The Realist Report – Matt Heimbach: Trad Worker Party Conferece


Matthew Heimbach is one of the leading nationalists and activists in the United States today. He is perhaps best known for founding the White Student Union at his alma mater Towson University, just outside Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating, Matt helped found the Traditionalist Youth Network, an organization dedicated to providing “resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students throughout North America who are learning about the Traditionalist School of thought, helping one another apply the principles and spirit of Tradition in their lives, and organizing in defense of Tradition on their campuses and in their communities,” according to the organization’s website. Matt is also Chairman of the recently formed Traditionalist Worker Party, which describes itself as “America’s first political party created by and for working families.”

On Sunday, February 7, John Friend spoke with Matt Heimbach in an exclusive interview with American Free Press. Matt outlined his involvement in the nationalist struggle, the importance of race and identity in an increasingly diverse and multicultural America, the Traditionalist Worker Party, and related matters. As Chairman of the Trad Worker Party, Matt has organized a conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday, February 13, where a number of prominent speakers will be featured. American Free Press will be live on the scene to cover the conference, and encourages readers and listeners to consider attending. Contact Matt directly at for more details and information about the upcoming conference.

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  • Smart leader, excellent interview. Both of you are a credit to our people. I agree with him, we need to create working relationships with others and help our people in any way we can. Empty bellies first need to be filled and then hearts and minds will follow.