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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Mike King of the one and only, one of the top independent media outlets operating today. In this podcast, Mike and I begin by discussing fake news, fake events, and some of the features of his website, such as the The Anti-New York Times (which you should be subscribing to!), as well as some of the books he has written, including his most recent book entitled, I Don’t Like Ike: The Story of Globalist Socialist Dwight Eisenhower That Stephen Ambrose Didn’t Tell You.

We move on to discuss the recent decision by to literally ban “Holocaust denial” books from being sold on their platform, including Mike’s epic masterpiece The Bad War. Next, we address the origins of the fake “Holocaust” story and the sinister forces who endlessly promote and perpetuate what has accurately been described as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history” by Ursula Haverbeck, a courageous German woman who has been persecuted and jailed for publicly stating her well-founded opinions. Mike and I analyze the recent “anti-Semitic” attacks and threats countless Jewish organizations and institutions have allegedly received in recent weeks, and conclude by addressing President Donald Trump and his proclaimed America First agenda. Will he really put America first, especially when it comes to foreign policy?

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  • I listened to this interview. Thanks for having Mike King on John! I agree with the double meaning to Eisenhower’s farewell speech. I think Eisenhower was faking out the public as part of the Jew World Order.

    I liked your conversation on the Holohoax as well! Where are the bodies?! Even if they were cremated, where are the teeth and bone fragments?! They refuse to allow core samples to be dug because there is nothing under the ground.

    Well done guys but a video would have been more impressive and reached more people in the future, on YouTube, than this podcast. If people have to take the time to listen, you could give them a video to watch as well. My four videos with you are gold on my channel.

  • There’s usually a drill going on at the same time these big shootings happen.
    Drill happening on 9-11.
    Frequency of these incidents went way up with Clinton and obama. That tells the tale.
    Crisis actors seen repeatedly in different scenarios.
    Police always fake the information on arrest reports too.
    It’s all realpolitik.
    Too much truth will wreck the power structure.
    That’s why they mix in the lies.
    The new York Times has no credibility outside the Clinton archipelago, full of steinies. .
    Truth is gaining on the web. People are waking up all over.
    The wheels are coming off the zionists’ party wagon.
    Only a matter of time now.

    • The number of drills on 9/11 are a special case. A case closed, really.

      But as for drills at say, the Boston Marathon, it’s plausible to think there would be anti-terror and other emergency drills conducted quite often around events like that. I would like to know if during the New York or London marathons in 2013 there were drills without terrorism, for example. (This regardless of the fact I’m convinced Boston was a hoax.)

      Emergency reaction drills go on all the time. They are not as clear a sign of false-flag terrorism as we sometimes are told. We will only for sure if they are a general indicator of false-flag terrorism and just how strong a sign they are when someone puts some numbers together comparing events with and without terrorism and with and without drills.

  • Great interview with Mike King ! Too bad Sugar couldn’t have joined you, her opinions count on ! I own just about all of Mike’s books and I have read most of them. I voted for Mike to write the book on Ike, and after reading James Bacque’s book “Other Losses” I just had to have someone write the book on Ike, and Mike King was the right guy to do that. Thanks Mike King, and thanks John Friend for having Mike on Realist Report once again ! I am looking forward to his next appearance on Realist Report ! As soon as I receive my pre-order of the late German Journalist, Udo UlfKotte’s new book on the CIA, I plan on cancelling my Amazon Account due to their banning books that I read. They also took down Andy Hitchcock’s “Synagogue of Satan” book.

  • Mike King is a bona-fide genius….. well worth the time to listen. Better yet, BUY HIS BOOKS if you still can.

    Anyway, whether you agree with Mike or not (I’m about 90%) the guy puts an enormous amount of time and energy into his research. Always makes you think, analytically, whether you agree with his conclusions, or not.

    He’s the polar antithesis of the Jew, who never, ever, EVER tells the full truth about ANYTHING. Unless it’s to set-up a lie coming five minutes later.

    Thanks for a great segment, John. And Mike, as well.

  • The middle East lived under relative peace only interrupted by WWI, and WWII both heavily influenced by Zionist jews. But the creation,synthetic,illegal fabrication if the State of Israel brought about a permanent state 9f wars in the,Arab world. Today the Anglo/American/Israeli alliance dominated by jewish hawks and american jew Neocon had provoked the tsunami of refugees invading Europe and destroying traditional western christian goyim nations.While at the same time turning arab states surrounding Israel into failed states easily dominated by zionist forces,theur proxys like Mossad ISIS. So there we have it a global refugee crisis bringing violence and terrorism into Europe and the USA. Which allow Israel to expand its borders,and direct express control over its neighbors. But this neocon policies had costs the,USA trillions, bankruoting the US treasury,depleting its gold reserves, and punishing its population and military forces. The world, jewish ekders of zion want to use USA and Britain as a platform to establish a JUDAIC TALMUDIC ZIONIST WORLD OLIGARCHY…to enslave the worlds inhuman goyim.

  • PsyOps and False Flags, Censorship, Surveillance, the Inevitable Hate Speech Laws…best to begin an Alternative Method, such as Ezra Pound’s Shortwave Broadcasts, for reaching and Freeing Minds. Jewey Internet.

  • John, some thoughts on strategy courtesy of Lady Michele Renouf. I don’t entirely agree, but I do see her point. I doubt nationalist Euro parties like National Front, Golden Dawn, etc. would have gotten very far if they were into ‘conspiracy’ very much.
    Bring Mike King back on often, thanks.