The Realist Report – Monika Schaefer

Monika Schaefer

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by the courageous activist, musician, and writer Monika Schaefer. Monika was a guest on this podcast back in May, and today we pick up on many of the topics we discussed then. We begin by addressing the recent conviction of Ursula Haverbeck, the so-called “Nazi Grandma,” an 89-year-old German woman who just lost an appeal on charges related to “denying the Holocaust.” I’ve written about Ursula Haverbeck in the past. She will reportedly serve 14 months in a German jail following the judge’s decision, but appears to be appealing once again.

We move on to discuss how the fake “Holocaust” narrative is the primary weapon used to advance White genocide and the New World Order agenda across the world. We also address the promotion of degeneracy and cultural perversion by the Jewish mass media and “entertainment” establishment, Jewish globalism and the promotion of mass Third World immigration to formerly White countries, and related matters.

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  • Terrific interview, John and Monika. I loved your first show together, and I love this one.

    Thanks for the update on Ursula. I wasn’t aware of the judge’s remarks, or Ursula’s appeals. If I had not heard that, I would have assumed she was behind bars at this time.

  • This is a wonderfull side,telling the world the real truth about our jewish owners,Janko

  • Yes. Monica is a courageous woman. If everybody was prepared just to tell the truth, she wouldn’t need to be ‘courageous’ and targeted in an attempt to silence here. The same comment applies to the wonderfully courageous and intelligent and persecuted gentlewoman for truth, Ursula Haverbeck.
    Here is a new article by John Wear exposing the deliberate starvation of ordinary German soldier POWs AFTER the war, on the specific instructions of the mass murderer Eisenhower:

  • Ursula Haverbeck’s interviewed by Panorama (English subtitles) – LUV IT!

    Yes, the talmudic destructive principle is Divide & Conquer toward their World Revolution for World Domination which actually ties in perfectly with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (published 1905, later translated into English) as revealed by author Douglas Reed in his astonishing book ‘The Controversy of Zion’ which gives the full history of the Levitical priesthood/Pharisees/Rabbis and its need to acquire a ‘flock’ and how it maintains its hold on that ‘flock’ over the centuries. After the collapse of its ‘flock’ of Sephardics due to the Spanish banishment, it moved lock, stock and barrel to Poland to ‘acquire’ its new ‘flock’, the Khazarian converts, the Ashkenazis. In order to continue to control the ‘flock’ it is imperative to promote the victimhood hoax indefinitely. Victimhood is the glue that holds the ‘flock’ in submission to the Rothschilds talmudic leadership.

  • Excellent interview, thank you! Regarding your comment about the suppression of the existence of ethnic-European Red haired/blue-eyed people in NZ either prior to and/or concurrent with the Maoris, here is the link:-

    The Redheads. NZ Ancient History Documentary:
    New Zealand skeletons in the cupboard. Episode 1, The Red Heads:

    Skeletons in the cupboard. Episode 2, Under the Carpet:

    My view is that since the White race is a threat to the goal of talmudic Jewish World Domination and has thus been singled out for genocide as per the KALERGI PLAN (through immigration invasions for the purpose of interbreeding and warfare/pressure to lower birthrate etc), it is necessary that ethnic-Europeans around the world be demonized in the eyes of all non-Whites as ‘the evil colonialists’. If it became known in these ‘colonized’ countries that Whites had already been there, the demonisation would be rendered useless. The question instead would be ‘were the Whites victims of extinction at the hands of current indigenous peoples either through slaughter or interbreeding?’

  • I love the Schaefers!! I listen and follow quite a few peoples work but Monika and a Alfred remind me of the powerhouse duo that was Ernst and Ingrid (may they forever rest in peace and in our hearts). They are truly wonderful people who deserve our highest admiration and support.
    Thanks for an other great show bruder!
    Monika sent me the Translation of Alfred’s speech at Bretzenheim and I have posted it on my website. I have also shared a link to your interview with Alfred at the bottom of the post , which was also a great show and will serve as a wonderful introduction to any of my readers who have yet to cross paths with the Shaefers.