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The New Nationalist

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Russ Winter of The New Nationalist, an excellent website that covers a variety of topics from an anti-globalist, populist perspective. Russ and I begin by discussing his background and website, before moving into many of the issues his website focuses on, including false flag events, media PSYOPs, staged deceptions, and hoaxes. Russ also gives us his take on the recent alleged mass shooting in Las Vegas, President Trump, the burgeoning Alt Right movement, the reality of Jewish power and influence in the West, and much more!

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  • Thank you, Mister Winters and may our FATHER YAHWEH GOD bless you, both

  • I get tired of ‘truthers’ saying we cant criticize muslim immigrants. Muslim immigrant commit crimes, rape and terror attack. Our foreign policy is another matter

    • Perhaps the following will show more succinctly whom we need fear, (assuming the ONE is accurate – the other is a warning by former congressman Bill Dannemeyer)

      First – Let’s take a long hard look at what the POS Bush signed into LAW in ’91;
      (remembering that – the SAME tricks were used on us back in ’13 by the snake Wilson. I suggest you read the entire article to familiarize yourself with the what/where of “Noahide law”). Pay particular attention to the required mode of execution under Noahide Law.

      Next, let’s examine this short clip from youtube, look for the obvious connection between the 2 REMEMBERING the 60,000,000 Russian Christians/Muslims whom, I’m sure at the time thought “not in Russia!” up until the Bolshevik Jews annihilated them.

      Remembering just how racist/supremacist the Jew is and their penchant for boasting of their plans, let’s see whom will “benefit” from implementation of same, (always keeping “agenda 21 / U.N. 2030 etc. in mind).

      “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

      When you consider the chaos/slaughter of Christian AND Muslim in Palestine, the literally millions more Sewer nation has slaughtered for Israel/AIPAC, who REALLY controls D.C., our media, our currency – The Muslims are a bit too busy burying their dead to be a threat to “Jewmerica”.
      Now, MERCENARIES clothed like “Muslims” yet NEVER attacking Israel – allowed in Christian nations by the MILLIONS while israel refuses them should pique your interest.
      remembering, of course, the CIA’s “sister” organization, MOSSAD’s charter is, By deception we wage war, the THOUSANDS of Brits/yanks, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, King David hotel. Add to that the age old “trick” of divide and conquer – Wouldn’t it be a kick in the head to be fighting Muslims while the Jew, OUR military and OUR cops slip the blade in our back?

      “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
      (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

      • sorry, I think I misunderstood it and didn’t listen to the whole thing. I drank too much sweet mead after a hard week working in a ditch by sewer water.

    • Did you actually listen to the whole podcast? If so, what part of my remarks, about “toxic weaponized migration” and the “Africanization of Europe” did you not understand?

    • Which “truthers” are saying we can’t criticize Muslim immigrants?

      • Kevin Barrett comes to mind. On ever so many grounds he’s a corrupted source of information and anti-war propaganda. Tarpley, likewise. Jonathan Azaziah. The late Mike Piper. Mark Glenn and the other Ugly Truthers. Ken O’Keefe. Zen Gardner. Max Igan. Graham Hart. Gilad Atzmon.

        • These people all fall down for different reasons on race and nation questions, some are simply Muslim so Muslim-firsters (Barrett, Azaziah); some are exclusively anti-Zionist (Piper, Glenn); and others seem morally crippled by Jew-induced White racial cringe.

          Whatever the reason, all are at fault not only because they generally support the colonization of the West by hostile Muslims by preaching tolerance of the colonizers; but they also by their logic endorse the colonization of Muslim peoples by the Western military when they extol the virtues of tolerance, diversity, pluralism, anti-nationalism, because Muslim peoples are conspicuously less devoted to these ideals than the NATO forces that kill and subjugate them. They help no-one with their positions on these issues.

        • Totally agree with you Nick.

  • As a long time reader and listener of The Realist Report, and recent follower of Russ, it was great to hear the two of you in conversation. I think it is important to point out that the above comments prove the very point you where making during the interview, that being that there seems to be major push back when one dares to look at everything in this upside down world objectively, because when one does it it clear that Muslims are being played like pawns on a chess board. Those of us who say it like we see it and dare to say it are being marginalized, but it is the voices of the lone wolves that are going to set us free not the shepherds of the Alt-Right. Controlled opposition is VERY real and to many of our awakening white brothers and sisters are falling for it.
    On a different note, I was glad to hear Russ and John briefly mention Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, one of my personal heroes. Russ also mentioned cultural Marxism, so if you have not read “The Anti-Humans” , it is a must and a stark reminder of what exactly we are looking at when it comes to communism and the methods it applies to reshape the minds of even the strongest resistance fighter. I am sharing a link to the book which I have posted in PDF on my website.

  • Actually now that I listened to the whole thing I think it was a good interview. And my wife liked that Russ talked about Ukraine. I think he is right about the alt-right. One guy that I met from the alt-right said that all we do is critique. They don’t have a plan or agenda. Russ does say he doesn’t like hearing people demonizing muslims, but he explains why. I guess my point was that if a muslim commits a crime or terror, we can not excuse it even if the jews are behind the plan. And thanks for talking about South Africans, that is where my family came from.

  • John;

    Something for you to consider: I listened to the (not bad, actually “good”) interview with Russ Winter, and heard some “conclusions” which might bear a little examination. Only this old man’s opinion, of course. Here’s the general idea to investigate: When a so-called “alt-right” personality DOESN’T “signal” certain things, that is very different from that entity “not knowing”. In other words, effective signaling, politically-speaking, may require a kind of “silence” on certain topics in order to “break into the normie mind” of the target audience. I know for a fact that MacDonald doesn’t like “holohoax discussion” at his site for this reason. Doesn’t mean he’s not interested or might not agree with your (and my) thinking about this topic. Just means he doesn’t find it USEFUL in the venue he presides over. I also know some other significant “alt-right” people who DO question 9-11 in the same way you and Winter do. They “signal” it in different ways, though, to achieve the effect they desire. Be alert to how Mind War is used BY US against our enemy. What you “don’t signal” about doesn’t mean you don’t KNOW about it. Semiotics, or the “Science of Signals” has much to offer in getting to the core of how this works. With all of that said … you’re doing great work John. Keep it up, buddy!


    • Thanks for the comment and feedback – I really appreciate it!

      I agree with you, generally speaking. But I want to be clear: I don’t have an issue with Dr. MacDonald, or anyone else for that matter, NOT forcefully addressing the fake “Holocaust” narrative (or any other issue for that matter). I DO have an issue with people in the Alt Right COUNTER-SIGNALING revisionism, or 9/11 Truth, or research into media fakery, PSYOPs, and hoaxes. That, to me, is entirely counterproductive.

      I hope my stance is clear, because it’s important I think.

      • Frankie & Realist Report,

        The two of you just hit on something VERY important; as much of human communication is NON VERBAL, signals and body language.

        What Realist Report is referring to, when he criticizes those who do not address the holocaust, 9/11 or media hoaxes, is that he can tell by their non-verbal communication that these “shills” are fighting against us.

        What Frankie is referring to, when he applauds those who do give positive “signals” to matters of truth, is that he can tell by their non-verbal communication that these “honest men” are on our side.

        You can inherently tell when someone is on our side through being receptive to their non-verbal signals/body language.

  • John, how is my card idea to hand out to selected Whites both foreign and domestic?

    I know that a major website emphasizes “Islamic Evil” among a tremendous range of subjects. Perhaps you have either forgotten this request, or have in mind some edited form or card?

    Websites printed on a card are, to my thinking and on the ground experience, a very efficient and necessary way to reach out to our dying and suicidal race.

    Amsterdam “could be” a….? I say not one square inch of Europe could or should be anything other than White!!!!

    I recently saw and saved the wondrous speech by the great Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, and I just wish that the right people will find me, or that I will find the right people!!!! Because the time for talk is long over, you and I both know it.
    The jew side is ALL ACTION!!! And in the jews’ case, even their always evil talk is ALL ACTION!!!

    BUT among us, talk will prove to be too little too late. Even the intelligentsia among us are stupid!!!

    • Hi Arminius, did you email me with this request a while back? I vaguely remember it… I’m sorry, it must have slipped my mind. Please shoot me a quick email when you have a minute. If you’re interested in simply printing a small pamphlet or card with websites, that’s super easy to do yourself.

  • Impeachment won’t happen. Impeachment requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate for conviction.

  • BTW… Hitler is not a good example of the Jews winning. He’s an example of the failure of men to democratic/constitutional republics to put the interests of their people first. He’s proof of Edmund Burke’s statement: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”