The Realist Report – Mike Stone

It's Okay To Be White

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Mike Stone, an independent author and researcher who recently published a short book entitled It’s Okay To Be White. Mike and I discuss the brilliance of this meme and why it is in fact OK to be White. We also address the reality of race, the full-scale war on White people across the planet, the Jewish promoted agenda of White genocide, and related matters.

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  • Thanks for a great interview and introduction to Mike Stone whom I have never heard of, I must have missed your previous show. I just purchased his Kindle book and look forward to reading and sharing it. I was also some how relieved that he also believes the recent mass shootings are fake, as it really bothers me when Alt-Right figures avoid this topic. And nothing warms my heart more than to hear Hitler and Christ in the same sentence.

    To clarify your discussion on Mein Kampf, the Murphy translation is often confused with the Stalag edition, but it is not the same, and the Stalag edition is better, though some have suggested parts of Murphy’s translations where used by the unknown author. The Murphy and Mannheim editions both left out major sections of text, and contained long, clunky, badly translated and almost unintelligibly long sentences. I think the Ford translation is also pretty good and have,but have not yet read, Thomas Dalton’s Translation which was just released this past summer and I was made aware of by Carolyn Yeager.

  • Place on Lamp-Posts, Street-Corners, Schools:


    Does Mike Stone have a Contact-Address?

    Thank you.

  • I recently learned that the group, ‘Say No to Marxism (Communism) is making itself known at Conservative and Free Speech rallies. It distances itself from the so-called ‘White Supremacist’ groups so as to focus on anti-Communist agendas. Yet, the Radical and Commie Left go ballistic on them…just in case, and tipping their hand as to who they actually are. The latest example being the Free Speech Rally in Boston. After all, the Leftist groups are all united under the red flag of Communism (antifa) and are led by the neo jew Bolsheviks like back in 1918. They are a plague that needs eradication, starting on the college campuses. That’s why I am happy to hear that the meme ‘It’s OK to be White’ is being embraced by enlightened college students. Of course, the Left is going ballistic over this, too. Since jew commies are leading and financing the Left’s activities, and jews are anti White and don’t identify as White (unless it’s convenient for them) I see this meme as being on target. As with my first reading of Mein Kampf, a book obtained from the public library, the preface was written by none other than Abraham Foxman! The jew was trying to influence my free and open minded thinking before I even started! The jew is indeed a paranoid parasite. I just acquired a copy of Mein Kampf from Mike King, which is the Ford edition. I also found Dr. Duke’s, The Secret Behind Communism, very enlightening, and adds more ammo for my banters with Lefties at the local dog park. Let’s keep the fight going as the Truth will prevail! Thanks to John et. al.

  • Great interview!

    BTW, Hitler’s first name isn’t pronounced Ay-dolf… but Ad-olf.

    • JimB – The German A is pronounced Ah. So it is Ah-dolf. But you’re right, it isn’t a long A sound; that is this Ä with the umlaut. And Adolf doesn’t have that.

      • The “ah” sound is of course correct, Carolyn. Thanks.

      • I like the sound of Ah-dolf. The narrator of “The Greatest Story Never Told” says it very strongly at the beginning of the movie. It’s very striking.

  • I wrote my first comment before I’d actually listened to the entire interview…
    I want to point out a couple of serious flaws with the interviewer and interview-ee here:

    1) “A lot of Jews are O’kay. They’re just people who’ve been brainwashed.”
    This is an absolutely FATAL mindset! Now I know that each and every Jew isn’t an active member of the anti-White Ruling Elite, don’t get me wrong, but affording even the slightest level of victimhood status to ANY of them, regardless of their station in the tribe is the #1 mistake we Whites have made historically when dealing with the JQ. Thinking that “some Jews are decent folks”, and thereby extending a level of trust to those “good Jews”, is the prime way that Jews have wormed their way back into our societies after each expulsion (109+ of them!). If we’re ever going to TRULY free ourselves from Jewish parasitism, we simply MUST view EVERY. ONE. OF. THEM. as deadly enemies and allow NONE. OF. THEM. into any station of power and/or influence within any future society we might set up.

    2) “All of the fake shootings…” The everything’s-a-hoax mindset.
    While I can buy that some of the various shootings, religion-of-peace terror attacks, etc., might be psy-ops, or cases in which undercover operatives within the ZOG may be involved… I regard it very silly to believe that “everything’s a hoax” and that all of the victims are paid crisis-actors. Why would ZOG pay all of these people to pretend and act when they can just actually kill and maim people for real? Do you think that they give a damn about non-Jewish lives? How about 9/11, do you think they gave a second thought to wiping out a couple THOUSAND of us when those buildings were brought down?? No, they didn’t. That being the case, I ask again, why would anyone think that they’d rather carry out some elaborate hoax, with paid actors and oaths of secrecy, etc., when they could just shoot, blow up and maim people for real and pin the carnage on whichever group or patsy they want?

    No, this wasn’t a great interview on second thought. It was interesting, yes. That about sums it up.

    • “A lot of Jews are O’kay. They’re just people who’ve been brainwashed.”

      I did not care for that either. It is extremely dangerous to trust any Jew. You never know where their true loyalties lie.

      • I agree with Jim 100 percent.

        Take a look at what Tim Wise, who is only half jewish, had to say recently:

        “Unwise: Tim Wise Calls For White Alabama To Be Destroyed

        Tim Wise wants an economic boycott to destroy Alabama if White people there elect Roy Moore.”

      • And the jews laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility of their White victims.

        Let’s just talk rank and file everyday jews for a moment. Within this circle of jews, it’s a private circle that Gentiles may never enter. There is a real derision, a real despising, a real contemptuous, condescending attitude towards gentiles. Now, understand, you may not notice it if you have the misfortune to be around them. They laugh among themselves at the seemingly limitless gullibility and unawareness of their White victims. It is only for the jews to understand while winking and smirking amongst themselves, these secretive, extremely ethnocentric, clannish, parasites who understand completely, they are nothing like us. Jewish identity is, disguise, secrecy, subversion – and the confusion their nature creates for us is a very important aspect of that identity. Race or not, race or religion, White or not, are examples of their dual nature.

        Most see them as people just like us. Most see them as just another ethnic group. We don’t discuss their jewishness. Why would we? They’re so touchy about their jewishness. We must afford them special considerations and total respect, because they’re “jew-ish”. Weren’t they “holocausted”? We must be careful. We must be sensitive. We wouldn’t want to offend them, now would we?

        You see — jews are not like White Europeans. They are not White Europeans. They are not “Whites”. They are jews, not Whites. Not like you. You can be assured that whatever is being “learned”, whatever is being watched, whatever you think you know about jews, is misdirection and disinformation. Hiding the truth is a jewish cultural trait. Jews seldom, if ever, tell us the truth about themselves, their history their culture or their families.

        Jews are a distinct tribe whose ancestors converted to a religion that taught them it was permissible to exploit, to rob, to deceive, to betray and ultimately to even kill non-Jews, and they have deliberately caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of non-jews, mostly White Europeans, through the wars they have deliberately instigated and incited. Remembering that 80% of jews are atheists, as far as their religion, jews don’t know the Bible which is where most gentiles receive their conception of what is right and wrong. Jews know the Talmud, a racist elitist book that portrays gentiles as subhuman. The Talmud is the jews’ holiest book. Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in judaism. The talmud teaches jews it is all well and fine to lie to non-jews. It’s just fine and dandy to steal from non-jews. It tells them that gentiles and their children are animals — goyim. Jews call Gentile women, Shiksas. You may have heard the term spoken in normal discourse, even with gentiles in their presence. It’s a jewish term that roughly translates to “abomination,” “impure,” or even “unclean or tainted meat or “unclean animal”.

        Not ALL jews? Rank and file jews act as a political bloc. When a candidate is running for political office, the jews ask among themselves all that really matters to them: “is he/she good for the jews?” Hence, “Is it good for the jews”? Jews never consider whether that candidate is good for their nation, nor do they care. All they care is: IS HE GOOD FOR JEWS? When you call them out for corruption in politics, for their Israel first conspiracy, for debasing American, European, or Christian culture and corrupting White European traditional values, their response is never to explain these subversive activities. Instead, it is you who are accused of hatred and anti-semitism.– or being delusional, paranoid, or stupid?

        Jews are actively anti-Christian and they view all Whites as Christian regardless of whether they consider themselves Christians or not. They hate Christ, and Christians, and most White Europeans hold Christian beliefs. Jews worship themselves, not God. It’s about their hyper-ethnocentrism, racial supremacism, elitism, and utter contempt for non-jews. It wouldn’t matter to me, their contempt for non-jews, except they have wrested control of our White governments for the purposes of destroying our society and culture. They are responsible for third world, nonwhite invasions into our White homelands. So, for these reasons, they deserve none of our White compassion, only our hatred because of their actions against us, and our hatred is more than justified. The honest question that most Whites need to understand is not why White truthseekers hate jews, but to understand that jews are working to destroy us.

    • What if these Jews who are born here in America who don’t even follow that religion love this country and would do anything to defend it. Do we not have a voice. Can I not love this country and frontiers of land I have roamed upon be called my homeland. It’s mountains I’ve climbed it’s rivers I’ve quenched my thirst with. Do I nor my future kin have no right in any station of the the tribe? Can I not even call myself an American?

      • Jason, if you call yourself a Jew then by definition you are declaring an unwillingness to detach from the Jewish community.

        This is a community unique upon the earth in having had such perverted morals it made its religion about supremacism over other peoples, including their economic exploitation, slavery and genocide, where genocides in particular are your people’s major ‘Holy’ days.

        Jewish peoplehood and culture and individual Jewish identity cannot be separated from these essential all pervading characteristics of anti-‘gentilism’, genocide and greed. Saying you’re a Jew says you support this culture.

        If you genuinely reject the Jews’ supremacy and their vile culture, reject Jewishness utterly and be an active antisemite.

        • Thank you Nick D. for the reply. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve been following the RR for some time now. I have never found myself ever disagreeing with any of John’s content. It’s actually one of the first red pill experiences I’ve had. It has lead me to many different places, and meeting with many people here locally as well who share the same mindset, values & strength we seek in people.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jim.

      John and I were referencing all of the hoax shootings that have occurred in recent years, such as Sandy Hook, the Pulse Nightclub, etc.

      I think the reasons why they stage these events with crisis actors are:

      1) They can get local police, and state and city officials to cooperate.

      2) It might be legal. I’ve heard rumors that laws were passed that make this kind of deception legal. I can’t verify it, but that’s what I’ve heard.

      3) They can control the outcome, especially the reaction of the fake parents and relatives. In real life, they’d be clamoring for blood and more guns. With staged shootings, they can trot out the fake parents to push for gun control.

      There are other reasons, but those are the main ones, I think.

      As for Jews, no group of people is all bad. There are always exceptions. Didn’t Hitler have a Jewish doctor? I enjoy reading Henry Makow, Wayne Allyn Root, Brother Nathaniel.

      • “Didn’t Hitler have a Jewish doctor?” No, he didn’t. His mother did, and as a teenager living in his mother’s home, he had occasion to see this doctor a couple of times. As an adult, none of his doctor’s were Jewish.

        As to your preferred reading material: two Jews and a libertarian. Unreliable conspiracists all. So it’s no wonder you get so many things wrong. If you are interested, here is a program I did that included Makow a few years ago. Everything I said then still stands … on all six of the anti-Nazis I discussed.

        More current, this is the type of slander and crap the Jew Henry Makow indulges in: Do you like this kind of stuff Mike and John?

        • Makow does run some good articles on his site, mixed in with some bad ones. I only read the good ones. Here are a couple recent articles I found interesting and worth reading:

          • John, I don’t like to drag this out, but read the “Michael Berg”piece again. Do you actually think he’s a real, living person and not Makow conjuring something up? How many times is the word “Satanic” used? Why isn’t “Michael Berg” well known since he’s got such an important message and has done so much research? He’s called an Israeli, but why would he remain in Israel when he dislikes it so much?
            There are many questions that remain unanswered, but Makow knows that his readers will not ask them or will fill in with their own imagination.

        • Good stuff, Carolyn. I looked up Disinformation Part 1 and listened to that too. It is hard to know who is credible, who to believe. A writer may have a personal bias, hidden agenda, or simply be batshit insane. (Not David Icke, though. Reptilians living inside the earth really do exist. Everyone knows that.)

          The post about Michael Collins Piper bothered me all day. What the disagreement between Mark Glenn and the other guy was about, I don’t remember. The only thing that stuck with me was that Mike died alone and in pain. Where was his family? I bet this happens to a lot of old people in our atomized society.

          On John’s recommendation, I am reading the Codreanu book. Fifty pages in and the Jews are already making trouble.

      • Mike Stone, many groups of people are all bad. Murderers are all bad people. Rapists are all bad people. And Jews are all bad people.

        Jews are a group defined by ethnic identification with a history, culture, religion and orientation defined by the Torah, the Talmud, Hollywood and the holohoax.

        There are no other defining features of Jews except the genes that gave initial rise to these horrible cultural pusses.

        So, unless Jewish-supremacism, slavery, genocide, degeneracy and lies are good, THEN ALL BAD!

    • Thanks for the feedback JimB.

      I agree with your first point entirely. Jews must be viewed as a hostile racial/ethnic entity that is actively working to undermine, corrupt, and take over White nations – they’ve accomplished their goals largely. They control our nations. If I had my way, Jews would be identified as a hostile racial group and isolated from society with an eventual goal of deportation. And yes, I do mean every single racial Jew currently living in America, even the “good” or “nice” ones (I’ve known a few in my life).

      Your second criticism is a fallacious misrepresentation of my views on the mass media, PSYOPs, and fake events. I have never said “everything is fake.” I do argue that virtually every single high profile, traumatizing event – “mass shootings”, “terrorist attacks”, etc. – presented to the public as a real event via the Jewish owned mainstream news media is extremely dubious and unrealistic.

      When I examined these high profile, traumatizing events in great detail in the past – 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston “bombing”, etc. – I found the official narrative and media presentation of these events to be absolutely absurd and insulting to the intelligence of any critical thinker. The evidence used to “prove” these events actually happened – news media coverage, interviews with “eye witnesses” and “victims’ family members”, etc. – was unconvincing, fraudulent, or entirely fabricated, and demonstrably so.

      I am certain the high profile “terrorist attacks” and “mass shootings” presented to the public as real events via the Jewish owned mass media in recent months are equally as fraudulent and manufactured as the ones I examined in great depth. I just don’t have the time or interest to do that sort of investigation anymore. I know the Jewish media lies about virtually everything, and have the ability to literally create events and present them as real to the public via the mass media. It’s a waste of energy even entertaining their nonsense.

  • An excellent interview about the most important topic affecting the white European race and our existence. Two excellent young racial brothers that I am proud to identify and share racial heritage with. I praise Yahweh that John and Mike were given the gift of truth and the blinders have been taken away. It heartens me and gives me great hope!

  • you guys are right about one thing for sure – hitler is one of the most lied about people in history… it stands to reason. word war 2 was conceived and perpetrated in lies, otherwise it would never have happened. most of what we’ve been taught about history is lies. and there’s a lot more that’s been left out. probably ten times as much…

    i appreciated this presentation; you disagree but with regard to the suggestion that hitler might possibly have been a double agent i would respectfully suggest the following – the fact that the jews had germany under their thumbs during the thirties and would therefore have no reason to instigate ww2 doesn’t really fly too far. yes the jews had control of germany, which was a very chaotic place politically during that time with hundreds of political parties, and the jews had been extracting ‘reparations’ over ww1 and it might seem they would have been satisfied to keep that going.
    but i’m betting that situation was not going to last forever anyway and the jews knew it. besides that they have even bigger plans – the ww2 episode. munitions contractors and their financiers from all over the white world made billions on the rearmament of germany during the thirties. big war is big money, a lot bigger than reparations. they always make money when that card is played. money is political power.
    and as the german people were nevertheless regaining their national center and strengthening right along the jews would soon have lost control, in spite of the many apex positions they held over german society. it makes perfect sense that the manipulators of ww1 would have taken control of the rising german nationalist movement if they could, by providing a fake leader.
    i can’t prove it but from what i’ve read about his past and how he came to power, who financed him, and understanding now the treacherous way these things usually go and seeing how it all turned out in the end with the tactically senseless slaughter of the german military, the mass murder of german civilians, which could not otherwise have been done, the actual assistance in setting up the state of israel, the fact that some of hitler’s own officers tried to kill him at one point and his mysterious disappearance at the end – i think we should not be too quick to absolutely lionize the guy as some impeccable hero.
    after all, fdr was a jewish operative. so were churchill and stalin. look what they did to their countries. is it really not possible that adolph was too? look how it turns out now. who really runs france and england? surely not the french and english people. look at obama. who was he working for? who does merkel really work for. i can tell you it’s not germany. and i’m not sure she’s the first nwo agent to get control of that country. and from the looks of her face i’m not sure she isn’t from the same bloodline as adolph himself.
    the jews hate the german people because they are in their character an impediment to zionist designs and they know they have to keep the tightest control over that country.

    • @barkingdeer,

      This website seems to be riddled with conspiracists of the most undisciplined kind. Here are the errors you’ve made in this one comment:

      1. the jews did not have Germany “under their thumb during the thirties” nor did they have “control of Germany.” Hitler came to power in 1933.

      2. there were not “hundreds of political parties” in Germany at that time, or ever.

      3. You are definitely exaggerating when you say “munitions contractors and their financiers from all over the white world made billions on the rearmament of germany during the thirties.” Billions of what?

      4. “it makes perfect sense that the manipulators of ww1 would have taken control of the rising german nationalist movement if they could, by providing a fake leader. i can’t prove it but from what i’ve read …” and on and on you went with speculations. Sorry, but you must prove what you say, for who cares what you think. BTW, the Jews were not actually the “manipulators of ww1” either. They had their fingers in the pot where they could.

      5. “some of hitler’s own officers tried to kill him at one point.” At several points, actually, and I don’t think they considered themselves “his” officers. You are unfamiliar with the life of Hitler and with the war.

      6. You don’t know how to spell the German Adolf.

      7. “from the looks of [Merkel’s] face i’m not sure she isn’t from the same bloodline as adolph himself.” Totally subjective and idiotic statement. It puts you in Henry Makow’s camp, and other Hitler haters. What is your purpose?

  • no insults necessary carolyn.
    as i understand it this is a freethought hall where comments are welcome as long as they’re lucid and relative. and the decision to post or not belongs to the owner.
    calling someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’ doesn’t prove him wrong; it just means he thinks outside the box. most people can’t so that.
    beside that, right or wrong, anybody pushing the idea that hitler was the hero of ww2 would be referred to by the majority in the same terms – wouldn’t you say?
    i can not say for sure that adolf was a double agent.
    but i can’t say for sure he was not.
    it wouldn’t surprise me if he was.
    1 – i’m talking about the big jews, not the little ones.
    2 – the impression i have is that political parties parties came and went frequently during the time from the end of ww1 until the nazis took control. from what i’ve read there were about 80 in play when adolf was installed by the very jewish bankers he railed against. he received 10,000,000 dollars in ‘campaign contributions’ from the warburgs.
    3 – billions of dollars. germany rearmed at a furious pace once hitler had been installed. corporate warmongers and international bankers from all countries involved continued to meet and plot throughout the war. they were escorted through combat zones. nothing new about that. money.
    4 – jewish bankers manipulated the world into the first world war. my opinion. do you really doubt it?
    5 – there were those among the wehrmacht officers, including erwin rommel, who eventually got the message that NAZI (NAtional ZIonism?) hitler was gradually annihilating the german army through his, not stupidity. but deliberate sabotage. why did he let the english army escape from dunkirk? war is war, you don’t pull punches. good germans, they were loyal before they caught on to the deception.
    6 – thanks for the correction on the spelling. personal attacks however do not bolster any argument.
    7 – if the common people ever get control of their governments they should demand every high officeholder register his dna in a special bank, so that it might be cross-referenced with all others to determine who is really who. i see a resemblance between angela and adolf. don’t you? fwiw – adolf had a sister named angela. according to researcher jim condit the sister angela was president of the jewish mensa society in paris before the war. that’s just for openers on the jew blood – watch ‘the final solution to hitler’ jim condit jr. i know it’s hard for a decent person to grasp – hitler was a jew.
    i think it highly likely that there has been relatively little democratic process actually at work in the world and that the ruling bloodlines put their own people in power for their own purposes. hitler, of uncertain parentage, was likely of those bloodlines.
    my purpose is to find the truth – not to protect some position.
    there are many more, but i’ll give you a short list of books to buy and when you have read them you will have a better understanding of the history of that period… remember this – the first rule of war is treachery.

    • @Barkingdeer – So it’s Jim Condit’s disinformation you are using. You do sound very much like him.

      First, nothing I said in my comment to you was an insult; it was my simple observation. You are not qualified to judge Adolf Hitler b/c you have never tried to learn about the real man. Mein Kampf.?Table Talk? Hitler’s speeches? None of that, only trash books. So here is my reply:
      “i can not say for sure that adolf was a double agent.” Of course you can’t. You can’t say anything for sure.

      1 – When you say Jews or The Jews, you are not specifying. If you mean the ‘big jews’, you need to say who they are, or who some of them are at least. Blaming everything on unknown persons is meaningless and irresponsible, don’t you think?

      2 – 80 parties is a far cry from “hundreds” which has to mean at least 250 at minimum.
      “when adolf was installed by the very jewish bankers he railed against.” Again, where are the names and a source?
      “he received 10,000,000 dollars in ‘campaign contributions’ from the warburgs.” There is no decent source for that. I’ve already been over this lie with Jim Condit all the way back in 2011. He could never back it up except with one discredited book.

      3 – “billions of dollars” – again you are just speculating. Where are the facts?

      4 – Which jewish bankers? Nothing is that simple. Other parties/national rulers also wanted war for their own reasons, thinking it could be a controlled war in which they could achieve some of their national goals.

      5 – Erwin Rommel, National Zionism, Hitler sabotage … you just throw it out there. Where does it come from, besides Jim Condit? The Hitler assassination plotters did not believe Hitler was deliberately sabotaging the nation. They didn’t like National Socialism and his Jewish policy.

      6 – Since when is correcting spelling a personal attack? If you weren’t so sloppy, you wouldn’t have to be corrected.

      7 – “i see a resemblance between angela and adolf. don’t you?” No, I don’t.
      “ adolf had a sister named angela. according to researcher jim condit the sister angela was president of the jewish mensa society in paris before the war.” Jim Condit is WRONG; an OSS report stated the Mensa Academia Judaica was a type boarding house (nothing to do with the IQ organization) in Vienna. Angela Raubel worked there as a sort of house mother for a short time.
      “hitler, of uncertain parentage, was likely of those bloodlines.” Hitler’s parentage is very certain; no one questions it except certain ignoramuses. Now if you take that as an insult, please look up “ignorant” in the dictionary [adjective, #2 – lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact. #3 – uninformed, unaware; unlearned]
      “my purpose is to find the truth.” You’re not going to find it in the places you’re looking. Like that book list, which is made up of Jews, homosexuals, super liberals – an unimpressive bunch. I have a book on Hitler coming out – it should be available before Christmas.

  • On December 20, 2012, John Friend, on his web site, said, “At this point, it is safe to say that the official narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting is fraudulent, and a major cover-up and PSYOP is underway.”

    John Friend was one of the first, if not the first, who claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax. That suggests speculation, NOT research. Research takes a lot of time and effort.

    Regarding the above list of books – these are all very biased books written by very biased people.

    • Some hoaxes are obvious right from the get-go. Sandy Hook was an obvious hoax from day one. So was the Pulse Nightclub “shooting.” On the morning of 9-11, it was obvious that the towers came down from controlled demolition and that no plane hit the Pentagon.

      JFK was before my time, but I suspect most thinking Americans smelled a rat that very day. My father, who never saw a newspaper headline he didn’t believe, even called B.S. on that one.

    • Deanna, you are referring to this blog post I wrote about Sandy Hook six days after the “shooting” allegedly happened. I stand by everything I wrote in that post. Thanks for reminding me of it – I encourage everyone to check it out. Over 105 comments, too.

      • Hi John, you, Fetzer, Halbig, Tracy, Smallstorm and others must be a lot smarter than those who spent a great deal of effort and time and looked at all of the evidence before drawing any conclusions. I have written several articles about the event at I am currently re-examining a 220-page deposition that Halbig made for one of his many court cases before Sandy Hook. It takes time to look at and evaluate records.

  • Carolyn Yeager is a fastidious researcher who knows her facts and is not reluctant to state them. Those were not insults but her opinion based on years of research.

    • Thank you Deanna. Do you think barkingdeer sounds like Jim Condit himself? I know it’s not a good idea to “out” someone but he’s making it so obvious. His manner of speaking sounds like Jim to me, but that is my own speculation, I realize, and may not be correct.

      Anyway, it’s nice to connect up with you again.

      • Carolyn, you are right, “it’s not a good idea to ‘out’ someone.” I attempt not to speculate about anything but to rely totally on the facts. I recognize that you are also someone who is factually-based as you readily admit with your statement, “I recognize, and may not be correct.” That is one of the noble characteristics of someone who is open to the truth and not just speculating. A valid test of sincere “truthers” is when they can change their opinions when presented with evidence incompatible with their initial presumptions.

        • Deanna, and everyone, after I posted that I was sorry I did. I don’t think Barking is Jim Condit after looking at some of his older comments, he just used some Condit language in the two here. It also makes no sense to think Condit would be following John’s blog.

        • Truth is only as legit as your sources and oftentimes sources are biased. You are still justifying why you shilled for Sandy Hook, IMO.
          At this point in time we have a right to assume chronic liars “facts” are lies till proven to our satisfaction
          Look at the Whole alt-right WN community now. They swallow any claim the MSM makes regarding these goofy psyops and you surely must know, few of us would be here but for the 911 false flag. Everything else came after.
          Again, why on earth would you give chronic liars the benefit of the doubt?
          Deanna, I remembering listening to you and VK right after becoming 911 aware. You were close to heroes. Sadly, none of the heroes pass the smell test, four years later, but I guess that’s what growing does. many balloons get popped

          Hey Carolyn, glad you are still energetic!

          • JTS, Sources are always biased because humans always are. Truths can still be gleaned from information, regardless of the source of information.

            Example: I have only known you as a critic of Sinead McCarthy, and where my bias was initially in her favour, not yours, where SM was known to me and I considered her a positive while you were for me an unknown factor.

            Upon investigation I didn’t find any reason in the videos of yours I viewed to reconsider my opinion of SM. And therefore, having reviewed your critiques, I developed a slight bias against any information you might have presented to me in the future because I saw that at least once before you did not have good cause to express the opinions you did.

            So bias is normal and even generally reasonable.

            But from this and a thousand other cases I also gleaned the truth that just because a person is criticized confidently from all quarters, I should reserve judgment – the critics may be the problem!

            More truth is derived from broad error than narrow confirmation.

            Thank you for these lessons.

  • Hey, John, good show with Mike Stone, I bought his Kindle book while listening to your show.

    The Stalag edition of Mein Kampf Mike was referring to is the one sold by TBR, This edition leaves a bit to be desired IMHO, misplaced punctuation, bad paragraph breaks and sentence structure, don’t know if this is really the ‘official’ english translation or if it is, it hadn’t been edited for readability.

    I have the Murphy translation, I also have the one you talked about with the black swastika on the cover (which I haven’t read yet) but from everyone I’ve heard talk about the various versions, the Ford translation of Mein Kampf is the best and easiest to read. I think Carolyn Yeager mentioned this one too. (has that changed, Carolyn?)

    Keep up the good work, John, appreciate your efforts!

    • No, I did not recommend the Ford translation of Mein Kampf – I have in fact criticized it as being over-simplified to the point of losing the flavor of Hitler’s manner of expression, if not even the message.

      I have and read the Murphy translation. But I now have the new Thomas Dalton translation, and while I haven’t studied it yet, I would recommend it over all others. It’s formatted in a side-by-side arrangement with the German, so you can compare the two if you wish. This is the mark of a real scholar.

      I’m impatient with those who complain Mein Kampf is “hard to read” or that Hitler was a “poor writer.” I would say that they are poor readers.

      • Thanks, Carolyn, just got that one on Kindle. It will be interesting to compare.

        BTW, Carolyn, I have a photo I’d like to show you, see if you have any idea where it’s taken, and the circumstances surrounding the events depicted. I replied to the email you sent out (titled ‘Why the Alt-Right is a dead-end (2)’), but don’t know if you monitor that inbox.


        • Of course, I monitor it. But if I get questions that I think are not sincerely offered, I don’t waste my time on them. Also, you did send me the photo but I have no opinion on it and cannot know where or why it was taken.

      • Warning: if you go to the Amazon listing for the Dalton translation ( and click on the Kindle link, it will take you to the Murphy translation, NOT the Dalton translation.

    • Thank you, James!!