The Realist Report – Monika Schaefer

Monika Schaefer

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Monika Schaefer, a courageous activist and truth-seeker openly exposing the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative and other extremely controversial topics. Monika’s brother, Alfred, was recently a guest on The Realist Report.

In this podcast, Monika and I discuss her background, education, and upbringing before moving on to address her awakening process to the lies endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the mainstream mass media, Hollywood, modern educational establishment and virtually all Western governments pertaining to the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” during WWII. Monika gives us her take on the fake “Holocaust” narrative and offers her perspective on Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. We also address a number of other important topics in this podcast, including the reality of Jewish power and influence in the Western world, the systematic promotion of policies designed to genocide the White race, 9/11 and the “Global War on Terror,” and related matters.

Check out Monika’s website and her great video Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust:

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  • Excellent interview, John and Monika. You both come across as lovely, honourable, sincere and well-meaning people – and very brave, too.

    Yes, I agree with John that the myth of the Holocaust is the Number One weapon used on a daily basis to brainwash the masses across the world into accepting all the wars and injustice and unfairness and political correctness that the fake ‘elites’ (mostly Jewish) are raining down upon this earth. When Mark Webber (of the Institute for Historical Review) says these days that the Holocaust is basically a non-issue and we should move on and just talk about Israel – oh, my God: how wrong and wrong-headed (out of whatever motive) can he be! The fake Holocaust narrative is THE defining myth of our age and underlies literally ALL the evil that is being perpetrated in the name of a false ‘good’.

    • Thank you Richard! Agree 100% – well said!

      • On Weber – I’ll ‘third’ that!

        Robert Faurisson, Michael Collins Piper and even that mellowest of men, Germar Rudolf, have gone on the record and said Weber is crook.

        If it were ever in doubt, just look at the volume of material produced by Rudolf, Mattogno, Graf and so many others, on a shoestring, and generally provided free of charge to the world at Meanwhile, IHR is mothballed when it had at least a coupla million dollars, plus ongoing income from well-meaning mainly elderly donators who just didn’t know better.

        There are five 45 minute RBN ‘Piper Report’ broadcasts starting here:

        Someone with time on his hands could turn them into a shorter, less discursive, single edit, exposing the enemy’s take-over and driving into the dust of IHR.

      • On Monika Schaefer, I’ll ‘third’ that.

        It’s the smart and principled fraction we most need (and which most need us!) And the Schaefer eltern provided two healthy specimens, indeed.

  • Russian Limbaugh

    No event which ever happened in history has been used as the Jewish Holocaust has been used to justify displacement, murder, bombing, imprisonment, etc. of gentiles while giving Jews special privileges above all other races of people.

    This is sufficient to conclude if the Jewish Holocaust had really happened then it would not be used in such manner as no other historical event ever was. It is used is such manner because it is a fantasy and not because it really happened as other historical events.

  • Thank YOU, John. Keep up the great work.

  • She seems like a sweet lady.

    Unsure of the brother, after listening to a recent podcast, whereupon he stated he enjoyed exposing himself to the police or that he was abducted by aliens during his early teenage years.

    Thanks, John.

  • Alfred Schaefer

    Great interview. You were probably too polite to remind the listeners that these Rabbis not only want to exterminate the white race. They are encouraged by their holy book, the Talmud, to rape our three year old girls. These are the same rabbis that have their foreskin chewed off when they are 8 days old. These rituals ensure that the parasite never fraternises with the host. Raping our 3 year old girls builds an unbridgeable gulf between parasite and host.

    The entire history of the “World Wars” need to be seen in the light of being the first big hit of the parasite jew exterminating the White race. We are now seeing the final blow against us, and the holohoax is used as the psychological guilt trip to destroy our defences. The jew is advised through the Talmud, to kill us slowly so that we do not notice. One day the last remnants of the white race will wake up and think, “how the hell did that happen?”….
    But, we will do what we can to ensure that it is not the white race that goes down. And we are fighting to win!

  • Dear Monika and John,
    Thank you for this great interview! Monika you are hitting the nail on the head in so many areas.
    2011 also my search for the truth started, on September 11, in response to another 9/11 documentary.
    About a year ago I spoke out publicly in a meeting with just one sentence opposing the Hitler bashing. After that I was rejected by a person who was seeking my friendship before. She did not give me a chance to give her detailed reasons for my one sentence, though I asked her for it, but right out rejected me and forbid me to speak to her. Apparently, she considers me evil and that’s that. Imagine you have a judge like this in court, and there are some like this, and definitely they have them in the “German” courts run by Jews. That’s why they extradite people to Germany to grind them through the Communist Kangaroo Courts in Germany where the judges say: “Truth is not a reason to deny the Holocaust.” Like Monika says and JFK said in his speech about the secret societies that they do not come with weapons by day but with secret machinations. Nothing is open and honest and up to debate. For the encouragement of people, when I found out that it was the Jews and not the Russians that overthrew Russia and executed or slowly killed between 66 and 100 Million people, the fog lifted from my brain and opened all the channels to see other deceptions. I’d like to add to the “people do not know how to use their brain” by saying they also do not want to. I have come to understand that people want to belong to a group, and by indoctrination of a false holohoax, they who believe in it all think alike in this area. “Don’t dare to disturb this group!” You’ll have a bad thing coming! And furthermore, these frightening Hollywood Nazi and Holocaust movies had such an intense emotional impact on children that as adults they still “see” these experiences, like the older generation remembers “Night of the Living Dead.” AND ANOTHER THING IS, PEOPLE WANT A SCAPE GOAT. THEY CAN THEN BLAME “EVERYTHING” ON THAT SCAPE GOAT AND NEVER HAVE TO LOOK AT THEMSELVES. THIS IS A VERY JEWISH CUSTOM INDOCTRINATED INTO THE GENTILES AND GOES BACK TO THE OLD TESTAMENT TIMES. Just think about the fact that in the Muslim religion when a girl or woman gets raped she is ALWAYS BLAMED FOR IT and punished for it. No punishment for the criminal. No wonder, as the Muslim religion is an offspring of the Old Testament. Germany is the scape goat for all of man’s evil, just like Jesus, a German – the Germans lived in all of Palestine – was the scapegoat for all of mankind, for their sin (Jews invading a German homeland and genociding most of them) and crucified because the Jews had already mostly taken over their country. To think other than the group means the person will be either dismissed, abandoned, isolated, and at the very best be allowed in with cold indifference, something no one can handle for an extended period of time. All of these have happened to me, including family members and most friends have departed from me. (Who needs friends like this?!) Like Monika, I was also hoping they would be happy about the Holocaust being a hoax, the contrary happened. They hated me for bringing them the good message of the Jewish author’s book “Tell the truth and shame the devil”; they called me insane, told me to see a psychiatrist, told me to get lost, called me Nazi and peace disturber (their phantasy peace). And most people are not willing to talk about it, yes! 99%, after I spent about ½ hour of my energy telling them the truth in several areas, they told me that they did not believe any of it. In my own family in the U.S., where one can speak the truth at least at home, there have been painful consequences for me. I am only 18 minutes into the talk, and I have so much more to say in response to your talk, but already wrote maybe too much. Thank you both! For more WW2 truth, visit

  • I have gotten way behind on the podcasts that I like to listen to, so only got around to this one yesterday. I was very impressed! Great interview.

  • I really enjoyed listening to this, and I really felt for Monika and the reaction she received after posting her video, which is very good, by the way.