel. They must be under 24/7 video and other security.

  • Christopher Coleman.

    February 14, 2016

    To Mr. John Friend.

    Good Afternoon this is Chris Coleman. again thanks for returning my E-mail it’s greatly

    You John had an great interview with Mr. Steve Smith
    on race, pollitics,in this Country.

    Overall Great interviews:John that you produce.

    I have a few Questions if possible John inteviewing
    Guests from:France.

    The only 2 guests that you could have on,to talk about the issues facing:France’s
    Indigenous French Population is.

    1:Mr.Herve’ Ryssen
    French Nationalist.

    2:Mr Guillaume.Faye.
    Also a French Nationalist.

    I don’t know them personally.

    I just found them on the Internet .

    Just Google these:French Nationalist on the Internet

    1:If possible if you could consider looking into this year:2016: having a European Frenchwomen,or
    a European Frenchman Nationalist like Mr. Guillaume Faye in:France talk about the problems facing:France: 2016: like Immigration issues
    Shortage of Housing,Debt all over:France.?

    3:Other Autonomous Regions in France:like in Central-South Region like Auvergne:France,and
    in Southern France:Languedoc Roussillon Region:Occitan: where they are struggling to obtain it’s
    distinction from the Capitol of the Paris:France:Government preserving it’s Culture,it’s Dialects
    and Traditions, not only in Southern France’s Occitana: Region:but throughout all of France’s

    A correction from earlier’s mistake.

    Take Care,and all the best to you John.

    Christopher. Coleman.

  • Christopher Coleman.

    February 14, 2016.

    To Mr. John Friend.

    Hey John this is Chris Coleman againI just wroote to you
    just a moment ago.

    Thre’s a another person that’s also from:France
    and his name is Mr.Patrick Le Brun.he’s a Identitarian
    Movement Activist.

    He can found at:Counter Currents:Website.

    Again I don’t know any of these 3:French Nationalists,
    or have any access to these :3French Nationalists.

    Christopher. Coleman