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A real car crash?

A real car crash?

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Mike King of the informative and hard-hitting website Mike and I begin by discussing the recent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and his critiques of not only the leading organizers of the rally, but also the mainstream media’s official narrative explaining the event and traumatic “car crash” that allegedly took place. We also discuss Trump’s reaction, the blatantly dishonest narrative emanating from the fake news media, and related matters.

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  • Here’s what American’s really think! 54% Of Americans Support Confederate Monuments

  • Wonderful, gentlemen. Of course, and as always may our FATHER YAHWEH GOD bless you, both, immensely..

    • I really admire Mike King and will listen to him more often now. I believe in the fakery of various attacks as well. You both come across very genuine and trustworthy. I cannot feel this for Richard Spencer even though he does a good job corralling white nationalism. Most seem to admit there’s something creepy about him and I sure find his arrogance un-Aryan. We’ll see what unfolds. Definitely key to notice the red flag of Enoch and Spencer not touching 9-11. I didn’t no know about this until now. Glad I tuned in!

  • kosher lampshade

    ““We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to, during, and after the rally.”
    –Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

    From: “How the Jews won the battle of Charlottesville”

  • kosher lampshade

    New term/meme alert:

    “Antifa” or “Anti-Fascist” is a classic Judeo-Masonic/Cabalistic 180 degree inversion of the demonstrable reality of the org. We need to rename them something better reflecting their conspicuous reality.

    It needs to include (((Soros))), and it needs to include the reality that (most of them, the unpaid loser-majority seeking an “identity“) are “Useful Idiots.”

    So their new name: Soros-Antifa-Useful-Idiots, or SAUIs, pronounced like SOW-EEs. 😀

    I’ll try to submit something to urbandictionary, knowyourmeme, etc. Meanwhile, in social media, just spell out the whole name followed by (SAUIs).

  • Isn’t it remarkable that we know so much about our enemy — the media control, the Federal Reserve, the infiltration of our institutions, the sinister purpose behind mass immigration — and yet we are virtually powerless to do anything about it?

    The problem has been studied to death. Books have been written. We know all their tricks and outnumber them 50 to 1.

    Still they grind us down.

  • Thanks again John. I would offer up the likelihood that the jew is terrified of the white Christian Male in the awakened condition. The jew instinctively knows that we can see right through them. We can smell them like a cat can smell a rat. We know their tactics better than any other people. They anticipate our outrage when we collectively awaken to their subversive assault on White Christian Culture. They see us as a sleeping giant, and they are skillfully chaining us down while we sleep so there will be nothing we can so when we finally realize what is happening.
    Also, you’re right about Israel influence in civil law enforcement. It is the Mossad that has been influencing the local police forces in our country to be more like a police state. The question is “just when and who is it or they who have invited the Mossad into our police forces to do this?”

  • Great job, John! Another excellent interview.

  • Just got around to listening to this podcast yesterday, and I have a few observations.

    First of all, it is becoming increasingly clear, and generally agreed upon, that Charlottesville was a deviously created trap. A setup from the beginning. Both John and Mike agreed on this point. And, so have many others in the pro-White, Alt-Right, White Nationalist online community. So we all agree – that the left planned, colluded, conspired and coordinated – in advance, probably over several months prior to August 12th, and had a trap waiting for our people to be lured into.

    But, despite the exposure of the background of Jason Kessler, and despite the exposure of Mike Enoch’s (Peinovich) jewish associations – John and Mike said they saw no ‘evidence’ that either one of these guys could have been enemy moles and could have played a role in helping to set up this Charlottesville trap? How can these two guys be so quickly absolved of suspicion, based on what we know about their past?

    As for Chris Cantwell – I watched that bizarre HBO video that he ‘starred’ in and it became very easy to understand why the jews chose this guy as who they wanted to present as the ‘face of the Alt-Right / Unite the Right’ rally and movement. Cantwell managed to put checkmarks in almost every single negative stereotype box on the jews anti-White checklist, except one – he wasn’t a Southerner. Skin head. Gun nut. Loud, obnoxious. Unhinged. Borderline psychopath. Racist. Spews violent rhetoric for the jew’s TV cameras. Cantwell was a perfect caricature of the sort of negative image that the jew media has been using to demonize pro-White activists ever since the 1960s.

    What intelligent purpose was served by that scene in Cantwell’s motel room where he was ‘showing off’ his arsenal of weapons to the liberal female news reporter? I’ll tell you what my impression was of that HBO video – either Cantwell has an IQ in the single digit range and therefore was too stupid to realize that he was helping the jews reinforce their regularly used negative stereotype of the ‘dangerous, skin head, gun toting White racist’ or, he was on their payroll and playing the role of a ‘dangerous, skin head, gun toting, White racist’ according to the script they had given him. Does anyone think that Cantwell is not aware of the obsession jews have to disarm White men? Did his ‘see my arsenal’ show not play into the stereotype that jews have been using to paint “White men with guns” as something that is dangerous to society?

    As for Enoch, Peinovich admitted on a Red Ice Radio interview that he was the guy who thought up that unbelievably brain dead stupid ‘Nazi Roman Salute’ stunt at last September’s first ever Alt-Right press conference – a stunt that handed to the enemy controlled media a video image that they promptly and eagerly used to discredit the Alt-Right and avoid discussing or covering any of the very important issues that were put forward by the spokesmen at that Alt-Right press conference. I believe that was a deliberate act of sabotage.

    Unless of course, one is naive enough to believe that it was just a coincidence that, at the precise moment that those Nazi Roman Salutes were given – someone had a camera ready to record them and then, the recorded video of those salutes just accidentally found its way into the hands of our enemies in the media. Yea, sure thing. I don’t believe in coincidences, especially when they benefit our enemies the way this one did.

    So, as for who John and Mike did suggest might have played a role in planning the Charlottesville trap – they mention the loathsome Governor McAuliffe and the jewish mayor Signer – and perhaps the black vice major, Bellamy. All pretty high level conspirators, but a conspiracy like what we saw happen in Charlottesville could not have happened without some involvement on the ground – at the street level. Which means, there had to have been some mole activity within the planners of the Unite the Right rally – if for no other reason than to gather intelligence on the inside that the high level conspirators could find useful and to make sure that their bigger conspiracy would go off as planned.

    One last observation. There was zero positive benefit for the pro-White, Alt-Right, or Southern Heritage movements as a result of Charlottesville. It was a tactical disaster and one that our leaders should have anticipated – and possibly prevented – had they done their homework. What do I mean by homework?

    Simple – when someone who is new to the movement suddenly pops up out of nowhere – such as Jason Kessler – before we sign on to whatever it is that this new mystery figure is promoting, we need to investigate their background and look at their resumes. White liberals who hate their own race and who have a history of voting for politicians, policies and agendas that harm their own race – do not suddenly do a 180 degree flip and become trustworthy White race realists overnight. Radio podcast hosts who host pro-White radio shows and who solicit for donations from their White listeners while concealing the fact that they are married to a liberal jewish female are clearly deficient in the areas of honesty and integrity — and who, therefore, should be viewed with some healthy degree of suspicion.

    And, last but not least, the spokespeople who are chosen to represent our movement should never be individuals who reinforce the negative stereotype that our enemies have consistently used to portray our movement in the worst possible light.