The Realist Report – #OregonStandoff

Oregon Standoff

On this premier edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by my good friend Sean Daly. Sean and I recently drove out to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge just south of Burns, Oregon. A group of American patriots are occupying various buildings in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to protest and rectify the unjust and tyrannical policies various agencies of the United States federal government have and continue to perpetrate against law abiding ranchers, farmers, and private property owners in the surrounding region. This is one program you don’t want to miss!


  • Great Report!

    Here is the motive, the other side of the story:

    From January 8, 2012

    Malheur County targeted for gold, uranium mines

    Further research will show just how vast and deep the deposits are.

  • V.Eastwood & Susanne Posel as guests on J.Fetzer’s show on 8 Nov 2013 to discuss Santilli as possible FBI/Hal Turner fraud. Description:

    “[…] The topic of today’s show is internet radio host Peter Santilli, leaked documents have revealed that he is working for the FBI and it is fairly certain that he is an agent provocateur put in place to help the US Government destroy liberty movements, demonize patriots and generally poison the well. If you are a Santilli listener please we implore you listen to this and study up with further content, don’t just take our word for it!”
    ^ scroll down to 8 Nov, 2013 for listening options. Also scroll further for the 22 Oct 2013 show, and the 16 Oct 2013 show

    I listened at the time, & recall VE & SP were pretty convincing. Oddly, Fetzer still associates with Santilli; JF was guest on his show in just the past few weeks discussing this “Rebecca Roth” (alias) character, among other things. Fetzer just learned his youtube channel is suspended, apparently the work of Roth, who JF just spent several shows “exposing as a fraud.”

    4.5 mins, JF tells of his YT channel being suspended:

    2 hrs, JF on Santilli’s 17 Dec 2015 show:

    • They have been trolling the bejesus out of Roth for the simple reason that she is 1: successful, 2: names the jews.

      And yes, after they both tore strips off of each other, Fetzer and Santilli are now back on speaking terms – and what drew them back together? Roth.

      This stinks to high heaven.

    • I know you are just posting an advisory; so, don’t take this personally, but in Santilli’s defense, he has always taken me where I want to go: Bundy Ranch, Baltimore riots, and now, Burns, OR.

      His live streams were instrumental in Brandon Curtis forming the Idaho III Percent which made history today when they rolled up on the FBI compound at an airport outside of Burns. The White man’s way to the max. If you get a chance to watch the video -, Pay attention. It’s how it is done.

      I would add a photo to this post; maybe, when John gets caught up, and can come up for air, he might add that feature to his site.

      Even the ranchers at the Malheur Refuge were handing him money in appreciation of his streams so that other ranchers could see what was going on as history is being made.

      Not to mention, it’s cold out there and if you’re not watching live streams, you don’t know what’s going on here do you Mr. Jones?

      From jump, I have had to listen to all these info-warriors parroting Tiger Penis Alex Jones about Ammon Bundy not doing this right or that right while secretly wishing for some limp, PC way out of this mess.

      Look, we’ve got rape jihad headed this way. They’re not only going to be going after White womens; if they’re in heat and get a whiff of that penis juice, they’re going to be going after guys like Jones “squeal like a pig” Deliverance-style.


      It’s not about Bundy. It’s not about Bundy’s comings and goings. It’s about his message.

      Bottom line: I don’t know if Santilli is some secret agent, but after hours of live streaming, I’ve seen no evidence to support that. In fact, his co-host, Deb’s analysis seems to be spot on, where as Fetzer (who I also respect) seems to always get caught up in some drama.

      At the end of the day, after years never winning one round, I can now understand why they are called Patriotards, and unlike secret-agent Jones, Santilli is at least in the game.

      Again, nothing personal, just my observations.

    • Holy Shite! After a podcast dry spell of… a couple months maybe? VEastwood has just posted these 2 fresh ones; find audio links at the show pages:

      Jan 8, 110 mins; I haven’t listened so you’ll need to skip through the audio to find where the PS/Oregon discussion begins:
      “The Inside Scoop On The Oregon Armed Standoff Against The BLM!”
      The Oregon standoff with the BLM is getting serious attention and this issue is very much misunderstood by the general public due in part to disinformation and misinformation coming from both mainstream and alternative media.
      For those familiar with the BLM standoff at the Bundy Ranch, you can consider this new protest as “Bundy Ranch 2” with a similar cast of characters, armed protesters and a known FBI informant Pete Santilli as the media spokesperson for the protest group.

      Jan 10, 45 mins:
      “HOW TO SPOT AN FBI INFORMANT. Glenn Canady, Stew Webb & Vinny Eastwood Expose Pete Santilli”
      Called up in the middle of breakfast, Vinny Eastwood lays out in detail the direct evidence linking internet Talk Radio Show host Peter Santilli to the FBI and his long track record of crimes he never seems to be punished for including carrying a concealed handgun in Ohio without a permit, under Ohio state law the offenses he was charged with came with a mandatory minimum sentence of up to 5 years, he was release the very next day, on $0 bail and all charges were dropped!

      Now Pete Santilli is in Oregon and has been appointed the lead press agent for the protesters who’ve taken over a federal building, these people must be warned about this wolf in sheeps clothing in order to prevent any loss of life among veterans, militia and the American people at the hands of the government and the provocateurs in their employ.

      PSantilli was recently on a Rense hour as guest, and the issue of PS’ being accused of being an agent came up. PS denied everything; said it’s all been disproven and put to bed. Since grizzom.blogspot stopped posting Rense shows a couple months ago, I have no MP3 link to this recent Rense hour with PS as guest.

      • Reason being, Scumtilli had Eastwood’s YT channel shut down, posting multiple flags. He was forced to jump through hoops just to get his channel back. This is the vindictive judas who stirs the pot on the FBI’s behalf.

      • Thanks for the links.

        I haven’t listened to them yet, but I downloaded both audio files and caught part of the YouTube clip.

        Unfortunately for Vinny, with the learned elders instigating all this open-borders, gun-grabbing, nation-destroying sedition, the future belongs to guys like Idaho 3Percent founder, Brandon Curtis, not Justin Bieber.

        The good news is: Vinny is still young and can get out of his safe space, vacate his Gun Free zone, and head up to the Idaho / Oregon border and begin re-potting himself in an area not locked into municipal water, where his neighbors sell free-range eggs for $2-3 a dozen, raising his T-levels off the charts, so he can help the ranchers reclaim their freedom, and with a little luck, get to know Brandon Curtis and his crew in the process.

        Eating just 4 of those eggs a day will do wonders for him. Think of it as AJ’s Super Male Vitality only supercharged with toast. Then on Saturday night, he can drive into Boise to go dancing with all those White country girls at the Buffalo Club…according to Yelp — they’re HOT!

        Seriously, Vinny is too young to get caught up in all this Internet drama trauma.

        The problem is: his obsession with Santilli comes off as a Hollywood man-crush gone bad, and I don’t think Vinny is into the butt stuff.

  • Great podcast and fantastic music at the start

    as always – back linked and shouted out to social media

  • John

    I wouldn’t trust Santilli as far as I could throw him. Associating with this shill or even interviewing him would be to do yourself a great disservice.

    He is nothing but a troll and undercover federal agent whose brief it is to shit stir and cause trouble for peaceful protesters.

    I’m a bit surprised that you may not be aware of this, everything about him is a lie and a scam.

    This is one of countless videos made about his nefarious activities, this one by first hand witnesses. You can palpably hear the rage in the victim’s words.

    Be aware and stay alert.

    • I would argue that as a reporter and independent journalist, it is not about John, it is about his viewers, and that he would be remiss for not interviewing Pete Santilli and letting his audience decide for themselves, but I suspect John already knows that.

      Again. . .

      It is not about Ammon Bundy, it is about his message.
      It is not about Pete Santilli, it is about his live streams.
      It is not about Alex Jones, it is about his magic penis pills.

      There is all this kvetching and hand-wringing from Partiotards over infiltrators and agent provocateurs. . .

      Well, I’ve got news flash: Big-ballers like Ammon Bundy don’t need to worry about infiltrators or some Fed plant on suicide watch- LIKE A BOSS- they need to worry about him, and now that the 3Percenters are on the scene providing adult supervision, he can get some well-deserved rest.

  • John,
    What’s with this weak BS from Sean? What are they supposed to do? Take a poll? He has no idea what he’s saying. Is he a joo?

  • You don’t have to agree with this guy. “we weren’t consulted”
    Give me a break?

    • I’m not a Jew- I’m Irish.
      The statement about “consulting us” was a blanket statement referring to the community.

  • Coincidently, Pete Santilli posted an update on Burns, OR this afternoon and at 5:30 mark he addresses not only the accusations against him, but the techniques used the spooks and kooks ((confirmed by the information released by Edward Snowden)) to divide and disrupt Internet groups, comments, and social media via FUD — Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. My words. I only know tech terms.

    I am sure there is more, but I stopped the video so I could post this.

    Check it out. It is only 20-minutes, so you might want to watch the entire clip.

    Live Update Burns Oregon With Pete Santilli

    • Good stuff Patrick, thx. :)

      I don’t follow PSantilli whatsoever; but there’ve been a few times when he was brought to my attention. Namely, there’s now wrt this present OR rancher standoff; there was Oct/Nov ’13 when VEastwood & SPosel did a couple shows alleging PS is an agent; and there was PS’ May 31 2014 show with guest Delphi-Deanna “The Sandy Hoax Report is holier than the talmud itself!” Spingola. In that show, PS asked DS some simple questions about her divine faith in dajooz’ Sandy Hoax story, and DS failed spectacularly!

      As to PS’ 20 min talk you linked to, he said roughly what I would expect for either a completely innocent & sincere patriot being falsely accused to say, OR what a deep-cover agent being called out (& esp in advance of being called out, coz “an ounce of preemptive agent-super-watchdog posturing beats a pound of post-accusation denials!” ) would say… so personally I was unmoved in either direction by his spiel.

      Actually, I think he pushed me slightly towards greater distrust of him… here’s why:

      One ‘tell’ you’ll find with cons and spook/agents seeking to win your trust, is they’re a bit overly preoccupied with warning you, “educating you”, all about all those scary spook/agents out there seeking to do you (read: US!) harm, and their dirty tricks & deception methods.

      In reality, their ‘intent’ isn’t selflessly ‘edumukating you’ at all. It’s a textbook joowey/NLP gambit, heavy on the kosher “Flip the Script & Project” element, where their true intent is to deceive you into judging that they’ve got your back; they’re someone you can TRUST!

      Ultimately, I don’t claim to know ‘The TWOOF!’ about PS. But I wouldn’t trust him any further than I could throw him. I’d much prefer to see a less dubious actor in the role which PS has assumed presently.

  • John, Ive appreciated your work since the Occupy movement days, so I am definitely supportive of you. Id like to offer some constructive criticism though. Ive noticed you tend to go overboard on the color commentary on shows and interviews when it comes to these events. Maybe you could get to the point faster?. Id guess most listening to your show already are up to speed on the background of said events. Spending the 1st 100 minutes of this show going meticulously over the background was tedious IMHO. Id much rather have heard you expand on the new info you guys talked about in the last 40 minutes of the show.
    Same criticism with the San Bernadino event when it came to Roberts show. You spent an hour or more going over every minutiae of detail and this seems to cause you to rush and cram in all the real meat of new info at the end. Try to encapsulate the background info into the 1st segment(10-15 min.) and that way you could spend the majority of the show bringing your unique new info to us. Think of it like reading a book. Do you want to read a novel that has an introduction that takes up over half of the entire book?