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A real terrorist attack?

A real terrorist attack?

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Mike King of Mike is one of the most insightful and provocative commentators in the alternative media and has written numerous books exposing the New World Order and other important topics.

In this podcast, Mike and I begin by discussing the purported terrorist attacks in both the United Kingdom and Iran in recent weeks, which were allegedly carried out by radical Muslim terrorists inspired by and connected to ISIS. Are the government’s around the world and major international media outlets telling the truth about these purported terrorist attacks and mass shootings? Mike and I analyze and address the weaponization of the media, fake news, psychological warfare, and related matters.

We move on to discuss some recent news items pertaining to the fake “Holocaust” narrative, including Mike’s Anti-New York Times piece Aging Holohoax Survivors Still Grasping for Stuff. Mike gives us his take on former FBI director James Comey as well as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Congressional testimony and the media narrative of “Russian interference” in the 2016 election. Is this ridiculous anti-Trump media narrative sustainable any longer?

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  • To hear Mike King say he is not familiar with and has never seen September Clues is gobsmackingly incredulous! “No. I’ll have to look into it…”

    And he personally knows 3 people who died on 911? One wonders are his acquaintances listed on the social security death index for the day or are they of the over 2,000 missing names?

    We are forced into some unpleasant considerations when contemplating Mike King and Kitty’s mission.

    911 was the big one. And still is.

    • Unpleasant considerations? Not yet.

      There was massive destruction at the WTC, and it isn’t known that the area was empty of people you’d expect to be there, even if it some casualties are phoney. So, if King worked at one of the firms located at the WTC, for example, or if he’s a former NYC fire fighter, then knowing three genuine victims would not be remarkable.

      What exactly does King say about these three and his relationship to them?

      With 23 million people in the New York Met area, and only allegedly 3,000 deaths at the WTC, just happening to know three guys from the neighbourhood who died on 9/11 is obviously implausible. But the kinds of relationship I mentioned before are clearly possible and many thousands of people will have similar, true stories.

  • How long now has it been since he’s been President? How many things has the left jumped up and stopped him from doing? At this stage we are expecting the wall to have been built or at least given the go ahead by congress? We didn’t think there would be a fight over this? If he quits fighting for what he promised and hasn’t yet done, then we are loosing. He’s learning that to get things done, he will have to deal with swamp creatures. And they are trying to lead him into quick sand. One major victory they can’ t take away from us is getting a conservative outsider into the White House. Hopefully this will continue to disturb the left for a long tome to come. Lets not forget. It was the democratic party that the anti-Christ communists underground and above board chose to infiltrate 100 years or so ago. I believe it’s true though, that they have spread into the Republicant’s party also, but I believe there’s more of us than there are of them. Also, we shouldn’t forget what the alternative to Trump would have been. We would have been worse off no matter what with the alternative. Let’s see what he can get done over the next three and a half years, and let’s keep track of who it is that tries to stop him in both parties. And let’s keep track of what ever important issue we are being distracted from ( like the Podesta pedofile investigation, the Comey testimony, which virtually exonerates Trump, the Clinton investigation for emails and fraud at the foundation, the two officers hired by Trey Gowdy to serve search warrants to the Clinton foundation who were found murdered within a week etc.)

  • This was an excellent interview. I’ve read Mike’s book A Bad War and I recommend it to anyone who wants a true understanding of what really happened in World War II.

  • kosher lampshade

    OT: Sinead M just got JRF’s (that’s John R. Friend’d); now she’s Ruhe’d!

    • Sinead McCarthy is arguably the most talented pro-White media producer we have. It would be great if she only focused on pro-White media and didn’t bother to attack fake pro-Whites like Spencer and Taylor. It just works out better that way.

  • O/T Did you catch this, JF?

    FBI agent charged with lying about his role in shooting Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum?

    I went back and refreshed my memory for motivation about the execution, here:


    On topic, I think, it is sensible to think of the persecutors of Sinead McCarthy and Lavoy Finicum – and indeed yourself – as one and the same essential thing, and that is anti-White genocidalists.

    kosher lampshade links to a good article at Renegade Tribune that makes clear how defending White people or even defending our traditions makes us targets for complete destruction, and that this can only, naturally, lead to one end, and therefore presumed goal.