The Realist Report – Sofia Smallstorm

Weinstein Clinton

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by my good friend Sofia Smallstorm of We begin by discussing Sofia’s latest work and projects she’s working on, before delving into the recent sexual misconduct and abuse allegations leveled against a number of (mostly Jewish!) high profile Hollywood and media celebrities, including Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. It is becoming more and more clear that the elite ruling class is dominated by sexual deviants, perverts, and predators. Sofia gives us her take on these matters and much more!

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  • Incredible not even the Alt Right Media is covering the nexus among Harvey Weinstein and Adam Schiff, Al Franken, Schumer all of them pushing for the impeachment of Trump…why not???

    • Will Trump be as good as Jimmy Carter (a farmer) who never dropped a bomb or fired a bullet at a single foreign Nation? I doubt it. Under Carter, was also the last time one of our people was Chairman of the Federal Reserve, lasting only 18 months.

      Carter was demonized by the Jew as well and Carter is a far better man than Trump.

      Trump will dance with the Devil.

      * Wow. I just looked up the FED Chairman and for the 1st time in 45 years Trump is trying to put in a White Man as FED Chairman. Very interesting…

  • Shlomo's Kosher Soap™

    2 hr livestream from Sat Nov 11:
    “PizzaGate? FBI Investigating Comet Ping Pong for CP? Sealed Indictments? Saudi Arabia?”

    Host Dean Fougere (formerly Titus Frost) + 2 P*Gate activist guests. You can skip the first ~half hour; it’s Dean solo doing an AMA. Around 30m, guests HoneyBee & Last American Vagabond join, and the rest is excellent.

    In the ~50-90 min area, great discussion speculating whether the current flood of, mostly PedoWood based exposures of “long ago sexual misbehavior” aren’t (((TPTB’s))) attempt to conflate their demonic global Pizza/PedoGate child trafficking/SRA/rape/murder/cannibalistic network, with a bunch of “more benign” older/younger (but post-pubescent) harassment/molestations, some hetero (H.Weinstein), more homo. IOW, hijacking the global P*Gate exposure movement, & steering it into this current PedoWood Limited Hangout pen.

    John, plz consider inviting Dean, and/or his 2 guests above, as guests on your pod. :)

  • I think Sophia is an incredible woman and enjoy your discussions. John I think you need to get up to speed with Feldman. I had been starting to think he was not on the level , then when the news came out about Charlie Sheen having sodomized Haim and Charlie at renegade covered the time line and the reality show which featured both Coreys I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Excellent program, John! Thanks.

  • Harvey Weinstein may well be the beginning of a purging of the treason and perversion emanating from Hollywood. Having named the hurricane a few weeks earlier “Harvey” may well have been to seed that name into our minds before then attacking Harvey the ultra pervert Jew from Hollywood. It may well be the beginning of the end of the stranglehold the Jews have over our minds and culture, by purging them and so frightening them that they start to stab each other in the back and jump ship. This purge is only beginning, and as the awakening progresses, we can expect exciting developments as we start to heal ourselves from the eternal parasite of mankind. All the disgusting behaviour we see is prescribed for the Jews in the Talmud.