The Realist Report – Pete Papaherakles and Dr. Kevin MacDonald

Pete & Friend (2)

On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by my good friend Pete Papaherakles of American Free Press and The Barnes Review. Pete and I discussed a variety of topics, including the invasion of Europe by non-White “refugees”, the importance of historical revisionism, Donald Trump, and related matters. Dr. Kevin MacDonald joined us for a 30 minute segment at the start of the second hour to discuss Trump and the upcoming NPI conference Dr. MacDonald will be speaking at.

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  • I’m Guilty ! I get so excited when I learn some shocking truth about this evil lie of a world we live in and I just have to tell the world ! Pete is right, I need to feed them an appetizer, then back off and let it sink in. In my first few meetings I had after becoming Chairman, I introduced something that most had never heard and their response was a few rolling eyes, and I could feel some thinking “What in the world is he talking about?” At next month’s meeting I went a bit deeper on the same topic and about half of them were right with me, but two sets of eyes still rolled. Within six months the rolling eyes began to turn to being wide open and they began to contribute truths that they uncovered for themselves. I haven’t yet reached the dessert level, but we now appear to be working on the entrée.

  • Just FYI, fresh 1 hour interview conducted yesterday: “Jewish Control of Reality by John Kaminski on The Brian Ruhe Show”

  • I feel that Donald Trump is bought and paid for by the Jewish and Swiss banking cartels. How else would he have been able to build a 13 billion dollar corporation unless it was with the blessings of those two groups? I also feel that until we have a political presidential ticket with the likes of personalities such as Dr.David Duke for president and Dr. True Ott for vice-president, we will continue to get the same bad results that we’ve had in the past. It pains me to say however that I feel too many white people sell out the future of our race for comforts of the day. And, until we get some real leadership within the white race we will continue down this path of self-destruction and white genocide. Also, if your a student of history and have done your studies you will know the truth of the U.S. corporation and the 13th and 14th Amendments with their 3/5ths U.S. citizenship. And, the FACT that only members of the white race can be 100% American citizens which is why the Jew wants ethnic cleansing and genocide of the white race in America. Plus we must know the difference between an American citizen and a U.S. citizen as they are diametrically opposed. Wherein the American citizen is the enemy of the corporate United States, this is evidenced by the “Trading with the Enemy Act”. So we need to do our due diligence and proudly stand for our race as members of the other races stand for their race. Because if we don’t know who we are and where we come from and take pride in those facts we’re destined to be tossed to the waste bin of history. To be lorded over by the Jew, SO WAKE UP WHITE FOLKS.

  • Christian Soldier

    Why is Kevin Barrett, an otherwise insightful and provocative commentator who has done much to educate us about false flag terrorism, apologizing and denying the rape of Europe by Middle Easterners? On top of that in a recent show he turns the tables and makes it sound like Muslim immigrants to the US are being unfairly picked on.

    • As a Muslim Barrett is acutely aware of how Jew supremacists have brought about the wars & misery in Muslim countries

      • And as a good Muslim, Barrett sides with his adopted brothers against his racial brothers, and often lies in such service – as is permitted by Islam.

  • We have two main candidates for president. Hitlery who is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat and Trump who is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.