The Realist Report – Mike King

British Mad Dog

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Mike King of In this introductory segment, Mike and I focus on his latest book The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill. Was Winston Churchill the heroic leader we’ve been led to believe by the mainstream political and historical establishment? Hardly! Mike and I discuss Churchill’s background, elite connections, and how he was seemingly guided and promoted by forces behind the scenes throughout his career. We also touch on Churchill’s role during WWI before contrasting his views of Zionism with those of Adolf Hitler’s.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, Mike and I pick up where we left off and focus more attention on the truly weaponized narrative of WWI and WWII, two monumental and game-changing events that have had disastrous consequences for the White Western world. We then move on to discuss some current events, focusing particular attention on the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump, and the future of America.

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  • Enjoyed M.King’s appearance. Can also check red ice for his recent interview re Churchill there as well.

    OT re a guest idea: John, I’ve heard you more than once tell the story of your wake up catalyst being your first meet up with SD 911 Truth. But as time went on and you grew more 911/dinjoo wise, you found (the gatekept…) SD911T group didn’t want to go there, so you drifted away.

    I just discovered that in K.O’Keefe’s March ’16 SD visit when you met & interviewed him; so too did SD911T, and they published this 26 minute video!

    911 TRUTH a breath of fresh air with Ken O’Keefe

    So what about finding an active SD911T participant or two who are 9/11 LIHOP MIHOP ZIHOP DinJooHop-friendly, and doing a show with them? You’d all reflect on your experiences waking up & with SD911T, and with its (former?) gatekeeping/resistance to 9/11-DinJooHop; the state of the 9/11-DinJooHop Movement today; how formerly scary speech/thought control scarecrows like the “anti-Shlomo-ite!” label have lost their potency, etc. :)

  • Great interview. And to think they are putting this piece of trash on the new £5 note.