The Realist Report – Mike King

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Mike King of During this podcast, Mike and I discussed his informative website, some of his recently published books, the importance of the independent media, and related subjects.

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  • I have worked with and supported Mike King VERY closely for some time now. He is an AMAZING historian and a genuine super patriot. He is the REAL DEAL! His literature is a joy to read as it is not only EXTREMELY informative but interesting and often entertaining to read. He is a MASTER of the use of graphics as well.

    He has a place at my table and my home any time we wants it. He is the BEST of the BEST – and I am VERY hard nosed about who I give beyond reproach approvals to.

    You could not have chosen a more effective source for TRUTH !

    • Thank you, Mister Cortina!! First for your comment regarding this article. Then, for your concersation with dear Pastor Dan Johns, recently. I, wholeheartedly, enjoyed as I profited, considerably, from that podcast. Thank you

  • Thank you for bringing Mister King on. He is chock-full of ingenious history concerning the Fuhrer.

  • John: I own almost all of Mike King’s books and have read about half of them, and have read most of his Anti-New York Slimes reports over the last couple of years. I will get to the rest of his books after I finish a big reading project I am working on now, and that is the work of General Leon Degrelle. That is a lot of reading, but I highly recommend everyone on this site to give it a shot. Even the story of Degrelle himself is a fascinating read ! His plans to have his work published in 14 volumes is a story in itself. Willis Carto made an attempt to get the entire project published, but the PTB jumped in and interfered with those efforts. Right now I own 4 of those 14 volumes and have an account with the publisher who is making a lot of Degrelle’s work available.