The Realist Report – Martin Hill

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Martin Hill of In this podcast, Martin and I discussed his activism, 9/11 research, and, most importantly, his confrontation with Donald Trump in which he exposed the fact that Jews connected to the Mossad and the Israeli military were arrested on 9/11. This is one podcast you do not want to miss!

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  • The bulk of “us” in sewer nation shudder at the thought of disagreeing with the “orthodox”. This can be seen by the way most attack and “kill the messenger”, i.e. Manning, Snowden et al.
    the mere thought of not being part of the majority instills fear in their hearts, truth and honor and just plain decency be damned.
    This partly explains the rabid search for “heroes” where there are none. Most haven’t a clue about what a hero is and cannot, (nor do they care), differentiate between a random/single heroic act , (which any baby raping, fellow citizen killer cop, wife beating – dog kicking animal does occasionally, usually by accident), and a bona fide honorable human being who would face public ridicule by a swarm of fools rather than legitimize evil/wrong.

  • Congrads to this fine American. THIS is what a hero is!! Be careful. thank you sir.

  • Barrett also interviewed Martin last Wed, it’s free to listen now, 1 hr:

  • Christopher Bollyn has done the best work on Solving 911, but I really want to stress something else to both of you. I just finished a very small Book by John Coleman called “The Illuminati in America” which deserves to be read and absorbed because it explains where it all began and how it affects this Country and has for as long as the existence of the United States. What John Coleman stresses is that the Illuminati having been founded by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt, Germany and it explains that Illuminati is Freemasonry, is Zionist, is Judaism and is New World Order of One World Government. Also that fact that Scull & Bones is an arm of the Illuminati and the Bush family is of course Scull and Bones. John Coleman also wrote The Committee of 300. It deserves to be read and studied.

    • where is this book. cant find it on a search

      • Jerard: I bought my copy of “Beyond The Conspiracy, Unmasking the Invisible World Government, The Committee of 300” by John Coleman from The American Free Press. Amazon has several books by John Coleman.

    • List off 10 names of the Illuminati. Can you do that?

  • Our best way to break free from these parasitic war criminals is to make Americans aware that Israel did 9-11 — FULLY aware!

    And the shysters know it!