The Realist Report – Split with Rodney Martin & ANA

On this edition of The Realist Report, I will be announcing my split with Rodney Martin, who I originally co-founded the American Nationalist Association with. I will also be discussing some recent news items and explaining the concepts of false flag events, PYSOPS, and media fakery, and the importance of properly understand these terms. Past and current events, particularly the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” and 9/11, and how they can be classified as both false flags and PSYOPS involving extensive media fakery, will be analyzed as well. Finally, the fact that fake events using scripted “actors” are being presented to the public as real via the mainstream media will be discussed. Can we take at face value anything that is presented in the media? Calls will be taken during the second hour. Tune in for what will surely be a controversial, yet informative program!