The Realist Report – Pete Papaherakles

Willis Carto painting (2)

A portrait of Willis Carto, which was painted by Pete Papaherakles, still hangs in the main office of American Free Press and The Barnes Review.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Pete Papaherakles of American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper – and The Barnes Review. In this podcast, Pete and I discussed the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute organized by American Free Press, the legacy of the legendary American patriot Willis Carto, the importance of historical revisionism and objective journalism, and related matters.

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  • John;

    I heard on an internet radio show that Mark Lane is now in control
    and running things at AFP and Barnes Review. Is there any truth
    to this? If not, just who is running things there?


    • Ha, no there is absolutely no truth to that assertion. This allegation has been made for literally years now, and it’s just not true. Chris Petherick is the main guy behind American Free Press – he’s the editor – and Paul Angel is the main guy behind The Barnes Review. Chris and Paul work very closely. Of course there are other people involved with both AFP and TBR, but Mark Lane is not one of them. :)

  • I’ve thought about subscribing, but you’ve really ravaged my last comments. BTW: I’m a truth seeker (and longtime subscriber to AFP). I’m looking for the truth, and I understand that you’re promoting the work of your colleagues. Nothing in this interview explored this guy’s background. Who is this guy? I’m assuming he’s from Greece, because of the last name. English is not his first language, that I can tell from the way he pronounces some words. Did he immigrate to the US? And if so, why? Did he have any experience doing community outreach previously? Obviously, these things were not discussed. He’s obviously a talented visual artist, with the cartoons and portraits. Nothing in the interview about his personal life. I think he said he was based in NYC, but that’s obviously not a NY accent. Carto was a mysterious figure, that’s for sure. One thing you may want to look into was Carto’s relationship with Col. Philip J. Corso.
    Also, there’s a long list of Carto associates who died untimely deaths, and it is not just
    Traficant and Piper. Edgar Steele and Don Harkins are two that come to mind. Another was a gay guy who worked for Liberty Lobby and died of AIDS around 1990 or so. This is not to say this is all part of a conspiracy, but this is “intrigue” nonetheless. Now, in regards to gossip and intelligence gathering is there really even a difference? As Forbes Mag once wrote: “Men just don’t admit they’re gossiping. Even if they prefer to speak of their exchanges as “discussions” or “intelligence gathering,” they address for the most part the same topics as women, and at the same level.” Seems to be a fine line, indeed!