The Realist Report – Mike Rotondo

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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Mike Rotondo (@MikeRotondo86), who I’ve been following on Twitter for a few months now. In this podcast, Mike and I discuss his background and how he came to be “The Official Spic Mayor of America’s Far-Right,” as he indicates on his Twitter profile (LOL!). We also discuss the rise of the #AltRight, Donald Trump, trolling and mocking the traitorous political establishment, racial realism, Jews and related matters.

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  • Dictators?

    (25:21)… A purpose of pointing out jewish power and influence after praising Trump, who is surrounded by jews and his entire career was propped and supported by jews and who supports the jewish status quo in Palestine.

    Why is it that you brush off these connections while in the same breath discuss accountability for the control?

  • Enjoyed the interview; sounds good.
    Your listeners could do themselves a favor and scroll down the right side column and ……….click on;……………. “Do You Know How To Use Your Brain.”……………