The Realist Report – Scottie Spencer


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Scottie Spencer (@Smoloko123) of In this podcast, Scottie and I discuss his background and website, his experience navigating the alternative media, Israel’s central role in 9/11, WWII revisionism, the Jewish assault on Western civilization, and related matters.

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  • Great show, John. Thank you. Spencer is quite knowledgeable. I’m having a hard time understanding this: If the Jews are only 0.2% of world population, why are they EVERYWHERE? And I’m constantly discovering crypto-Jews; people I never knew were Jews. Something is askew here.

    I’ve never heard anyone else mention Lasha Darkmoon. And you guys talked about the Barnes Review; SPLC calls it virulently anti-Semitic. Good recommendation, by all means. Will finish up tomorrow.

  • Hey this is unrelated to this topic but Alex Jones has started to monitor his comment section by deleting unfavorable comments about Jews or Israel. A few days ago I posted an anti Jew message and notice that out of 15 comments 11 where anti Jewish. Today I posted and my message did not post it said the message is being monitored. We all know Jones is a Zionist shill but he tried to hid it. Now he has given his ultimate betray to the white race and mankind and is helping the Jew obtain unbridled power over the goy.

  • Thanks John for having Scottie as a guest. An excellent interview. I was very impressed to hear his strong stand for Christianity.


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  • Excellent program. I was aware of but hadn’t given it enough attention. The meme work their is outstanding. I hope you two can collaborate some more and we all can work to spread them farther, wider, and with kosher relentlessness.

  • Respect this guy’s stance for Christianity. Solid interview. He’s right about Brother Nathaniel. Flowed really well, you guys fit well together. Great interview.

  • Very good interview, guys! You mentioned the Jews openly admit what they’re doing. Benjamin Freedman (a Jew himself) in a classic 1961 speech said Jews even back after WWI and before Hitler was in power openly admitted that the Jews caused Germany to lose WWI (by bringing America on the side of the British Empire) just so the Jews could get Palestine.

    • If was already recorded history that, “Jews caused Germany to lose WWI (by bringing America on the side of the British Empire) just so the Jews could get Palestine”, when Freedman, alongside Mises, trolled and infiltrated an earlier generation White/truther movement in same fashion as Atzmon and Makow and Nathaniel do today.