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Bill of Rights

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Michael Gaddy of The Rebel Madman. In this introductory podcast, Michael and I discuss his website and some of the aspects of history he has researched, his views of the United States Constitution, including its flaws, and related matters. We also begin an analysis of the 2016 presidential race, a subject we address at length during the second Subscribers Only segment.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, Michael and I pick up where we left off and continue our analysis of the 2016 presidential race. We focus on the coordinated and hysterical attacks against Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner, as well as Michael’s recent article Trump Could Have Said… We also address the crisis in American identity. What does it mean to be an American anymore?

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  • coordinated and hysterical attacks

    I wonder, do you think that everyone who is critical of Trump’s obvious subservience to Israel being a KEY reason people should avoid him is hysterical? Obviously I haven’t coordinated with anyone, but I see post after post here, coordinated with Trump worshipers, still heaping praise on Trump.

    Sickening, really, that people are so gullible and ready to be flim-flamed.

    What is hysterical is believing this blatant scam artist who will totally continue the same old jew fellatio they all perform… perpetuating our demise while the peanut gallery cheers it on.

    You are either anti-jewish control or you are supporting the Marxist agenda. How is that for painting you in the corner?

  • USURY.

    Why is there never any discourse on this “elephant on the back of humanity”?

    A world without USURY – that power, “THE ANSWER TO THE MYSTERY” (devil) is THE topic which is NEVER addressed.
    Until this “taboo” subject is brought into the debate among the public in the world arena, then all shall remain the same in this, our world.


    When usury becomes abolished the life we lead shall become one well lived! We must reverse this crime against humanity! Notice that word which is formed when the letters in “devil” become reversed)!
    D-E-V-I-L ~ L-I-V-E-D.
    A life without this sick devil becomes a life well lived!

    Meet the new president – same as the last president

    And, as an aside:

    Compound Interest upon a “loan” – what we now have been conditioned to accept as “money” (legal tender) when attached to a “artistically engraved piece of paper” that all of society has somehow come to a conclusion/agreed to having value (the medium of exchange) is the “Prime Mystery” REVEALED to assure slavery of all and the eventual concentration of this self deluded false wealth into the hands of the last surviving “issuer”. I say last because everyone else will have starved to death by that point unless everyone else tills the soil for subsistence!

    Today, it appears from within the entire media that a group of people who call themselves “Jews” are in control of these pieces of paper, since the formation of the deviously institution known as “The Federal Reserve” which is neither Federal nor a Reserve, but is a PRIVATE CORPORATION with shareholders who collect INTEREST on our own money. Today it appears that the prime officers of this corporation have been identified as, and/or proclaim that they are Jews. Yet the word/term “Jews” has only been used since the 1600’s when “j” was adopted into our language. Previously these people were known as “iews” and what were these so called “Jews” actually known as back 1000 years ago, 2000, years ago, 5000 years ago?

    In some way “USURY”, no matter what the person practicing it is called or known as, NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED – with severe penalties for those who disregard this “MOST GRIEVOUS PRACTICE”, for they have turned our Earth from what was to be a SPIRITUAL PARADISE (Heaven) INTO A LIVING HELL.

    John, may I suggest the following: I sincerely believe that this “USURY” issue needs “PUBLIC AWARENESS” and that this IS the “RIGHT MOMENT” to investigate, write about, and GREATLY PUBLICIZE this suppressed, “taboo subject”. It would provide a great question for Mr. Trump AS TO WHERE HE STANDS ON THIS ISSUE; as well as all others in the “political class” in America and then in the world.

  • Donald Trump: THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS RIGGED; RNC Should be Ashamed

    Yes, but rigged by who? The same people Trump was kissing up to at AIPAC. Therefore, in order to fix any “rigging” of the banks and economy he would have to double-cross AIPAC, Israel and last but not least, elite Jew banksters. Who’s giving him air-time on national TV? The same Jews who have rigged the banks and the economy obviously also own the media, so it’s Jews giving him whatever air-time he gets on the MSM and spreading his message. Why? Because he’s their controlled opposition Putin-like “faux nationalist” asset in the USA, there to push the hook of holohoax denial laws in after the limited economic-prosperity bait has created the jingoistic momentum necessary. Sure, there might be a slight possibility that he might put his head on the chopping block and become a hero like Lindbergh, LaFollette, Ezra Pound and some of these people, but only a fool would bet money on it.

    People would still be able to feed a family of 5 on a 2000 dollar a year mechanic’s salary like they could in the early 1960s, if it wasn’t for Jew control of the money system, their legalized usury and counterfeiting and their deliberately created inflations and devaluations of the dollar. Inflation or devaluation of the dollar, either way they always win and make tons of shekels while you, the general public or middle class, always lose, since they own the casino and not just the friggin’ U.S. casino but 155 central-banked casinos throughout the world tied to the BIS and IMF.

    “The trick is simple. Whenever the Rothschild and other gents in the gold business have gold to sell, they raise the price. The public is fooled by propagandizing the devaluation of the dollar, or other monetary unit according to the country chosen to be victimized. The argument is that the high price of the monetary unit is injurious to the nation’s commerce. But when the nation, that is, the people of that nation own the gold and the financiers own the dollars or other monetary units, the gold standard is restored. This raises the value of the dollar and the citizens of ‘rich’ nations, as well as citizens of other nations, are diddled.”~ Ezra Pound

    “Unity is the great goal toward which humanity moves irresistibly. But it becomes fatal, destructive of the intelligence, the dignity, the well-being of individuals and peoples whenever it is formed without regard to liberty, either by violent means or under the authority of any theological, metaphysical, political, or even economic idea.” — Mikhail Bakunin

    “I am a fanatic lover of liberty, considering it as the unique condition under which intelligence, dignity and human happiness can develop and grow; not the purely formal liberty conceded, measured out and regulated by the State, an eternal lie which in reality represents nothing more than the privilege of some founded on the slavery of the rest; not the individualistic, egoistic, shabby, and fictitious liberty extolled by the School of J.-J. Rousseau and other schools of bourgeois liberalism, which considers the would-be rights of all men, represented by the State which limits the rights of each — an idea that leads inevitably to the reduction of the rights of each to zero. No, I mean the only kind of liberty that is worthy of the name, liberty that consists in the full development of all the material, intellectual and moral powers that are latent in each person; liberty that recognizes no restrictions other than those determined by the laws of our own individual nature, which cannot properly be regarded as restrictions since these laws are not imposed by any outside legislator beside or above us, but are immanent and inherent, forming the very basis of our material, intellectual and moral being — they do not limit us but are the real and immediate conditions of our freedom.” ~ Mikhail Bakunin – “La Commune de Paris et la notion de l’état” (The Commune of Paris and the Notion of the State)

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