The Realist Report – Sinead McCarthy

Sinead McCarthy

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Sinead McCarthy. Sinead is a musician, singer, writer, mother, and host of Firestarter Radio on Renegade Broadcasting. In this podcast, Sinead and I discussed a number of topics, including her music, parodies, and pro-White activism, the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race, Jewish supremacy in America, Donald Trump, the Flat Earth hypothesis, and much more.

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  • I bumped into the spam filter in trying to link to these 3 items, so startpage search them if interested:

    I’m with Max Igan’s take on the flat earth question, jump to 17:40, search @ YT for: Max Igan Flat Earth

    Dec 22, Salon.Com – “White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it”

    Dec 17, Daily Express:
    “Right-wing fanatic JAILED for his part in organising anti-Jewish rally”

  • You probably could have ended this interview about 10 minutes earlier. C.I. by definition is not universalist, (unless of course your part of the eli james crowd).The “white nationalist” who attack their own heritage are as bad as the antichrist jews and are part of the problem. Only when they join in with the C.I. believers and understand Deuteronomy 28 and then obey II Chronicles 7:14 can these problems be solved. There is no political solution. And the Earth is not flat it’s really a rubiks cude and some jew mixed it all up. All the white squares need to be on the same side. When YAHWEH has had enough all sides will be white.

    • Confused listener

      Hi John.

      I was very confused to hear about that “flat earth” nonsense from your guest after she said to be suspicious of some people? Were you all serious or was it just a sarcasm or a joke that I do not understand now?

      If we really try to be suspicious, I am hoping that this flat earth promotion on end of this program was just a sarcasm or a joke? You both have capacity to find out that this flat earth -theory is very crappy. Made by jews. It’s main purpose is to get some open minded people interest away from jews and their crimes.

      Only good thing in that flat earth theory is space rocket and science critic and nasa -critic. Sinead is correct about Nasa and satellites and Apollo missions.

      I cannot believe that gas rocket work in vacuum. Those bricks called “space shuttles” just also cannot fly. Still gas based rockets are core of all space missions today and past and satellites and this hole space theater lay on this rocket theory. How can rocket really push against itself in vacuum? If rocket push against itself or it’s exhaust gas, many things are then against Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. So, Nasa tell as different theory: “Space rockets do not push against anything. They move by a recoil force.” But, that claim is also total nonsense.

      How many objects or animals in nature move by recoil force in air or on earth surface ? Where is used recoil -force motored cars or airplanes ?

      So, example Satellite-tv have to work by mirroring signals from earth Ionosphere using earth based transmitters, not any earth orbiting satellites in sky.

      Here in Finland we aim “satellite” mirrors to the south horizon, not up to sky. Yet, I have no idea where satellite tv-transmitters really are. Not in airplanes. That’s sure.

      Earths shadow can be seen from surface of moon and it is usually round shape or half round. And moon is round or a balloon shape. So, why earth should be then flat ? I warn you, Flat earth -theory is just a silly waste of time, but you can pick up some good nasa critique from there.

      Meanwhile we waste our time and energy to all those jew invented space fantasies, our enemy can rob and slave us more and more.

      And there was really only cartoon planes on wtc 2001 strike. They showed us a movie trickery in a news reels. No real airplanes. No missiles. No flying anything. No ufos. No atom bombs. No lasers. Just a computer tricks and animation. Towers gone I admit that, but not that way it’s shown to us in television. Maybe those towers there empty and under demolition process already days before that day? Because no-one seems to know anyone real and provable person who actually worked there or died there.

      But Everybody know who make those lying movies, and who lie about everything. Read John 8:44. Lying One single time from anyone is enough for me (if those do not admit that they lied accidentally)

      Those twin towers can be blown out or removed of from that site behind all that smoke (there may be used some mobile smoke machines) without need of flying any hollow aluminum tubes against those steel buildings or jet fuel fires.

      Aluminum tube (an airplane) does not crush so thick steel in those speeds. One airplane is seen to fly through that tower which is totally unbelievable and a joke.

      Or try to shoot to railway track with air rifle, you cannot get that steel track broken. Or you cannot get enough heat from jet fuel to melt steel on open office fire. Pressure and some coal is needed also to melt steel. Otherwise your car motor will melt when you drive. So, Simply way is usually the best way. Flying objects agaist those towers is too complicated and too risky. What if plane or missile missing target or hit just partly? Why they look like cartoon planes and doing things against physics? Aluminum tube (airplane) cannot cut steel columns that way that low speed. Passenger plane cannot do so fast change in it’s course so quick. You cannot make phone calls inside flying passenger plane in real life. They say there was emergency calls from passengers. Try to make any phone call next time you are in airplane which is flying…you can’t get a signal. So, what is really childish of this noplane point of view ?

      And about Christianity. Sinead is accidentally correct. Christianity can not be used as a weapon against any enemy (We. People can not used it that way. God can do what He want). Christianity cannot be used as a political program or an rescuing ideology of a society to organize. There is no help to start Christianity based political party, Jesus did not want those to rise up or to build any materialistic buildings or anything like that.
      Jesus Christ just asked to believe His words and follow him. But, No country or tribe can be led by a word’s of Jesus Christ (gospel) or by a Christian “ideology”. Christianity (gospel) is not good tool for politics or leading base ideology to a political group or defencive force of any man made army or group or even family.

      Christianity is only for personal save to those souls who has died to this world and themselves. And those who know deep in their heart (after reading what bible say about 10 commandment’s and gospel and accepting Jesus Christ words and sacrifice) that they are going to hell without Jesus. No man can meet Father by himself alone.
      Societies must/can be led by experts or monarchy or tyrant. What is really bad about monarchy? By a people who are honest and loyal to their country and have capacity to lead. ( Everyone must read about French revolution. Bankers eliminated nationalist minded monarchs from France and translated her to democracy). This “tyrant” can be Christian in his heart.

      I think that German leaders in 1930-45 were not all Christians. Some of them have Christian manners but that does not mean that they are Christians in their heart. They were mostly catholic which is fake Christianity. They lost war because Hitler was not suspicious enough.

      Suspicious mind is important today in journalism. It’s dangerous to be a naive. Example there were too many traitors inside German wehrmacht army 1940-45 (example general W. Canaris.) See eg. and

      Worse traitorous generals (maybe freemasons) were in too important places in eastern front. That’s why Germany lost.

      I am sorry for this simply English.

      Merry Christmas

  • This was the first time hearing Sinead speak, she does a great service for the cause on so many levels. Its true we need to resist Islamification here just as we resist Jewish supremacy.
    Mohammed was a pedo who personally killed people, he was a bandit who founded a bloody and cruel empire. To call Islam a religion fit only for dogs would be a huge insult to our canine friends everywhere.

    This flat earth stuff has to be a psyop…Remember, it is not wise to be a ‘crank’ on too many subjects, as then one is reduced to defending too many positions at once and one can get bogged down very easily. We already have a huge problem with our cause and our ideas being too expansive or complex. We need to simplify the message if we want to prevail.
    Keep the really far out stuff confined to ones own self or late night on Coast2coastAM.

    I have to agree about Anglin and the dismissive attitude of DS towards white women- for every woman out there who is no good you can always find a white man who is rotten and bad for whites too, so this attack on white women is just a potential severing off of 50% of our forces. Not good at all.