The Realist Report – Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Merlin Miller of the American Eagle Party. Merlin and I met last fall at the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute organized by American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper. In this podcast, Merlin and I began our conversation by focusing on a recent conference he attended in Washington, D.C. called Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?, which took place on Friday, March 18 at the National Press Club. We also discussed his background, political aspirations, and his recently published book Eagles Are Gathering, available from American Free Press.

Watch Merlin Miller on PressTV below:

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  • best of luck to merlin. he dares to confront the crooked security state.
    he’s gonna need it. he’s gotta be already on the hit squad radar.

    watch kay griggs explain how that works.

    hopefully merlin won’t end up like david crawley and phillip marshall.

    • Just FYI,

      Nick Dean
      September 28, 2012 at 11:33 am

      Didn’t take long. Merlin Miller of A3P on the ‘unfortunate’ fact of White Nationalist elements within the party, and how he hopes the party can overcome those elements and become the party of anti-identitarian politics:

      beginning 77mins.


      Barrett’s AFR archives long since disappeared but I suppose it’s out there somewhere.

      • I also remember Merlin Miller’s gutless and race treasonous diatribes directed at the White Nationalist community and at White race realists in general, and have had nothing but complete and utter contempt for the guy ever since.

        I have tried to spread the word about this guy to others in the pro-White movement and let them know that this guy is a loathsome and untrustworthy rat and no friend or ally to the pro-White movement whatsoever.

        • I am not familiar with the comments you guys are referring to that Merlin allegedly made. I find Merlin to be a very honorable and honest man. I’m not sure exactly what comments you’re referring to, but Merlin has been pretty spot on as far as identifying the real problems facing our nation. From what I understand, he broke from the American Freedom Party because he did not want to take an exclusively racialist approach to politics, which is fine – his decision to make.

  • I would vote for Merlin. I think that he is a very smart man. I listened to this show twice I thought it was that good.