The Realist Report – Rachel Pendergraft

Rachel Pendergraft

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by the one and only Rachel Pendergraft, the fiery and courageous daughter of Pastor Thomas Robb of The Knights Party.  In this podcast, Rachel starts off by telling listeners about her family, upbringing, and overall political, racial, and spiritual views. We discuss The Knights Party in detail as well as the general history of the Klan in America, what it stands for, and its significance. We move on to discuss the systematic falsification and weaponization of history by the Jews, which is used to justify and promote policies and perspectives that ultimately result in White genocide. Finally, we address the current state of affairs in America, President Donald Trump, the rise of the Alt Right, and much more!

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  • Excellent show. Almost drew tears to my eyes at the end when Mrs. Pendergraft explained about the sheep and the wolves. She’s very well spoken. A true leader. I’m very glad you had her on to valiantly express what the Klan is truly about. She deserves to live in a town like Mayberry. Her minds stays clear and more rested I believe, to keep intellectually fighting off the evil upon us. I respect her Christian view point even though I don’t consider myself a Christian but a follower of Aryan spirituality and the old ways and Gods. I still revere Jesus as a leader who tried to fight off the spawns of Loki/Satan. I admire Mrs. Pendergraft exponentially and thank both of you for keeping our spirits up during this hostile time for whites. You asked good questions. One thing I learned which was left out was how the North sent blacks down to terrorize the southerners thus being another reason the Klan came into formation. Lastly, I could not get to open even after several attempts. I googled kkk and was able to open however that is a different site.

  • Bless you, both. HalleluYAH

  • I could not get onto either, any suggestions?

    Thanks for your great work!

  • Monika Schaefer

    This was so very interesting and informative. Like Monica above, I was also moved by the metaphor of the wolves and sheep. That was brilliant.
    Thank you for the education on the Klan. Prior to listening to this interview, I had already started to wonder if the total demonization of the kkk was another case of history being inverted and falsified. This program confirmed those tentative musings and explorations into this taboo subject. Just like the holohoax and Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, the story of the Klan has been turned completely upside-down. The demonization of the Klan runs so deep, that even those parts of it that Rachel Pendergraft said everyone knows, for example “everyone knows” that it is about family and Christianity, that was not the case for me. I don’t think we learnt that part in our schools in Canada. It was just all bad. I only remember those weaponized images you brought up John, like the lynchings, the hoods, and the burning crosses. We certainly did not learn anything positive about kkk, we only learned it was evil white supremacists who killed black people just because they were black.
    Thank you again John for a wonderful interview, and thank you Rachel Pendergraft for enlightening me with this inspirational talk.

  • Alexander Rados

    First, thanks for not giving up on us whites and for staying in the fight. Your contribution does make a difference, this interview case in point. A most excellent one I would say. Constantly, I am always learning, and your effort to get the truth out there about the K.K.K. is another new foray into the truth. Keep up the good work, its appreciated. The Reich Was Right!!

  • There are a few areas in the country that are blocked from our site. Our website security runs daily tests for the country to block or unblock universities, government offices or sometime full subnets. We are under relentless cyber attacks (DOS attacks) and its a full time battle. Its interesting to see where attacks come from; sometimes municipal offices, universities, or (Oh, yeah..Israel state department) Anyway, sometimes, unfortunately people end up in a blocked area for a few days, but we can unblock specific IPs. This is inconvenient, but sometimes necessary. The fight goes on!

    • Dear Rachel, I tried again to get onto but couldn’t. I live in Southern California. I’m listening again to the discussion between you and John. Your voice and tone provide a safe harbor of comfort for me like a mama bear. John’s voice and temperament also make me feel the same way in a masculine sense. Listening has lifted me up a bit and perhaps I’ll find more creative ways to aid our cause. Bless you, just bless you God Almighty. You and John are incredibly wise, brave and the absolute golden rule for our people.

  • Awesome interview. I don’t know that much about the klan. But I have seen the klan at all white nationalist rallies. They are definitely the most active and they have been doing it the longest.

  • “The shepherd should protect the flock from the wolves.” Powerful stuff. I was pretty fired up at the end.

    Unfortunately, our flock is so stupid it cannot tell the wolf from the shepherd.