The Realist Report – Ray in California

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by my good friend Ray in California. Ray and I discuss his background and his journey through the alternative media, 9/11 Truth and many other topics. Ray also elaborates on his experience with Morgellons and its connection to chemtrails. We wrap up by talking about the 2016 election, Trump, and the Alt Right.

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  • John: I listened to this broadcast a couple of days ago and was totally blown away by his exposition of the relationship between chemtrails and Morgellon’s disease. It was during the time I lived in the Victor Valley of California (1980-2008) when I first heard about the effects from chemtrail spraying causing respiratory problems among the populace. Doctors around the San Bernardino Mountain community of Lake Arrowhead reported in the local area newspapers that there was an upsurge of patients with respiratory problems and they began to suspect that it came from whatever was being sprayed in the atmosphere by airplanes. When Ray told you about the doctor recommending that he seek help for his mental problem, it reminded me of what I read about mental health issues in a book I read “In The Presence of Our Enemies” by Ellen McClay (2008). There appears to be a plan in-place to eliminate people by declaring them “mentally disturbed” with no real proof that the condition exists in that person. “Destroy The Accuser” by Frederick Seelig (1967) is just one of many stories told by Ellen McClay in her book. Great interview with Ray. Keep the good work coming on Realist Report !